Hey guys, it’s Jeff from athleanx. com and
I wanna wish you a good morning from my kitchen. I know it’s probably a little bit different
from what you’re used to. . . me in the gym. . . butthis is just as important, this is where it
all starts. We know that nutrition plays alarge part in how we develop our bodies, right?
So the first place to start is with the firstmeal of the day: the crucial breakfast. So
I wanted to let you see what I eat, ’causeI know a lot of you have sent me questions,
you want to know how I start my day. Hereyou have it, it’s really simple. Oatmeal,
some skid milk, you can mix them together. . . But that’s probably a bit bland. You probably
tried it at some point and ditched it, becauseyou just don’t like it. You feel like it’s
got no taste. There’s plenty of ways to makethis stuff taste better and here’s what I
personally do and don’t be overwhelmed bythe amount of stuff here on the counter. I
happen to live with a wife who knows how tocook, so there’s gonna be a lot of stuff in
here that you probably don’t have in yourkitchen. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t
get it and you can’t get it inexpensively. Go to places like Costco and BJ’s and you’ll
find that you can get these things in massquantities at very low prices. For me, my
spice absolute is cinnamon. I have to havecinnamon in here to spice things up a little
bit and I also throw in some vanilla. WhatI would do in the morning, I’d buy all these
things. But if you wanna spice things a littlemore, some sprinkler brown sugar, a little
bit of pumpkin pie and then some sort of anut. . . I like walnuts, you can use almonds.
What you do very simply is pour your oatmealin here. . . maybe half a cup or so, maybe somewhere
in that range. . . I don’t measure anything,guys. . . you’ll see, the meal plans for ATHLEAN-X
are very, very simple. I like to think thatthey’re guy friendly. You just mix everything
together. If you’re eating the right foods,you don’t have to worry so much about the
portion size, you can trust me on that. Theoatmeal goes in here, skid milk covers it
up, mix in a little bit of spice. . . a littlebit of vanilla, a little bit of cinnamon. . . mix
it all together, throw it in the microwavefor 6 minutes and that’s it. Now one other
thing that I’ve used before and that I reallylike is canned pumpkin. I know it might sound
a little bit strange, but you mix canned pumpkinin, it has a lot of fibre. . it adds a lot of
nutritional value to the meal and it tastesreally, really good. That would be the first
thing. Then I go over here and I move on tomy protein. If you remember, I said you should
combine protein and carbohydrates in everysingle meal. For my protein, I’m an egg white
guy. . . I’m an omelette guy. . . So what I’m gonnado is take just my non-fat cooking spray,
pour it in, take the egg whites, put themwith some salsa. . . again, something spicy to
add some flavor. . . we can just eat egg whites,but that’s probably a little bit bland. . . . and
then maybe a little bit of hot sauce, whateveryou want. . . some seasoning, some chilly pepper,
stir it all together. . . put it in the microwavefor four minutes and you’re ready to go. Now
you don’t need to stay here 10 minutes andwait for all this to be cooking. You could
be doing something else here. I’m gonna usethe magic of the video here and I’m gonna
come back and show you how it all looks like. Ok, so here we are 10 minutes later. Everything’s
done, everything’s cooked. Why don’t you comecloser and take a look? You’ve got a bowl
full of oatmeal here. . . again, this one haspumpkin in, so it’s all mixed up. I poured
myself a glass of milk. I have my egg whiteomelette with a little bit of salsa on top,
in addition to the one that was mixed up withthe egg itself and that’s it, guys. I mean,
I’m certainly not starving myself. There’sa lot of food here. It’s the way I start every
morning, it’s the way you should start everymorning. Now this is not the only meal you
can have. As those of you who know, who havepurchased the ATHLEAN-X training system, we
have at least 10 different meal options forbreakfast. . . all different meal options for
breakfast, lunch, dinner and it’s all done,spread out for you over a 90 day period calendar.
So you’ll never get bored with the varietyand you’ll never be at a loss for a meal and
not understanding what you should have thatday. It’s all spelled out for you, but I wanted
to give you a little peak inside my kitchento show you exactly how I start my day. No
one’s around to come by, but I do have mytwo little black labs. . . there they are, they’re
scavenging right now. If anything drops onthe floor from my breakfast, I already have
my little vacuum cleaners to clean up afterme. So guys, if you haven’t already, head
over to athleanx. com, get the training systemthat’s gonna build your body the way you want
it for 2010 and supplement that with a dietthat’s gonna make it work for you. Go to athleanx. com
right now. I’ll be back, we’ll continue withsome more of these nutritional videos. I know
you’ve all been asking for them, I’m lookingforward to bringing them to you.


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