Hey Everyone!!!We’ve got a brand new topic for you todayBecause it’s World Health DayWe’ve spoken so much about your careers and we said why not talk a little bit about your HEALTHSo with me today on the show is Karishma Chawla, the founder of EatRIte 24*7She is a certified nutritionist with a specialty in fitnessHi Karishma! Thank You So much for being with usHi Chetna! Thank You for having me here as wellYour know there is so many concerns people havewomen, college students they have got concerns about weight lossBut there is so much mixed informationthere is fat diets, there is quick fixes available on the internetSo we thought Let’s meet with an expert and get all of this sorted outSuch a good ideaSo let me ask you the first questionWhat should be my ideal body weightWhat’s the formula, thumb ruleSo as much as we have a formula for an ideal body rangeWhat I would rather stress on would be thatlet’s get out of this kind of spectrumAnd look at maintaining an ideal body compositionand maintain a low body fat percentagefor example somebody could be on the ideal body weightBut still carry more fat percentagethat makes you are prone to diabetesYou are prone to PCOS and obesity. . . rightSo the idea is that you maintain a good body compositionMaintaining a good muscle tone and low fat percentageSo karishma, carbs have been the proverbial blacksheep of the weight loss familySo should I be cutting my carbs in order to loose weightSo, the idea is actually emphasizing on the right quality carbsSo for example, if your meal consists ofgood carbs which could be a jowar roti or a bajraOr even a bowl of OATSor a bowl of Quinoa with sorted veggiesIt is not going to lead in fat gainBut whereasIn case you’re having a carb meal which is mixed basically of white riceOr you take rumali roti. . Yes Of coursethat would lead to fat gainSo there are two things to take in mind, first ischange the quality of the carb and make sureyou keep a right amount of serving depending on your body typeSo for example, if you are on a fat loss planYou can’t be eating two servings of carb becausethat would increase the carb load and via the weight fat gainSo you could probably incorporate one carb mealalong with some protein & fiber to actually have a complete meal for your lunch or dinnerand there is this thing about not eating after 8’o clock in the night etc. So how does that link in with thisSo the idea is what you should be eating 2 hours before bedtimeOKaySo it is not about that you cannot eatit’s about what you eatit’s the right quality of foodNow for example if you feel like eatingsay a vegetable sandwich at around 10’o clock in the nightand you’ve got to ask yourselfAm I going for a run post thisAm i going to stay up till 3 in the morning actually going to be workingIf the answer is NO, Ask yourself where are these carbs are going to goCarbs are a source of energyIf the energy is not going to be spend, it will be stored as fat. . It’s scienceOr would you be eating, Should you be eatinga carb meal just before you sleepthe answer would be a NOsecond again it depends upon your body typeNow we have 3 body typeswe have an Actomorph, Mesomorph and an EndomorphEndomorphs are those people who have the ability to put on weight fasterSo, for endomorph it’s a complete NO. . NOSo your last meal of the day should basically comprise of a good proteinFor example it could be skimmed paneer or eggsand you can top this up with a good bowl of fibreOkay! So tell me when I feel like raiding my fridge in the nightwhich I do quite often what are the few thingsTell me three things that I can eat from thereYou know it’s like learning kitchen lessonsso the ideal thing would be to stock your kitchen and specially your fridgewith all the good foodsso you could stock your kitchen actually with good nuts, you could have skim milkyou could have skim curd, a bowl of sprout saladall the time made and kept, so when you are hungry at 12:30and you know you’re definitely going to package foodsyou can actually conquer these cravings while just eating the right foodsbecause this is never actually about eating an entire meal in the nightit’s just about munching. . so the idea is that munch rightokay! Superb. . but I feel like binge eating through the day as wellSo again, binge eating is a result of depriving yourself from the right nutritionSo if you eat every 2 hours and you eat the right quality of foodsYou would actually avoid binge eatingbecause the lesser you eat your body gets into a starvation modeIt’s like fasting and feastingand secondly also depending on the quality of foodsFor example if your lunch is a bowl of white riceinvariably in the next one hour you’re going to binge eatBut if I replace that with a bowl of Quinoa, you wouldn’t. So, in fact you are prone to binge eatingthat means your body is alarming that you need to start eating correctlyNot eating enough and not eating correctlythat’s rightokayI know these people who get these cravings specially when they are stressed out orthey are in office and they just cravefor a certain type of food which is usually unhealthyProtein is very very important in order to cut down your cravingsSo, you could have egg whites as filler in the eveningyour breakfast could be of egg whites as wellLunch and dinner could be a portion of low slow absorb