I feel like I have to be strong for everybody. Just wonder who’s going to be strong for me
sometimes. I don’t want to do this anymore, I just
wanna rest and have a sleep. I just feel like it’s all a bit much. Oh well I have to go out there and feed the
baby now. Meet Elle, an ordinary woman on the brink
of an extraordinary journey. At eight months pregnant Elle is planning
to do something inspiring, to make a dramaticexample of how each of us has the power to
change our core identity. Wife of husband Jon and adoring mother of
infant daughter Kiana, Elle is about to undertakea life changing journey. I just can be really hard. A journey that will push her both mentally
and physically as she struggles to overcomethe limitations of circumstance. It can be difficult because people have their
own opinions on what I’m doing, and what Ithink I should be doing. You did a beautiful job. Not only will she attempt to shed the post-pregnancy
weight, but Elle is also hoping to developher body into the peak physical condition
necessary to compete on an international sportsmodeling stage. Next year in May, 2011 I will be competing
in an International Sports Modeling physiqueCompetition. And it would be roughly nine to ten months
after my second baby. But the journey has little to do with winning. Because as soon as I step on stage, as far
as I’m concerned I am a winner. Now genetically unfortunately I’m not blessed,
I don’t have great genetics where I can eatwhatever I like and can stay fabulous and
thin. My genetics are more round, so it just means
for my competing, it can be a bit of a challenge. With her second pregnancy now in its third
trimester, the enormity of the challenge isclear. However, to make the odds even tougher Elle will be avoiding traditional weight loss advocates,such as dietitians and gyms, but she isn’t
completely without resources. I don’t have a mentor, and I don’t have a
coach. But I do follow a system that my husband has
pioneered over ten years of working one-on-onewith people. It’s confidential, and he doesn’t tell me
either. He just tells me this is the next phase, he
keeps it close to his chest, but this timehe’s revealing more of his secrets to me,
which is fantastic. I’m very blessed to have him on board. Elle met her now husband Jon while both were
working at an inner Sydney hotel. Over the years their marriage has had its
share of problems, many of which having stemfrom the trauma and neglect of Elle’s darker
past. My childhood was very short, my parents would
fight a lot, but my baby brother and sisterneeded me. So I had to grow up pretty quickly, my mother was indifferent, and my dad was a drunk. He was aggressive and a very heavy drinker,
and he would beat me quite a lot. It was a lonely time, I was very sad, and
I would cry. I used to think that I wasn’t worthy of their
love, and that if they’re not going to loveme, then who else would?Even today I still have trouble with relationships. Because I think sooner or later everyone is
going to leave you, so I distance myself fromother people to avoid ever getting hurt. Elle’s teenage years were troubled, and emotionally
tough. Falling in with the wrong crowd she was often
without a home. When I was 14, my dad kicked me out of home
in a pretty profound way. I had nowhere to go to, I was just a little
kid that nobody loved. I had so many people tell me that my dreams
are stupid, and that I would never amountto anything, and after a while, you start
to believe it. The area was rough, there were a lot of gangs
and it really was a case of predator and prey. A live or die situation, it was tough community,
with nowhere to live, I needed money, buthonest work was scarce for someone so young. So I aligned myself with the wrong kind of
people, and for a while it profited quitewell. I knew what I was doing wasn’t legal, but
being in the gang was like having a family. People look out for you, took care of you,
something that had been missing for most ofmy childhood. As those teenage years progressed, the harsh
realities of this lifestyle began to catchup with her. Nobody gets out, if I had stayed on that path
it was going to end in either prison or death. I was young, but I was getting to an age where
I could be trialed in court as an adult, andnot a minor. And I just couldn’t live like that anymore. I wanted a new life, I wanted to be completely
different. I wanted to be all those things I always dreamed I could be. So I started an apprenticeship as hairdresser at a five-star hotel. On my first day working there I met Jon. We became friends, and he was really different,
he wasn’t like anyone I had met before. The early years of Elle and Jon’s relationship
were complicated and uncertain, but aftermany difficult years Jon was able to instill
in Elle the principles of certainty and self-worththat aided in turning her life around. And that was really only possible because
Jon came into my life, gave me the tools tobe able to do that, and it will basically
be the exact same tools that I’m going toput into practice now to compete on the world
stage. It was a painful process, I cried, I kicked,
