– What’s up, everyone?Welcome to another vlog. Today I’m driving you
guys to the grocery store. I’m gonna show you what
I eat for the week. Alright, so I got my
grocery list right here. Now, if you remember in that last vlog,A Whole Day of Eating vlog, I said,what I eat is relative to
what I train for the dayso there’s normally three scenariosand that’s heavy lifting with low repsand that’s gonna be a heavy carb day. I normally have fat burning days,which is really light on
the carbs, no carbs at all,and then I have those
regular workout days,which are half carbs. So today I’m gonna be
showing you all my proteins,all my carbs, and how I
basically break it down,my whole grocery list for
the week, so let’s get to it. Alright, so let’s take a
look at the shopping list. We have our proteins right here. We have our carbs. And then we have the little extras,the things I like to eat when
I’m done with my main meal. Veggies. Turkey Bacon. Let’s go!Alright, guys, we’re back at the officeand let’s take a look
at this receipt here. We spent a total of $116 on
all the food that we have here. So let’s break it down real quick. So for a whole entire week,
you’re spending about $16 a daywith what I’ve got right here. And that’s a total of seven days. So let me break down
what I have for you guys. I’ve got the shopping list here. We broke it down into proteins and carbs. Now for the proteins,
we have ground turkey. Where’s that at, right here. We have chicken breast. We have shrimp. We have salmon in hereand we’ve got some
turkey bacon right there. Oh, and of course, we’ve got
them eggs, free-range eggs. And for the carbs, we
have broccoli over here,asparagus, onions, quinoa, and spinach. And we got the beans right over here. Got the black beans and garbanzo beans. So these ingredients right here
is what I’m gonna be eatingfor the rest of the week and of course,when I’m done eating my main
meals, I have my snacks,which is Greek yogurt,
jello, bananas, grapes,and some raspberries that I like to putinto the Greek Yogurt. So I’m gonna show you guys
how I break all of this down. So now every single day that
I’m eating, like I said before,it’s gonna be relative to
what I’m training that day. So when I’m training, I normally
have a heavy lifting dayor something that takes
a big overload on my bodythat I can only do four to five reps of. I’m gonna be eating a
lot of carbs that dayso I’m gonna be carb
cycling throughout this weekso that’s gonna be my main carb day,because I need all those
carbs to be able to liftand give me all that energy
to push as hard as I can. So for those days that I’m
gonna be eating a lot of carbs,I’ll be choosing something from here. Maybe I’ll be using black beans, broccoli,quinoa, onions, and then I
will choose one of my meatsover here, whether it would
be ground turkey and eggs. I would normally have
about four to five eggs,something like that. And this would be one of my meals. Of course, I wouldn’t eat
this whole onion right here,but this is just an example. Really, you can use any
combination of carbs over hereand any combination of proteins over hereand as long as you have a
good amount of carbs in there,that’s what’s gonna be used
as fuel for your workout. So another day I would be doinghigh intensity fat burning workouts,trying to burn as much fat as possible. Well, those days I wouldn’t
really be eating any carbsat all, because I’m trying to
burn as much fat as possibleso I want to use my fat storage cells,the fat that’s already in
my body, to use as fuelso I can burn that off. And then after I’m done
training, I would eat a mealthat would consist of mainly
protein, not a lot of carbs,really next to nothing. So it would look something like this. Maybe I would have spinachand chicken. Now of course, there’s
still carbs in the spinach,but there’s very low carbs. If you want to add some
shrimp with it and the eggs,there’s another meal right there. And then it all depends, of course,what seasoning you’re using,what sauces you’re using with this,of course, you don’t want
to go crazy on the sauces,because there’s a lot of calories. There’s a lot of sugar in that, as well. Personally, I just use salt and pepper. I try to use the least amount of oil. I use vegetable oil, something
like that, peanut oiland a little bit of it. So that’s what a meal
would look like for meif I’m doing a no carb day. And then if I was gonna do half the carbs,well, I would do something
like this for one of the meals. And for my next meal, I would
definitely have more carbsin there, so maybe something
like chicken, broccoli,shrimp, salmon, and asparagus,with the onions and broccoli and spinach. I mean, maybe add some
beans in there, as well. The point is, is that I’m
adding more carbs to this mealand the last meal that I had beforewas very, very little
carbs, next to nothing. And as you can see, I’m
not loading up on carbs,because this isn’t one
of my main carb days. I’m only having half carbs,so I’m still keeping it kind of minimal. And remember, guys, your caloric intake,that means how many calories
