– Hello and welcome
to Yoga With Adriene. I’m Adriene and today’s practicepromotes a healthy blood flow. Hop into something
comfy and let’s get started. Okay my friends,
today we’re goingto begin lying
flat on our backs. So go down nice and slow and
when you get there allow theweight of your bodyto simple release
fully into the earth. So whatever’s going on
in your life right now,we have a very short practice
today to just get the bloodflowing and
find what feels good. So let’s start by
just clearing everything. You’re gonna close your eyes. Again, no matter
what’s going on around you,no matter what your day is like,just let your body
release into the earth here. Trust me, trust yourself,
trust this video,this time, this valuable time. Take a deep breath in. If you’re comfortable, close
your eyes and just use the soundof my voice to guide you. As you exhale, again,
let the body get really heavy. Sinking into the earth. Just taking a moment
before we move and get a healthycirculation going just taking
a moment to find stillness. Perhaps considering ita moment to empty your cup. So that you can fill it
consciously for the duration ofour short practice. As you’re ready, you’re gonnarock the head gently
side to side, ear to ear. Nice and slow here to start. Just rocking the
head side to side. Getting a little massage in the
back of the head, the atlas. Starting to stretch gently
through the muscles of the neck. Keeping the shoulders,
the hips, the ankles,still really, really heavy. Start to breath a
little deeper here, more fully. Soften through the jaw. And then bring your head back
to center stillness and on yournext inhale reach your
fingertips up towards the skyand on your exhale
cross one arm over the other. Give yourself a big hug. Then inhale, reach fingertips
back up towards the sky. Exhale, cross the
opposite arm over. Give yourself a big hug.
Beautiful, then inhale,reach the fingertips
up towards the sky. Exhale, take them
all the way back. Big full body stretch here. Tuck your chin. Slightly lengthen
through the back of the neck. Start to breathe
again a little deeper,more fully, feeling the lungs,the ribs expand
as you breathe inand soften
as you breathe out. Then slowly dig into your heels,
dig into an imaginary surface asyou flex your toes
up towards the sky. Imagine you’re standing on the
earth reaching fingertips uptowards the sky and allow your
joints and your muscles to bereally heavy here as your
reach the fingertips back,flex the toes up
towards the face. Inhale in. Exhale, slowly reach the
fingertips all the way uptowards the sky and
then all the way down,palms to earth. Find that connection
to your core, your center. As you press into the earth,
you’re gonna lift both kneesup towards your
heart or your chest. Then take a little moment
here to scoop your tailbone up. Feel your lower back
nice and flush with the mat. Again, neck nice and long. Great, take a second here
to rock gently side to side. Feel that lower
back flush with the mat. You’re gonna get a
little massage now herein the lower back. Feeling the spine on the earth. The kidneys,
shoulder blades coming together. So really feeling it out as
you rock gently back and forth. Awesome, then
come back to center. Find that connection to your
core by drawing from the lowerbelly in and your upper
abdominals in towards thecenter, the midline
as we like to call it. Then use your hands pressing
into the earth to slowly sendyour toes up towards the sky. Now take note here, took me
years to get my muscles longenough to have
straight legs hereso if your knees
are bent here, awesome. Keep breathing,
keep working there. Then wherever you are you’re
gonna point your toes so you canfeel the tops of your feet
and the ankles really stretch. And we started with that
sensation of a heavy body so youcan really take that with you on
into this practice feeling yourfemur, your thigh bones drop
down into the hip sockets. Again, stay
connected to your core. Again, lower back
flush with the mat,hands on the earth. We’re pointing the toes here. We’re letting the blood
flow opposite direction here. So you might get a
little tired at one point. Especially if this
type of practice is new. So just stick with it and use
your breath to stay present. Super awesome if you
are on your feet all day. Okay, and then gentle move here. We’re just gonna take the
toes now towards the face,heels up towards the sky. Again, knees can be bent
as generously as you need. We’re flexing the feet here. Breathing deep.
You might even start to feel alittle shake in the legs
or in the core. That’s good. That means we’re
moving it around. Not just the blood
but the energyof the body, the prana. Keep breathing deep,
the shoulders relaxed. Again, hips heavy,
core activated. You’re gonna point the toes now. One more time breathing deep. Use your breath if
you’re getting tired here. And then on an exhale,
flex the feet one more time. Spread the toes this time. Really dig your heels up
into an imaginary surface. Awesome work. Then on your next inhale you
can relax the feet a little bit. You’re gonna send your
fingertips all the way uptowards the sky and
then all the way back. Just like we did before, the
lower back’s gonna want to comeup here, keep it flush
down so stay connected. Hug the lower ribs in. Nice core workout here as well. Inhale in, exhale, we’re gonna
find that cinching sensation inthe core as your reach
fingertips up towards the sky,lift the head, the neck,
the shoulders. Try to touch your toes. And then inhale,
release it back down. Exhale, try to touch your toes. Lift it up. Inhale, release it back down. Exhale, try to touch your toes,this is the last one,
pause here. Breathe, breathe, breathe. Scoop your tailbone
up towards the sky. And then exhale to release. Bend the elbows, awesome. Bring the hands behind
the backs of the thighs,the hamstrings. You’re gonna allow
the legs to come down. Just take a
second to feel this out. Ooh, blood flow. And then here we go, staying
connected to your center. We’re gonna rock up and
down the length of your spine. Find a focal point if you get a
little light headed at the top. Use your breath. Massaging the back body. Again, getting
the juices flowing. Creating a healthy
flow of blood and energy. Gonna get you feeling awesome. Let’s do one more here.
