Hello Friends!Welcome to Fit Tuber. In this video I will share with you a free
diet plan for weight loss. This diet plan is for both men and women. I will walk you through all meals of the day
giving plenty of options to choose from. Trust me, this diet plan is very practical
and if you stick to it you will get greatresults. So you may wanna grab a pen and paper because
we are starting just now. Alright so the first thing that I would suggest
you upon waking up is either you have fatcutter drink the recipe to which is already
on the channel or drink a lot of water. Like if you can drink 3-4 glasses of water,
that would be great. It will kick start your metabolism which is
very essential for weight loss. If you are into drinking indian tea or coffee
early in the morning, I will suggest you torather skip it at this point of time. You can have it later in the day. Coming to breakfast. Your breakfast should be low in complex carbohydrates
and high in protein. Low in carbohydrates because if you will have
high carbohydrate diet, it will ultimatelyget stored as fat. Now we also want our weight loss to be in
the form of fat and not in the form of muscles. So we will keep protein intake high. So some of the healthy breakfast options could
be. First is my favourite, customised oatmeal
along with 3 egg whites and 1 whole egg. If you are a vegetarian, the only replacement
to egg whites that I can think of is, wheyprotein isolate. It will also make your oatmeal tastier. Second could be chickpeas spinach egg bhurji. Third could be moong dal dosa. The recipes to all three are available on
the channel. Now, if you are a parantha lover like me,
you can have one parantha without oil alongwith an egg white bhurji made of 5 egg whites
and 1 whole egg. If you don’t like bhurji, you can also
make an omelette. Or you can have that same parantha along with
low fat paneer bhurji. Now, how to make low fat paneer?You get skimmed milk from outside
and make paneer at home. Trust me, it would be tasty, it would be cheap
and it would be low in fat. Now, because we are talking about complex
carbohydrate and I am not including brownbread. Because the so called wheat bread that we
find in the market is adulterated with maida. So, I would suggest you to rather avoid it. If you want to have it, you can have it once
a week. Another option can be whey protein isolate
in milk along with a complex carbohydratesource something like Upma. So, these are quite a few healthy breakfast
options. Now, one hour after breakfast and 40 minutes
before lunch try to drink at least 1 literof water. If you are outside, keep a water bottle handy. If at all you feel hungry in between breakfast
and lunch you can have one handful of unsaltedroasted peanuts along with green tea or Indian
tea. But avoid sugar. If you want to sweeten it, you can use natural
sweeteners like stevia. Please remember that for weight loss, sugar
is your number one enemy. Coming to lunch. Start your lunch with salad. Now, a salad may comprise of carrots, cucumbers,
beetroots, cabbage etc. Not only it will give you the essential vitamins,
minerals, fibers but it will also make youa little full. This is a great way to eat less. Now after this salad you can have a small
portion of complex carbohydrate along withprotein. I had recently uploaded the video called “The
Almost Perfect Recipe” wherein I had shownthe combination of brown rice along with a
protein rich source depending upon if youare a vegan, vegetarian, eggetarian or non
vegetarian. I suggest you to check that. Then you can also have roti with a protein
rich curry like low fat paneer or soy chunks. Now, you should not have 3 or 4 rotis. Have a maximum of 2 rotis. You can also have a little low fat curd along
with it. Now roti with dal is not a great option when
it comes to weight loss. No doubt lentils are high in protein. But if they have 1 gram of protein, they will
have 3 grams of carbohydrates. Now combining them with roti or brown rice
will make them very high in carbohydrateswhich will hinder the weight loss process. If you want to have dal, have it with one
roti or a little brown rice but make sureyou add protein rich source like roasted paneer,
grilled chicken or grilled fish. I dunk in 6 egg whites in the curry of dal. This makes it protein rich and balances out
the macronutrients. Then we have already discussed about Chickpeas
Spinach Egg Bhurji and Moong Dal Dosa. Those can also be incorporated for lunch. Now again, one hour after lunch and 40 minutes
before evening snack, try to have 1 literof water. Now comes the tricky part, the evening snack. Now this is one time when we succumb to outside
food because we do not have healthy optionswith us. Well, I will give you some options. Let’s start with simple options first. First could be a small apple with green tea. Second could be two handfuls of roasted chickpeas,
one handful of unsalted roasted peanuts andgreen tea. Third option could be “Makhane” which are
also called Lotus seeds along with Indiantea or Green tea. Fourth option could be boiled chana chaat. Now, I have already shown you how to make
a sweet potato chaat, you can just skip sweetpotato out of it, your chana chaat is ready. Fifth option could be banana peanut butter
roti. Sixth option could be a small portion of upma
or oats. Then there are some evergreen options like
egg white bhurji and egg white omelette. So, these are some of the great evening snack
options that will help you stay away fromthe outside food. Now, this diet plan will work even if you
do not exercise. But exercising will make the weight loss process
faster. And I’m sure you want that. I have recently uploaded a full body workout
on the channel. It is a great workout if you want to stay
fit and what makes it better that you neednot join a gym for it. Now post workout you should have a small piece
of fruit along with a lean protein source. If you are a non vegetarian, you can have
six egg whites. If you are a vegetarian you should buy whey
protein isolate. Coming to Dinner. Now all the lunch options that we have already
spoken about are very much valid in dinneras well. All you can do is you can further reduce the
quantity of complex carbohydrates. So, you should definitely start with salad. Have one roti or a little brown rice alomg
with a protein rich source like low fat paneeror soy chunks. Or you can also include grilled chicken and
grilled fish that we have already spoken about. Now before bed if you feel like having something,
you can have half glass of warm milk halfan hour before going to bed. If at all you also feel like munching on something
you can have just a few almonds or makhane. So friends, that concludes this diet plan. If you are working in night shifts you can
still follow this diet plan. Everything remains that same, only the meal
timings change according to your shift timings. So friends I hope you found this video helpful,
well if you did do give it a thumbs up. And also please do remember to subscribe to
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