proteinFor example it could be skim paneer for vegetariansIt can be lean chicken or fish for the non-vegetariansand then you can always top up a bowl of skim curdor a glass of skim milk anytime that you feel hungryin regards to the fact that you eat every 2 hours and you eat correctlyyou still could have certain cravingsAdding cinnamon water post your meals could actually help you reduce the cravingsand when you really feel like going and eating an icecream or chocolatefirstly focus on your goalsIt’s really goes and its anything that you are craving for is helping you getcloser to your goal or distracting yourightIt is a choice that you makeso what you could do is indulge into a dark chocolatewhich is 75% plus dark chocolatebecause that would have a less of sugaror you could keep your dry fruits like your raisins and figsand probably pop in 1 or 2 at a timeokaySo karishma there is simple high protein dietsso how much protein is actually good for youso the actual word should be adequate protein and not high proteinthere is complete fear in the marketthat if you go to eat three times protein a day, you are on a high protein diet. but that’s really not the caseLike you said how much protein, there is a formula to itso it would be every 1 gram of the precious lean muscle that you are carryingyou need 1 gram of proteinand this only increases with activity and stress levelsyour muscles are made up of protein so actually if you going and working outHow would you workout without fueling it. It’s like you are expecting the car to work without petrolIt really does itNow the next question would be. . but I ain’t working outrightbut like i saidit is 1 gram for a 1kg of the lean muscle mass that you carrySo if you carry 50kgs of muscle in your bodyYou need 50grams of protein throughout the dayokaySo karishma, How can someone boost their metabolismYou got to eat every 2 hours, now what foods to eat every 2 hoursIt should basically be high thermogenic foodsso when i say high thermogenic foods, they basically help you to lose more caloriesthey increase your BMRso that could be good carbs like I mentioned earlierthe lean proteinand good amount of fibrethe most important thing that we all forgetis be it a fat loss, be it increasing metabolism or a muscle gainit is WATERIf you do not have enough water in your dietYou cannot lose weightYou cannot gain your muscleand you won’t even increase your metabolismoh really!And another important thing that people forget and think they are on this diet& they really don’t need to move or asked to do anythingBut the idea is 70% diet and 30% exerciseso you have to exercise regularlyand exercise should comprise of strength training as well as cardioand you could definitely add a little flexibility & stress management in terms of Yogabecause you have to complete the fitness circleAll of this coming together under one roof would completely give a spike to the metabolism that we needokay! Is it true that when you have more muscle mass relatively that actually boost you metabolismexactly, that’s a fact. The more muscle you carry, the higher the metabolism, the better the body composition and the lower the fat percentand that’s exactly we all are aiming for. Be the college student, be the working women, be it any businessmanthe entire goal is actually preserving your precious lean massand that happens while you exercise well and you eat correctlySo karishma, just like success is a sum total of the little little steps that we takeand you have beautifully told us how we need to eat every few hourswhat if somebody can’t and you know there are working women or they are hostel studentsand they don’t get that every 2 hours they can’t eatCan we say somethingthat’s a very good questionbecause you are using a term “what if they can’ t eat”So, i would say DRINK SUPPLEMENTSOKAYSo for example, if you are in a meeting in the evening and you obviously cannot sit down and have yourfillers like egg whites, it was probably in your planYou could actually get a whey protein powder, put a little water in it and drink it upso that would definitely be better than you actually skipping a mealBecause skipping a meal would actually put your body into the starvation modeand decreasing your BMR which is definitely not a goal. So the idea is if you can’t eat please drinkOkay! And that will also take care of the craving that you said and the wrong eating that we would doBecause if won’t do, it vl be like fasting and feastingSo, if you deprive your body of a right meal at a timeIt’s definitely going to eat a larger quantity at one timeand more importantly you’ve got to understand, if you miss a meal in the eveningthe next meal is dinnerAre we doing anything post dinner?NO, we always go and watch TV, relaxing with our family and sleepingSo we really don’t need that binge, fast and feasting. OkaySo the idea is you’ve got to indulge into the right supplementsSo, talking about the right supplementsI think there is so much information available but if we cut through all of thatCould you help us to understand thisthe actual definition of a supplement is anything that aids your nutrition planso a supplement could be a powder, which is basically your carbohydrate, protein, it could alsotake into consideration your vitamins like antioxidants or your pro-bioticsthe