I screamed, sometimes I loved it, other timesabsolutely hated it, but my whole life changed
when I met Jon, and I was only able to blossomand grow into the person I am today because
I have the certainty that not only did Jonlove me, but that he could show me how to
confront and then overcome my limitations. Everything in life is going to take a little
piece of you. I just have to roll with the punches and sort
of go with it and go, okay tomorrow is a newday, and try not to beat myself up about it
emotionally. Working through issues of abandonment and
dependency, they strove to forge anew life together. A life that would be built upon trust and
integrity. 10 years on, Elle is hoping to share the same
lessons that helped redefine her own lifewith others who have been preconditioned to
fail. And I’m hoping to be able to inspire women
out there who think they can’t do it orit’s impossible. If you set something for yourself, you set
a goal, you set a task then you can achieveit, all you have to do is believe in yourself. By applying the same principles to her struggle
with post pregnancy weight Elle hopes to demonstratethat through self-belief anything can be achieved. Unfortunately, I don’t actually have a nanny
to take care of my children, a chef to preparemy meals, a chauffeur to drive me to where
I want to go, someone to do my washing, anyof those things. I don’t have a personal trainer, I don’t have
a nutritionist, I don’t even have gym membership. It’s very important for me to show my daughter,
I want to show her that she can achieve anythingthat she puts her mind to, and the best way
to show her that is to do it myself. As preparations for the world stage intensify,
Elle’s journey to overcome the odds will testthe limits of her mental and physical fortitude. Sports modeling is about being fit, healthy,
and having a toned physique. It’s not about being super skinny like you
may see on catwalks, and things like that. But, it’s more emphasized on having muscle
definition. Understandably Elle has a long way to go. I’m at a huge disadvantage because I’m starting
behind. I haven’t got any momentum behind me. My body hasn’t really been doing much in terms
of preparing for sports modeling competition,it’s been preparing to have a baby. So my body has had a completely different
goal. So I am 85. 5 kilos, and I’m 41. 2 percent body
fat. With the baby now overdue, Elle has been admitted
into hospital where doctors will attempt toinduce the birth, but despite their best efforts,
Elle’s contractions are yet to begin. I’ve been in the hospital for four days for
high blood pressure, and I’m still no closerto having my baby, and I am very upset. I miss my husband and my daughter and I want
to go home,but I’m feeling very sick, and nauseous, and cramping in my stomach. And they keep doing all these tests on me. I feel like a lab rat. After yet another night of extensive testing
and anxious waiting, Elle is allowed to returnhome, but the reprieve is short-lived. I’ve been in hospital for five days, and I
was able to go home because I had gestationalhypertension which basically means I had high
blood pressure, and signs of preeclampsia,but now I’ve come back to be induced. I am hoping that my body starts to do what
it’s supposed to do, and I’m just going totry to trust that it knows what to do. So I’ve got my TENS machine on, and I’m getting
contractions, and I’m ready to go downstairsnow, because I am 3cm dilated. Yay, I walked around hospital up and downstairs,
everywhere I could try to bring on the labornaturally as I could. So here it goes. Energy. After five days of prolonged waiting, and
nervous anticipation, the moment has finallyarrived. Spread your legs there, ok. Focus on taking slow big breaths. But the ordeal is far from over. The birth of Elle’s second child is agonizing,
lengthy, and at times complicated. But after nine hours of excruciating labor
she’s greeted by the small face of her infantdaughter Kamika. You did so well my darling, oh my goodness. Healthy and happy, baby Kamika’s arrival into
the world brings both joy and relief to thenervous family waiting by Elle’s side. But as one journey ends, another is about
to begin. 10 months away, and this body is going to
be on an international sports modeling stage. Where is your baby sister?The long pregnancy now behind her, Elle’s
focus has shifted to regaining the body thatshe has lost. So this is week one, and my plan is just to
let my body recover, and to just get backto normal after giving birth, and then next
week I am gonna look ateating a little bit better, and making sure that I am having the right nutrients and vitamins and really focuson that, and getting rest when I can, so that
would be my first priorityit’s taking care of myself so I will take care of my girls. But with two infant children to care for. . . . . . the task of losing almost half of her body
weight has never seen more difficult. The baby is not due to feed until 2 but she
woke up screaming for milk, and then my toddlerstarted screaming for me, and she was waking
up early too so I had to run to get her, changeher nappy, and then I took photos today just. . . .