you actually consume per dayalso plays a huge role in this. So if your natural caloric intake is 2,000and you’re trying to lose weight,well then having a deficit,being under that 2,000
line is gonna help you. And if you’re trying to gain weight,then you should be
having a caloric surplus. You should be having morethan your recommended caloric intake. So if that’s 2,000, you’d be having morethan 2,000 calories per day. Although that’s not entirely necessary. I’m constantly on a caloric deficit myselfand I’m still slowly gaining
and building lean muscle. So if you want to build lean muscle,then you should be at that line. Even if you’re a little
bit under that lineand you’re still on a caloric deficit,you will still be able to gain muscle. It’s gonna be a whole lot harder. It’s gonna be a lot easier if
you’re on a caloric surplus,but you can still do it,
because that’s what I do. If you’re eating healthy,you have a smart and
structured workout planand calculating your caloric intake,you’re doing the right thing. So these are the meals for today. If you guys have any other
questions, of course,comment down belowif I haven’t already
answered that question,but it’s gonna be a combinationof one of these carbs right hereand one of these proteins over hereand I’ll go ahead and put
that grocery list downin the video description below
so you guys can go ahead,check out those proteins,
check out those carbs. And you guys can go ahead
and shop it yourself. So aside from this, if I’m still hungry,these are the things that
are normally my go-tos,Greek yogurt, has casein in it,which is a slow releasing protein. It’s great if you’re
still hungry at night,because it’s gonna be slow
releasing while you sleep. I normally put some
fruits in there with that,just like that. So this is a combo. Eating a banana, just
like that, eating jello,jello is super low in calories. One of these things is only 10 caloriesand you can get the sugar free ones. And some grapes, right here,perfect for eating snacks in moderation. Of course, guys, you have
to keep in mind moderationfor everything right here. Don’t eat this whole packet of
jello right here in one take. I mean, it’s still probably only gonna be40 calories, but still
it’s not a good idea. Alright, so here it is guys. This is the food for the week. If you have any other questions,don’t be afraid to leave them downin the comments section below. I’m gonna try to answer as many as I can. For now, I’m gonna go get some cardio doneat the skate park. Maybe we’ll do a little
tattoo story or something. Alright, check it out, peace. Alright, we’re here. Lot 11 Skate Park. One of my go-to parks here
in Miami under the I-95. Alright, so we’re gonna get
a little cardio session in. This is, for me, the funnest
way to get hours of cardioin there and honestly,
I’ve never done anythingthat makes me sweat as much
and makes me sweat as fast. So if you guys find cardio super boring,just find something that’s
fun to do and activeand get that cardio in. So let’s go skate a little bit. I got my knuckles tattooed
when I was 18 years old. When I was 18, my world,my whole life was completely different. I was definitely a lot wilder back thenand I was still trying to
figure out and discover myself. Around that time, I had found outthat my girlfriend was pregnant. I was just gonna have a baby,
I was only 18 years old. I needed to figure out how
I was gonna make money,what I was gonna do for a job. And at that time, I was making
music and I was in a band. I thought I was gonna be
a rock star or something. So basically I felt like
I had lived my whole pathinstead of my whole path
to live this other lifeand all of a sudden
reality hits me in the faceand now all of a sudden
I have to become a man. I have to start providingand switch up the whole thing. But at the same time,
staying true to myself. So on my knuckles it
says redefine at the topand it says this mess at the bottom. So redefine, basically
redefining all the shitthat I’ve been through. It’s a tattoo that means to meeverything that you’ve been through,through every difficult
moment lies opportunity. Every single time something
happens to go wrongis a chance and an opportunity
to make something go right. So with that said, thank you
guys so much for watching. I’m gonna see you guys
in Texas this weekendthen I’m gonna stop by Las Vegasand then we’re gonna
see you guys in Toronto. I can’t wait to see you
guys at the workshopand the workouts with Chris. So I’ll see you guys in a couple dayand for everybody else watching,I will see you next Thursday. Definitely stay tuned,because we’re gonna have some
crazy travel vlogs coming up. The team is gonna be in Las Vegas. I mean, it’s gonna be pretty lit, guys,so I will see you guys next Thursday. Comment down below, let me know
what you want the next videoto be about and get
ready for the next dropof the Heria Weight Vest. That’s gonna be next month in December. Let’s go! – Smash that like button, guys.


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