Good morning everybody! Welcome to a what I eat in a day video. Sohaha, I’m gonna start the day with something that I absolutelyhate doing every morning. So I’ve been doing this for the last week every day. I have been drinking this gut healing drink. It tastes so gross guys, sodisgusting. So yeah, apparently it’s really good for the gut and helps with bloating and digestion. So I’m trying it out and I’ll let you guys know if it’s good. So today’s video is sponsored by Lifesum . YayAs you guys know, I don’t really take up sponsored content and Lifesum is something I’ve been using for so many years now. I’m talking about over three years. So really happy about that because this is something I’ve been using. So in case you guys don’t know Lifesumis a nutrition app. It helps you to track your macros. It is extremely helpful when you’re trying to lose weight or you’re trying to gain muscles and I’ve used thatfor both of those purposes over the last three years. So anyway today I’m gonna share my macros and what I eat to lose some weight. You can download the app using the link down in the description box. Anyway, I’m going to start my day with a disgusting drink andthen the rest of the day will be amazing. Alright?Let’s just, let’s just do this. Oh my god. Let’s just get this over with. I’m gonna skull this and then drink that. Yes, it’s done!Now, I’m gonna make my breakfast. I’m gonna make my sweet potato porridge in the morning. And this is a purple sweet potato and my soup potato is 270 gramsNow I’ll just pop that measurements in like so and I just cook this in water and also some almond milk. In the meantimeI’m making my almond butter. And the almond butter is ready. All I have here is just some salt and almonds. I’mMmmThis stuff is so good!Mmm. . Now I’m gonna blend up the sweet potato with almond milk. I also make myself some jello. So these are high in protein. All these are pretty much block – oh my gosh it’s coming out so nicelyThis is my jelly. Oh my god! So cool. Look at my breakfast bowl. Looks so amazing. Oh my god. So all these are gelatin balls and they are just packed with protein. So if you want something different, something warm for breakfast then I recommend you trying this sweet potato
porridge bowl. It’s really good, man. I love it. Time for lunch, so I made healthy nachos with thinly sliced potatoes. So I made two batches of potato chips, one dusted with potato starch to get more crisp for Adrian and one without. Just spray it with some oil and season with salt. It’s that simple. And now I’m gonna cook the mince beef and this is grass-fed and also extra lean. I’m gonna season with someginger and lots of cumin and some chipotle powder and that’s just gonna spice it up a little bit like taco seasoning, some smoked paprika. Yes, I love this. Now, I’m just gonna cook it. Tablespoon of tomato paste and also some salt. So here’s my potato and that’s my mince beef, that’s guacamole. So there’s just avocado with lime,pico de gallo just tomatoes with coriander and lime and salt. Salt as well. And also that’s some spinach and rockets. So I have some of the mince beef here because I don’t want it to sog up thepotatoes, look at the potatoes, looks so frickin’ amazing now. I’m just gonna dressthe vegetables on it. So I blanched the vegetables with some hot water. Some of the tomatoes. OhThat looks amazing, and the guacamoleTadaa!All right, that’s the chips. Looks so good. Mm-hmm. What’s healthy about it? It’s like regular nacho. HmmPotatoes are really crunchy. Did you fry them all- no just in the oven. I actually prefer the one without potato starch. It’s actually more crispy. Mm-hmm. I think all you need is a lot of guacamole. I’ll probably put in some chili. Yeah. Cholula sauce. Oooh. . . That too much?That’s a lot. Feels like a cheat meal. Feels unhealthy. Mm-hmm. But is actually healthy. Can you make this every movie night? Mm-hmmWell, it takes a bit of effort to make the potato first I gotta slice it. Actually, that’s all you need to do, slice it, put it in the oven, spray some oil, that’s it. Let’s top this up and get something on the TV and then I’m gonna head off to do my eyebrows get it like micro bladedAgain a touch up and I’ll be back for dinner. ByeI just got back from my appointment and look at my brows. Oh my god, I love it so much. I like it a lot better this time around. So this is my touch-up and I like it better than the first time around becauseI like it a little bit straighter and this time is a little bit straighterBut yeah, I have makeup on because I just think I look ridiculous with like big Shin Chan eyebrows without any makeupSo anyway, I put on some makeupYeah, I’m just gonna go through my macro with you guys because I haven’t done it. I forgot about itMy current macro is about 40% carbs 30% protein and 30% fat and againI’m not super strict about itif I am like 2 percent lower in carbs or 2%, 5% higher, 10% higher, it’s just there for guysso I try my best to hit the target, but if I go a little bit under or upper,I don’t care, to be honest. So for breakfast I had about 20 grams of proteinso I try to hit about like 20 grams each meal andFor my carbs, I had 77 grams because it’s a lot of sweet potatoes in thereBut that’s okay because I’m gonna balance it out later at night. I’m not gonna have such a heavy carb dinnerin fact 14 gramsSo that’s kind of on a pointand before I forgetone of my favorite features on Lifesum is their recipes. They have tons of recipes, they all look sofreakin’ good, I just want to try to I think that this is really