for our before shots, and I got to see howhorrible I look, which was quiet upsetting,
and I was doubting whether I could do it or notbut I’m just feeling a bit emotional. Like I’m putting a lot of pressure on myself,
and I don’t know if I’m crazy, what am I thinking?And you know, I look at myself and I feel
like I look horrible. With her self-esteem heavily depleted, the
second week of Elle’s journey begins witha reluctant first attempt at exercise. So it’s the start of week 2 that can Kamika
has been born, and I’m gonna try and do somelight weights on a bench. As you can see my gym facilities aren’t
great but they work, and these are the weightsthat I have, which is just like a power block
and you can snap them. So I just want to get back into the swing
of things, not looking at doing any heavyhard core training, just take it very easy
and light for the next couple of weeks. Consistency is the key, not intensity. Elle’s training program has been designed
to stay at a consistently low intensity throughoutthe entire journey, but after nine months
of inactivity, what little result she hassummoned is soon hampered by doubt. I feel horrible. I look at myself in the mirror, and I wonder
where has my body gone?It’s been stolen, and been replaced with
this, and I seriously just want to quit nowand just eat a whole block of cheese because
I don’t even know if I’m wasting my time. What am I thinking, I’m going to compete in
that sports modeling competition, the onlything I want to complete in is a cheese eating
competition. I don’t even remember how to do this. Her initial attempts at resistance training
have proved to be premature, for now any furtherattempts will be put on holdI want to give up now. Instead Elle will concentrate on maintaining
her structured food plan which requires herto eat eight nutritionally balanced meals
every day, except on Fridays when she’ll begiven a day off. I am breastfeeding that just means that I
have to be a little bit more careful withthe sorts of food that I eat because I want
to make sure that my newborn baby is gettingthe correct nutrients and vitamins, so I’m
not doing anything drastic like cutting outcarbohydrates. I want to stick to eating lots of healthy
natural foods as best as I possibly can. From week to week Elle will be taking measurements
of her stomachhipslegsarmsand chest. Her weight will also be monitored, but the
overall focus will be on centimeters lost,and the reduction of body fat. So I am really concentrating on losing centimeters
because I know then I’m sort of coming into the shape that I am most happy with. I’m so scared to get on these scales, I really
don’t like to weigh myselfbecause weight can be lots of things. It can be fluid, it can be muscle, it can be fat. By recording the results weekly, she hopes
to accurately monitor her progress. So I was 112 last week, and I am 111 this
week, so I lost 1 cm, which is exciting. I was hoping for more, but I am happy that
I lost something. So one centimeterso no changes there. So I’m happy that I got a centimeter, but
I wanted more. But um. . . considering the week that I had,
I should be grateful that anything has happened. It’s been a really crap week. This week I am really gonna try to focus on
getting some more sleep. So let’s see how we go with that, and just
be a little bit more structured with my times,so hopefully I can juggle it a bit better. But each new day brings its own stresses and
complications. I am so tired of being up for 24 hours. The baby won’t stop crying. Look at her, WIDE AWAKE. Oh my gosh. I just feel like just a disgrace. I don’t even want to go out. I don’t even want to see my friends, I don’t
want them to see me like this, I look so ugly. And as her emotional state suffers, so too
does her physical progress. So I’ve actually put on kilos,but it could
be anything, so I am not gonna stress aboutit too much, it’s a bit depressing. What’s more concerning is that I’ve put on
body fat one percent. So I don’t know where that’s come from. So I’ve put on one percent body fat and kilos
which I don’t really care so much about thekilos, it’s the one percent body fat, what
happened there?What the hell happened there?Oh, I don’t know. Seems pretty depressing. Despite weeks of structured and carefully
planned eating, Elle’s body is yet to respond. Feels like I have done all that hard work
for not much result. So it’s the 19th of September, 2010 and
I have had a pretty stressful week this week,so I am really scared to measure. I am very stressful just with appointments,
doctor’s appointments, and different things,and I just have a lot to do with the girls
as well. Just pretty busy. They seem to be more demanding this week,
and I started doing a bit of walking thisweek, which took a lot out of me, I was absolutely