You got this. And then you’re
gonna walk all the way up. Head over heart,
heart over pelvis. So right away
finding lift in the chest. You’re gonna take
your fingertips behind you. Fingers pointing
in towards your body. Then nice and easy we’re
gonna open the knees wide. You’re gonna press the
soles of the feet together. Press up off your fingers to
come into Baddha Konasana. You’re gonna take
your strong hands,let’s go thumbs up and
you’re gonna take themto the soles of your feet. You’re gonna give
yourself a little massage. So start at the arches of
the feet and then you can gowherever feels good. So you can
squeeze the toes. Right?What’s going on
in your feet today?Maybe, for me, I went on a run
yesterday so I might take mythumbs to my calves,
my ankle, my achilles. And then as you
start to lean into this,and if this is new to you
and it feels really weird,no worries, but in time
you’re gonna get used to givingyourself a
massage and it’s amazing. It’s a great act of self love. Ah but on the feet here
also a little reflexology. So we’re multi-tasking
after you kind of getyour groove on
here with the feet. Remember to sit
up nice and tall. So there’s gonna be a
temptation to collapseso keep length in the spine. We’re opening up through the
hips of course and then last butnot least the breath in and out. Deeply, fully. Maximizing this amazing
time that you’ve carved out toconnect to
yourself and your body. Mhmmm, mhmmm, mhmmm. Okie doke, now we’re
gonna take the knees,we’re gonna bring them
all the way back in to center. Inhale, sit up nice and tall. Just do this to the
best of your ability. Exhale, draw your
nose towards your knees. Just round through. And then inhale to
come all the way up. Fingertips are
gonna go back behind you,fingertips pointing in andyou’re going to
press into the palms. No pressure in the wrists. Loop the shoulders forward, up
and back and then you’re gonnawalk your feet as
wide as your yoga mat. Be specific about this. So bring your feet to
the edges of your mat. Press up out of the
palms like you’re in Cobraso we’re not collapsing here. But finding that long Puppy
belly as I like to think of it. Inhale, lift your heart.
Let’s focus. Exhale, take your
knees all the way overtowards the right
side of your body. Pause here, let the
lower body get heavy again. Let your heart lift up. Amazing internal
rotation in the left hip. Amazing external
rotation in the right hip. Keep the feet where they are. They’re gonna want to move.
Keep where they are. As you breath in, look up. Exhale, keep the
feet where they are. You’re going to
come through center. Nice booty massage and then
all the way over to the left. Come out of the wrists,
lift your chest. Think Upward Facing Dog here. Again, find that
internal rotation. It’s super yummy once you
start to really feel it out. Inhale. And then exhale, booty massage
all the way back through centerand over towards the right. It’s just like anything. The more you can
lean into the sensationand relax into it, the better. Inhale, exhale,
press into the fingertips. Take pressure out of wrists as
you come through center overtowards the left. Inhale, lift up and
then you’re just gonna doa couple more on your own. Back and forth.
Back and forth. So we’re not just
opening up through the hips. We’re opening up the shoulders. We’re opening up
through the armpit chest. Where all the yummy lymph is. You’re getting a nice
stretch through the forearms. You might start really feel that
tingly sensation in the arms. Then even it out. Even it out, even it out. And then we’re
gonna come back to center. So bring the feet together. Sit up nice and tall. Release the fingertips,
take them forward. You should feel this
awesome flush of energy here. Connect to your core here. And then take
the fingertips down,Thriller Arms. Cool. Inhale in,
exhale lean back, way back. Lift the shins
parallel to the sky. Now we’re in a Boat variation. Just connecting to our center. You got it. Really nice. A little bit of a
dead boat here or dead bug. Then you’re gonna take the right
ankle cross it over the left. You’re gonna bring the
fingertips all the way uptowards the sky and on an exhale
you’re gonna take the palmsbring them to the right,
a little Russian twist. Inhale, reach the fingertips up. Exhale, to your left,
little Russian twist. Then you’re gonna bring
the hands back to the heart,you’re gonna release the legs to
the ground and you’re gonna comethrough all the
way to all fours. Center yourself on the
mat nice and easy here. You’re gonna inhale,
drop the belly for Cow Pose. Exhale, round the spine for Cat. Inhale, drop the belly for Cow. Nice audible exhale as your
round the spine arching yourback like a black Halloween Cat. Awesome, inhale. Neutral spine,
Tabletop Position. Curl just the right toes under. Shoot the right
heel all the way back. Rock front, rock back. Rock front again, the next
time you rock back stay there. Really reaching the right heeltowards the back
edge of your mat. Feeling nice space in the
front of the right hip crease. Cool, then inhale in. Exhale, like a rocket ship,lift just your
right heel all the way up. Engaging the glutes and then
you’re gonna bend your rightknee and bring it all the way
up and into a nice low lunge. Walk the left
knee back just a bit. Hands are gonna come to the
heart as you squeeze the innerthighs together
and power up, press up,strong and steady. Breathe into your belly here. Inhale. Exhale, relax