idea of supplements is basically it helps to enhance the quality of your lifeand it prevents deficiencyso like i explained you rather indulge in a protein drink over skipping a mealthere is a lot of controversy happening in the market which talks about supplements and people are scaredhere comes the whey protein which is a most talked about is actually the most natural thing that we haveThe highest source of whey is mother’s milk and how natural could you goThen people come out but they have lot of preservatives and they have lot of all other things But then you know they are the same people who probably go out every weekendand they indulge with their friends having a drink. RightNow alcohol is a foreign body to the liver, so why blame the proteinSo the idea is that you drink right, drink correctly and if you still don’t understand, meet an expert and figure what exactly supplements are. Karishma! one common sort of thing plaguing women is PCOS these daysand there is this notion that if I have PCOS then I can’t loose weightSo is that true???Good news is, YES you could still loose fatOnly two things, really, anybody who suffers from PCOS is important for them to do would be a lifestyle management, so when i say lifestyle management you are actually breaking that into diet and exerciseand you also need to see an endotologists in case you want to see your diet and exercise work in conjunction with some medicationand second important thing is discipline Because if PCOS is uncontrolled it can lead to diabetes, obesity and also infertilityand none of these things are welcomed in anybody’s lifeSo get on to a right lifestyle management along with a good discipline and you will be sortedSo can we give quick three guidelines for a woman watching the showAbsolutely First thing would be actually to monitor the quality of the carbs so it would again be ingesting the good carbs for example oats, quinoa, jowar, bajra over white riceor refined flour like maida and you could also taper down the carb quantity for example, if you’re having 1 bowl of brown riceand 1 bowl of dal for lunch you can actually cut that out to just 1 roti in the night instead of having carbs coming out from the dal as well as your brown riceOkay! It’s interesting you talk about carbs coming from the dal You know, honestly we all thought dal was protein actually dal is an incomplete protein so technically your proteins are made up of 22 amino acids so when I say it’s incomplete, it doesn’t have the entire 22 amino acids which the body requires to synthesize more protein For example, If I give you a wheat roti and I give you a bowl of dalthe wheat roti has 2 grams of protein whereas the dal would have 7but they both are incompleteso where do I actually get my quota of the right protein that would be your milk and milk products, to be more specific skim milk and skim milk products and skim paneer definitely comes inand lean meats with basically chicken, fish and egg whites okay! That was really helpful, so coming back to your second tipThe second tip would go that you basically go need the right kind of oil in cookingThe best oil for any PCOS client would be the olive oiland not more than 2-3 teaspoons in the entire dayand you could top this up an essential fatty acid which is Omega 3and all the non-vegetarians can for the fish oil capor like 3 times fishes or a fish in the dinnerand the other thing could be flax seedsand the most important thing, the third thing would be to exercise regularly a lot of PCOS clients think that they shouldn’t be weight training because that would land up building more muscles and they would look more mascular but if you do not weight train, then you are not going to increase the metabolism in order to lose that fat percentage which is absolutely imperative to people who have PCOSOkay!the exercise can be a mix of cardio which is a aerobic exercise along with some kind of strength training so in case even if you can’t just start weight training in the beginning you could still do strength training with your own body weightTraining is a very essential part for PCOS clients So, talking about weight training there is also this myth or notion let me say that if you have a thyroid problem you can’t do strength training how true is that?It is actually incorrect thatthat you can’t weight train when you have thyroidwhen you have hyperthyroid which is basically when your thyroid gland is not functioning wellso essentially when your thyroid gland is not functioning well it’s lowering your BMR and what is the goal of the body it is always to keep your self in the high BMR state so that essentially happens with weight training For example, if you indulge in a cardio session Your BMR would increase only for that 1 hour and 45 minutes hencebut when you indulge yourself in weight training sessionYour BMR is increased or remains high for next 8 hoursIt is actually 24*7 calorie burnso should you eliminate weight training for thyroid?NOSo you mentioned Olive Oil interestingly but there is so many oils available proclaiming themselves as low-cholesterol oils like sunflower oil safflower oil there are so many of themCould you decode this oil story for us?Right! There is this story in the market that Sunflower and safflower oil are zero cholesterol oils but the whole idea