exhausted and nearly passed out and fell onthe ground, so won’t be doing that again. With her early attempts at exercise and controlled
nutrition bearing little result, Elle’s spiritis beginning to wane. I am so tired. My breasts are killing me, from breastfeeding, I just wanna give up. The painful realities of living out her dream
combined with increasingly demanding pressuresof motherhood have not been without consequence. Pushed to her breaking point, Elle is left
anxious, and in doubt. I feel like I have to be strong for everybody,I have to be strong for my husband, I haveto be strong for my daughters,I have to be strong for myself. Just wonder who’s going to be strong for me
sometimes. But her resignation will not come today. 38. 5 percent and 42. 4 percent,so I just put on about a kilo, but I didn’t lose any bodyfat, and I didn’t lose any muscle, but anyway,
hopefully this week will be better. It’s times like these when you know I just
feel like it’s all too hard and now it’stime to give up, just gotta breakthrough the
wallI’d rather breakthrough a KitKat. FinishedNine weeks into the journey, Elle’s focus
has now switched to maintaining proper rest,so that she can keep up both her energy and
her spirit. I’m feeling a lot better about this week because
my stress levels were down, and I had a lotmore sleep which was good. It’s been almost three months since I have
had baby, and now I am really starting tothink about walking consistently. So I’m doing my first cardio session today
and I’m going to be doing it for half an hourat a low intensity. Today is a particularly hard day because I’m
really craving junk food badly. I want cookies and lots of them. I also have these waiting for me, mmm. . . yummy
cookie. I’m not going to have them because today is
Thursday, and only on Fridays do I allow myselfto have a treat. So I’m just trying to hold out to tomorrow,then I can have a cookie. Isn’t it pretty?What the hell am I gonna wear?I don’t fit in to anything, I hate this. My feet look like baked bread in my shoe. Kiana is laughing at me; I’d be laughing at
me too. Didn’t get much sleep this week, andprobably was pretty stressed as well. So I have lost,no I am exactly the sameexactly. What was I?73 or 74?This is where, I’m sought of neither lean
nor overweight. I am kind of just somewhere in the middle,
so I have to just kind of breakthrough that,so here we go cardio session, 30-minute walk,that’s all I am gonna do. One centimeter yay, down to 57,happy days. So quite a big loss in centimeters, which
is exciting. You are cute, you are very chubby, it’s
your four-month birthday today, happy four months,and mommy is happy because I can fit
into a size 12 jeans again,yay!I want to inspire women who are just like
me, and flip through glossy magazines andsee these Hollywood A-listers have babies,
and transform back into these beautiful women,and you think gosh, how am I supposed to do that?I don’t have a nanny, or a trainer or a dietitian
to prepare all my meals. Obviously they’re putting a lot of hard work
as well, but having the extra help would definitelybe a bonus. So how does someone like us… me… achieve
it?And I want to show you that it is possible,
because if you are like me, and you’ve beenblessed with two arms, and two legs, and you can move,then anything’s possiblethat can achieve your dreams. And the reality is I’m no one special. I don’t have magic powers,I don’t havethis huge determination and will,but what I do haveis two beautiful daughters that inspire me to better. With little to no help from her family, and
a complete absence of child-minding assistance,Elle’s journey is secondary to her role in
stimulating and educating her daughters. But while this commitment can be a challenge,it is the children themselves that motivateher to keep going. I want to inspire my daughters to show them
that anything they put their mind to, theycan achieve. What does this one say?Colors. Colors…. Yeah!!!What does this one say?Eyes. EYES!!!Yes, You’re so smart. I don’t just want to tell them that, I wanna
show them that, I wanna show them that Mommyset an impossible dream, and she achieved
it. Hello darling. I feel really pissed at my husband, and it’s
not his fault. Broke his ankle, and as a result of that couldn’t
sort of exercise, and then because of thateverything sort of escalated with his health,
and then he got Meniere’s disease, and losthis hearing in his right ear, and is being
diagnosed with a brain tumor, so he is reallynot well, and he is asleep quite a bit and
it’s just exhausting because I want him todo more to help me, but I know that he physically
can’t so I feel like I’m looking after threechildren sometimes. The symptoms Meniere’s disease plague Jon
with daily attacks of vertigo, nausea, andvomitingand with the resulting sickness
