Which sport and fitness course is right
for you?Chris is an exercise scientist. He
specialises in designing andimplementing physical activity training
programs for healthy people in theirworkplaces. He also instructs and evaluates
training plans for people at the gym. Rachel is a sports scientist. She works with athletes in a
professional basketball team, to improvetheir sporting performance through
technique analysis, recovery practicesand nutrition and injury prevention
plans. My is an exercise physiologist. She
specialises in the delivery of exerciseand lifestyle programs for people
affected by injuries as well as theprevention and management of chronic
conditions. Eli is a physiotherapist. He specialises
in the assessment, diagnosis, preventionand treatment of people with movement
problems and acute and chronic diseaseusing a range of drug-free techniques. Step forward into your career, as a
health specialistsydney. edu. au/health-sciences


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