is that we all need to understand that all the oils are zero cholesterol okaythe idea is that right kind of oil that needs to go into your dietthe oil that is basically present in sunflower & safflower are already present in our vegetables and seeds that we already eat. so do we need excess of them? No!the right thing would be cooking your foods in the right kind of oil the right quality of oilthat could be olive oil, rice bran oil and ground nut oil and you can obviously top this up with the essential fatty acids in the form of fish oil caps or your flaxseeds. another thing for all of us living these urban lifestyles is you want to eat out occasionally much is eating out is the bad thing on the table But can I eat the salad? Are all salads healthy?Salads by nature are really healthy they are the best form of fibre that we have it’s the way we make it or the way we consume it is a problem when you are making salads in the houseyou could basically use a low fat dressing which comes from low fat curd you could use vinegar, lime and top them up with herbs and spices when you are out and eating a salad, you’ve got to remember that any salad mixed with a dressing will have 4 tablespoons of fatso the entire good idea would be to call for the dressing on the side and not to consume more than 2 teaspoons of that So Karishma! Some people resort to fasting in order to lose weight what are your thoughts on that? Fasting basically puts your body into a catabolic statethat is your body is breaking down its muscle in order to give or basically use it as energy and from the time we started our show, we’ve been talking about how important it is to actually preserve this precious muscle because that is your marker for higher metabolism So, fasting is a complete NO. . NO Okay!Now but of course if somebody is a complete junk eater Obviously for that one day fast for them is going to make them feel better but I would rather say, instead of completely going on a fast for the entire day you indulge into the right foods again so you get out of your processed, your junk foods, you give yourself a good detox day which will comprise of your good fruits, vegetables, salads, vegetable juicesand you could feel lightbut fasting would definitely be a NO. . NOGreat! And you mentioned detox. what are the signs? how do I know whether my body needs a detox Your body is just amazing, it will exactly tell you when it needs or feel somethingso the usual five symptoms that we could actually place would be mood swings, acne, inability to move, fatigue and sluggishnessand all of these five were enough reasons to know that your body is shouting and screaming and telling you “please feed me with good foods” because you were abusive for a very long timeSo tell me, there is this thing about waking up every morning and standing on the weighing machinesHow often should I be weighing myself? Ideally, once in 15days and in case, for example you have a 20kg fat loss to do You could still go up to 7days, anywhere between 7 to 15days and the ideal thing would be to actually keep a food journal so if you have five meals in a day that means 35meals in a week so if you actually write it down every time you binge eat all the good meals it self keeps a self checkso I would rather say, emphasize on a food journal than going crazy about weighing yourself everydaySo, for people watching this show is there any ideal number of kgs that they should be losing every monthA certain amount of kgs would be a text book figurefat loss can be accelerated with intense training and a powerful dietand what we need to remember is that fat loss is dependent on many factors its your age, gender, body type, muscle mass and your medical history so how can be actually say that you need to loose these many kgs what is important to do is the way you feel, it’s how you feel you rather monitor thatso you rather look at that as a marker and then looking at the kgsbecause you shouldn’t let weighing scale define your fitness levelsAnd there is another last sort of question You know we go down this path and then we get stuck somewhere, we hit a plateau Those last few kgs to my milestone or you said don’t look at kgs but i’m saying just that little bit of that last milestone I don’t seem to be able to make It’s actually human nature, when we achieve a good amount of goal, good percentage of a goal We tend to get relaxedso, when does the word plateau comes in, that’s the very minutethat you need to redefine your goal or motivate yourself enough to sustain that plan the only way to surpass this time period is not to give upEssentially there is only one difference between winners and failuresWinners do not give upSo the idea is, You do not give up on your goalbecause of any of these smolder things so if you work with passion, practice and perseverance You will NEVER hit a plateauThank you so much KarishmaIt was absolutely wonderful having you on the show LikewiseAnd for all of you watching, we never promise it’s going to be easy But we promise, it’s going to be worth itSo if you have anymore questions, queries, you want to write in and sayPlease cover this in future, comment at the bottom of the video and press that little subscribe button at the bottomand happy watching


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