leaving him incapacitated and bedridden formost of the day, Elle’s dreams of competing
on an international sports modeling stageseems all the more impossible. There are some days where it can be a little
bit overwhelming. My husband just had an operation, and he’s
needing obviously me to care for him a littlebit more than he has previously, so I feel
like the pressure on me is really amped up a little bitso, yeah it was challenging to say the least. Sometimes I wonder you know; if Jon is going
to be here for the future. So I really want to enjoy having him with
me because you know, you just don’t know,but at the same time I just feel like it’s
all a bit much. So really really tired today, and just totally
over everything andwant a holiday from my lifeand everything sucks. So I have lost weight, but my body fat is
relatively the same, so I probably just lostfluid. Since the birth of baby Kamika, Elle has lost
over 13 kilograms,an astonishing result comparedto the slow decline in her percentage of body
fat. Just need to get the body fat down. I have stayed for a while, so hopefully I
will get a good move next week. Staying the same for 1, 2, 3 this will be
the fourth week,that’s really upsetting. Elle had previously hoped to lose over 25
percent of her body fat throughout the courseof the journey,but with less than a 6 percent
drop in the last 18 weeks, this result wouldseem unlikely. Oh gosh, I am so sick of playing this up and
down game with my body fat and weight,it’s really irritating. With the loss of body fat becoming a cause
for concern, Elle has expanded her fitnessroutine to include a variety of light weight
exercises in the hope that this will helpbreakthrough her body’s natural resistance
point,but the changes have not made the journeyany easier. So I am in a really bad mood today. I woke up with hot spots on my breasts, which means I’m getting my Mastitis. I’m really hoping I get a good result because
I am in a really bad mood, and you know it’lljust top it off. So let’s see how we go, I am really anxious. Oh, wow I lost a lot of body fat,and I gained muscle,very good result. So I had a really awesome result last week,
and I found that in a result of that thisweek I have just been trying to self-sabotage,
you would think that, hey I got a great result,I’ll be motivated, and want to keep going,
but for some reason you know in the back ofmy mind I almost wanted myself to fail. I was kind of destroying myself. Okay, so I have lost weight, but I lost a
bit of muscle, and gained a bit of body fat. Pretty disappointed because it means that
I have lost muscleand gained more fat. So today is Boxing Day, and Christmas was
yesterday, and I’m feeling pretty upset reallycause ahh people don’t quite understand what I’m trying to achieve,and what I’m doing,and they think I’m a little bit crazy,and it’s quite a lonely place to beumm. . . when your friends, and family don’t understand what you’re doing. So there is roughly four months to go and
counting, and I’m really getting anxious nowbecause my body is not where it should be,
I think I could be a lot further along, butyou know I have committed to this, and have
to see it through, so now what I’m going todo is really focus on tightening up with everything,and really just trying to take better careof myself because I just have not been, I
haven’t been getting much sleep. It’s New Year’s Eve, 2010 and for Elle the
conclusion of another year isn’t the onlyreason to celebrate. Happy New Year. On New Year’s we have a nice quiet meals at home. We were able to watch the fireworks on the
balcony, and I was really excited becauseit landed on a Friday and Fridays are the
day that I can have whatever I like to eatso that was pretty fun to be able to have
some pizza and some wine. I am hoping for a good result this week because
I feel that I put all the effort in the rightplaces. So let’s see how we go. Oh I lost body fat, and gained muscle!Yay!Cool!Very happy with that, I lost two percent body
fat, and gained one percent body muscle mass,so that’s awesome. Yay!So that’s good. Despite the intake of junk food on New Year’s Eve,Elle results are the most encouragingin weeks. So it’s slowly creeping down. Family: Hurray!Hurray!Hurray!The massive two percent loss in body fat would
indicate that Elle’s weekly day off has actuallybeen beneficial. So it’s Friday morning, and I’m going to
have some cookies for breakfast, and it’smy cheat day, and I eat whatever I want. It’s lunch time now so I am having some burgers and fries. Once a week, Elle spends an entire day of
avoiding strenuous activity,and indulging in fatty foods,a practice that most would consider detrimental to weight loss. Some people are not going to believe that
I am able to get amazing results, and stillhave a day where I have whatever I like to