the shoulders down. Check it out now, inhale,fingertips reach
up towards the sky. Just like in the Russian twist,
pull the right hip crease back. You’re gonna take it
over towards the right. Now from here we’re gonna take
outer edge of the left elbow tothe outer edge of the right
thigh and you’re gonna work intime to bring your
thumbs to your sternum. Breathing deep here. Inhaling to find length. Exhaling, go a little
deeper into your twist. Great, to come out of the pose
press through the ball joint ofyour right big toe. Inhale, reach the fingertips
all the way up towards the sky. Big stretch, big breath. Exhale to bring
it all the way down. Quick counter pose here,flex your toes
towards your third eye. Pull back on the
right hip crease. Straighten through
the right leg, smile. Then slowly coming
back all the way through. You’re gonna plant the palms andjust nice and easy
connect to your core here. No Plank Pose today. You’re gonna come all the way
through all fours and then we’regonna curl the right toes,
excuse me,left toes under and
shoot the left heel out. Rock front, rock back. Rock front again. Make sure you’re not
collapsing in the neck here. Remember neck is nice and long. And then next
time you rock back,pause there, breathe,
press away from your yoga mat. Feel that stretch through the
front of the left hip crease. So good. And then inhale in,
gaze straight down. Use the the sound of
my voice to guide you. You’re gonna slowly like a
rocket ship power that leftheel, left leg all the way up. Pause here, breathe deep. Inhale in. Exhale, you’re gonna bring it
all the way up and through intoa nice low lunge. Take a second here to walk
the right knee back just a bit. You got this.
Front knee over front ankle. Then squeeze the
inner thighs to the midline. Activate that root chakra,
pelvic floor. Palms come together
and then slowly power up,hands to heart. Pause here.
Careful not to rush. Breathe into your belly first. Get the breath going. And then once
you have that breath,once you have
your foundation, inhale,reach fingertips
up towards the sky. Big stretch. And then exhale,
over towards the left. Pull the left hip crease back. Think about that Russian
twist and then from here,then we’ll take right elbow to
the outer edge of the left leg,left knee and we’ll
slowly work in our twist here. Breathing to find length. Breathing in to find
length in and exhaling to twist. In time you can
work to get your thumbsin towards your heart center. Breathe deep. Neck nice and long here. Shoulders away from the ears. Awesome work.
Big detoxifying twist here. Breath into the belly. Good and then slowly press into
the ball joint of that front bigtoe for stability here. You’re gonna dial it
all the way back to center. Move from your
center as you inhale. Reach the arms all the way up. Big full body stretch here. Big breath. And then exhale to rain it down. Wiggle the fingertips this time. Counter stretch. Straighten the front leg. Pull the left hip crease back. Flex your left
toes towards your face,your third eye. Inhale in here and then exhale
to roll all the way through. Bring a little inner smile
back to the dance here and thenyou’re gonna bring
the hands to the earth,back to all fours here. We’re gonna end
with a little core liftso curl the toes under. Inhale in, exhale,
lift the kneesand let them
hover nice and easy. Gaze straight down. Hovering table here. We start to shake, we start
to welcome a little heat. You’re doing awesome. Breathing deep here. Finding the Suhka, the ease,
the grace hereas you claw
through the fingertips. If you have to
have a little more hereyou might bring
one knee into center. And then release it. And then you might bring
the other knee into center. And then release it. Everyone we’re pressing
away from the yoga mat. We’re here for three, two. Slow descend of
the knees on one. Nice, soft landing. This time you’re gonna cross
your left ankle over your right. Be mindful here as you
slowly take your center back. You’re gonna drag your
fingertips back in space andwe’re gonna
come all way throughmindfully to Sukhasana. Flip those palms up
towards the sky. Lift your heart, your chest. Align head over heart,
heart over pelvis. Take the deepest
breath you’ve taken all year. Inhale and exhale with
sound out through the mouth. Relax your shoulders down. Two more just like that. Inhale, lots of love in. Breathe. And let something go. And one more, make it awesome.
Here we go. Empty it out. Pause here. Maybe bring
index finger to thumb. Maybe not. Find what feels good. Try not to fidget here. Just notice how you feel,
your vibration, your mood. Taking one more quiet
moment to just lean in,collect yourself. Tap into that magic. The magic of yoga where you can
come on to your mat feeling oneway and then step off your mat
feeling completely transformed. It is magic and it’s magic
that I think we all possess,these tools,
these power tools toshape the way we move
and guide the way we feel. Which of course
influences the way we actand converse with others. So in a nutshell, you rock. Thank you for taking the time
to practice with me and with somany beautiful
people around the world. We’re gonna bring
the palms together. Thumbs right up
to the third eye. Take a deep breath in. And exhale to close. We bow and whisper, “Namasate. ”


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