convenient because there’scalories included there’s macros included in hereSo you don’t have to figure out yourself, you knowLike you have times that you just don’t know what to eat and you want some inspirationYou can just hop onto the app and just pick something and the favorite part for meIs that I can add my own recipes and attach my cute photos on it and that’s very important. Okay, my cute photos. And yeah, I’ll just save it on an app so I don’t include all my recipes in hereI just include I some of them like the ones that I think a little bit more difficultSo as you can see, my latest addition is my favorite protein jelly. Oh my god, so good. OkayI have some with me right here. Got to show you guys. Oh my godThe Hello Kitty one is so goodI’m so disgustingbut my favorite flavor is this purple one, tastes like berries, so good. MmmAnyway, I got distracted there. So I’m gonna have these protein jellies all my snacksNormally, I don’t have snacks throughout the day just because of my digestion issues. I don’t normally have snacksso I only have three meals a day, butToday, I’m gonna treat myself with some protein jellyAnd yeah, this is so high in protein guyslike for each serving you get mostlyprotein a little bit of carbs and the real fat the cops come from the almond milk and also just the powders. O-i–shi!This is like a little pig, oh so cute, I don’t want to eat it but you know what I can make it againIt’s so satisfying because it is healthy, it’s delicious,It’s guilt-free. Makes me happy. Okay. Wait, I’ve just included the potato beef nachos under the recipe section andYeah, the macro is 42 grams of proteinThat’s quite good quite high 45 grams of carbs and 20 grams of fat. I think that’s pretty goodAnd that’s about 500 calories. All right. I hope you find that helpful. So this is what I do to help me to maintain my weight right now andalso have enough carbs protein and fat so that I’m consuming enough food and not too much or not too littleSo yeah, it is really really helpfulif you want to lose some weight to just kind of track your progress if you don’t know how much you’re eating right now orWhat a macronutrients are you can just chuck what you’re normally in down into the appand then the app is gonna spit out the number like this is you know, like1,500 calories50% carbs 30% protein or 20% fat and you can just adjust it based on how you feelLike if you feel like yeah feeling very tired with lower carbs, then maybe you can increase a carb and you knowJust adjust it based on how you feel. You don’t have to follow someone else’sMacronutrients you adjust it based on how you feel not everyone eats the same amount of food and feels the same wayI hope that makes senseAnd also if you’re taller or bigger, obviously, you’re gonna consume more calories, so I don’t follow my calories guysAnd this is just a rough guide for me as wellanywaysI’m gonna get some work done because I’m not so quick to do and then I’m going to have dinnerAnd I’m so freaking excited about that because that’s one of my favorite dish. So yeah, I’ll be backAll right guys for my dinner. I’m gonna make zucchini and carrot fries. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna shredcarrot into likeYou know pieces like this and then I’ll chop it up into a rice lengthLooks like long grain riceAnd now I’m gonna cook all the vegetablesI’m gonna cook them separately because of the colorsYou can just cook it on a pan by itself or you can add little bit of oil. I’m gonna make oyakodon which is like a Japanese chicken 8 dish. So here’s our chicken thigh. I got about450 grams here. That’s about 1 pound. So instead of using dashi stock, which normally hasglucose in it unless if you make it yourself, I’m just gonna use my bone brothI’m also gonna chuck in some capsicum lots of ginger, salt, pepper,Tamari sauce. Normally I add some cooking sake as well I ran out so I’m not gonna add today. So oyakodon is usually quite sweet. So I’m gonna add some stevia and now I’m gonna cook it. So I’ve added some water and oh my god the broth is so richAnd now I’m gonna add some eggs. So here’s the final dish. That’s the carrotsThat’s the zucchini and this is the eggy chicken. WowOh my god, looks so good. I’m gonna add a little bit of seaweed and sesame seasoning. It’s finally done. First bite. So this is kind of like a healthy oyakodon, it’s not gonna taste exactly the same but it is good enoughI reckon it is really goodsoYeahI’m gonna enjoy this over a TV show and I’ll be backSo I’ve eaten about a thousand four hundred calories today, which is a little bit more than what’s recommended for meBut in terms of my macro breakdown it is like on point so that’s really good didn’t really exercise todayI just went for a walk this morning. Yeah, I’m gonna exercise tomorrow. I normally take aboutTwo to three days off like every week. I don’t really want to stress out my body too muchSo I normally take about two or three days off. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed today’s videoDon’t forget to check out Lifesum down in the description box. It is completely freebut if you do want to try the premium versionWhich is the one I’m using I do have a discount code for you guysand that’s Chloe30 for 30% off and don’t forget to smash that thumbs up button if you’ve enjoyed this video and also turn on your notificationbecause I have a new program coming out soon like very very soon like in a week. So thanks so much for watching guys, and I’ll see you in the next videoBye!


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