eat. But contrary to popular belief,the respite from diet and exerciseseems to be having a positive effect on her measurements. It’s the 16th of the 1st. 2011 and I’m really
nervous and anxious. I’m not sure if my body is gonna make it,
I’ve definitely changed, I can see that but,I hope it’s good enough. So one centimeter off the legalso one centimeter off the hips,75 and 1cm lost. I lost a kilo, two percent body fat, and gained
one percent of muscle, that’s awesome result. Everyone goes through a hard stage where they feel like they are doing all the right thingsand nothing’s happening. They want instant. . . results I mean I wanted instant results, butit does take time. So I am really happy now that I’m starting
to see a little bit more results with my body,I am starting to see my décolletage some
tone in my arms, my stomach is getting flatter,my hips are getting narrower, I am still a
long way off from my goal, but I’m feelinga little bit more confident that I’m half
the size that I was before. Yay!It was a good one. I am so happy. The physical results of Elle’s long months
of low intensity exercise and nutritious eatingare finally starting to appear. I am in a good mood now. And as her body starts to develop, so too
does her mind. Elle’s mental stamina toward her responsibilities
as a mother has vastly improved. The belief that she can actually succeed had
started to take hold, and as the certaintyof this conviction becomes strongerher physical progress responds in kind. So today is the 6th of February, 2011
and there is fourteen weeks until competitionwhich is pretty daunting, and this week has
been pretty normal sort of week,not too stressed,but umm. . . let’s see what today says. Cool, so I have lost a little bit of body
fat, not very much but some. After 30 of weeks training, Elle
has only lost ten percent of her body fat. So today is the 6th of the 3rd, 2011
and there is ten weeks to go into competition. I am pretty nervous, scared, all those things. So now with only 10 more weeks remaining
until competition day, Elle needs to loseat least another 14 percent if she is to reach her goal. Found that I have to dig really really
deep to wanna continue on to keep going. This journey has made me see things in myself
that I probably haven’t seen before. It helped me to understand you know that I
can be tested pretty severely, and I can comethrough. Oh, yes, yes!That is awesome, I’ve been working so hard
to be under thirty percent body fat, and I’m28. 4. But you know it’s really scary stuff. I didn’t anticipate how hard it would actually
be emotionallyto go through,and I find thatthe more sort of size that I lose and the
smaller that I get,the harder it is,because it’s you know quite scary to think that I will be on that stage in two months’ time. I’ve just gotta trust that it will work, and
I’ll get there and you know, I’ll bring abody that I’ll be proud of. Professional sports models are judged on their
muscle definition and physique. So with just a few weeks remaining, Elle has
precious little time to refine her newly slimmedfigure. So today is the 3rd of April, 2011 and I am
really anxious about my results in six weeks outI feel like a stupid fat mother, trying
to pretend to be something I am not. Oh my Gosh. With the competition now only one week away, the nerves have started creep in. So today is the 8th of May, 2011 and there
is one week out from competition, so I ampretty excited, pretty nervous, pretty anxious,
can’t believe I am going to actually bestepping on the stage in a weeks’ time,
this time next week I’ll know what the outcomeis. It’s ok. It’s all getting a bit too much now. Tomorrow I’ll be stepping on the stage, so
I’m really scared and really anxious, I don’twant to muck it, you know all my months and
months and months of hard work and I can justtotally ruin it all. So this is the, I guess almost finished package. So 84cm roughly say eighty-four-and-a-half. The pressure is on, it’s really testing
. mydetermination and courage to go on I supposeIt’s time like this… that I sort of think
that my dreams are pretty stupid. Legs, forty-three-and-a-half andwaist 60 centimeters,it’s gonna be really tough comp, reallyreally tough lineup. So I have lost half a centimeter off everywhere which is just pretty good, which is only in a daya day, so my metabolism is obviously very
strong at the moment. The girls that will be competing, that I am
aware ofare very good, sensational greatbodies, haven’t had any children, are significantly younger than I am, some you know almost tenyears. My results are pretty good I think, from all
this stuff that I had to through, so yeah. But um I’m just me,and I’ll just have to go out there be me I can be. I hope that I’ll be good enough. Elle’s long and painful journey is nearing
its conclusion. Today she’ll be stepping onto a national sports
modeling stage,to learn just how much she’s achieved over the last nine months. I would never have thought that I’d be almost
30 and have 2 kids and be the smallest I everbeen in my whole life. I never thought that was even possible, not
in the realm of possibility. So I’m feeling pretty good, I am feeling like
you know no matter what happens, I am a winner,from what I have achieved. Like I just can’t believe it, I’ve shocked
myself. I never really thought I could get that sort
of result. Now I just want to get up on that stage, and
make my husband and my girls proud becauseI’m pretty nervous and anxious about being
in front of all those people, but I just wantto make them proud now. After carefully packing their costumes, props,
and supplies ,JonElleand Jon’s sister Natalieload up the family car for the journey. The competition is a two-hour drive from Jon
and Elle’s Sydney apartment. So Elle is forced to save her last-minute
preparations until they have safely arrived. I can’t believe Elle’s come this far,
she is about to get on stage, and it’s just areal emotional time for us both, but umm. . . you
know we set a goal and we are here and weare coming to finish the job no matter what so. It doesn’t matter about the result today
really, that’s just the cherry on the top. If she does well, places well, that will be
awesome. But the fact that she is here is just unbelievable. So I can’t believe it, nine months after having
my second baby. With the competition just minutes away Elle
can feel the anxiety mounting, but she isn’tthe only one that is feeling the pressure. The combination of nausea and persistent sickness
has taken its toll Jon. He was so so sick from Meniere’s, and he was
having attacks and vomiting. And he still stood beside me through the whole
thing. Which is pretty special to have such a loving
family. So yeah, I am really happy with that. The moment is finally upon her. With the chance to realize her dream waiting in the crowded room beyond, Elle makes ananxious departure for the stage. I just can’t believe it, I can’t believe
I am here, I am really scaredbecause I am actually gonna do it now. It was easy when we know it was all fun and games. I can’t believe it,I’m going to do it,I’m going to be stepping on the stage,I’m going to do it. Now I just hope I do it well. Please welcome Elle Ip. So I can’t believe it, I fulfilled my dreams
today. I am so happy with her because she just executed
like just perfectly the way I’ve imaginedit, and even better, just looked awesome out there. Elle Ip, number 84, comes in 3rd. I never ever expected a 3rd place, and
I was just so proud to be able to actuallydo it. She’s, you know what she has accomplished
is simply just unbelievable. So I am in total shock at the moment, I just,
I can’t believe what I have achieved, andI am so blown away, I just can’t believe it. Elle’s accomplishment on stage represents
the culmination of an ordinary woman’s struggleto remain courageous in her conviction even when the odds are stacked heavily againsther. Today she’s showing that it is indeed possible to overcome the limitations of circumstance. In the months following her stage debut, Elle
went on to competing several other nationaltournaments. Earning both acclaim and success with her
newly developed physique, Elle’s competinghas also brought renewed strength and a fresh
energy to her emotional fortitude. Where’s Mika. . . Peek a boo. Through the power of certainty and the reaffirmation
of herself worth, Elle’s seemingly unattainabledream of competing in a national sports modeling
contest has now become a reality,but for Ellethe journey is far from over. Nobody thought it could be possible
that nine months after having a baby thatI would be able to do this, especially from
where I come from, but umm. . . it’s a testamentto dreams you know, have your dreams and stick with them and I guess believe in yourselfeven when it gets tough. But for all of her successes, there’s still
one more goal to be accomplished. So it’s always been a dream of mine to compete in the world championships, so the world championshipsare for fitness modelingthat’s what real
models do andnot meI’m like imitator, amateur, but my husband
supports me and we’re going. So pretty scared, pretty anxious, finding
it hard to sleep. The girls have been unsettled, Kiana is not
feeling so well. So everything sort of feels like it’s falling
to pieces. It sort of makes me think that you know I
shouldn’t go, I can’t go and. Yeah,but you know I want my girls to believe
that what they hope and dream to become oneday is a reality if they make it andI want to show them that. So just gotta keep moving forward,you know this is my dream, and I’ve gotta go get itno one is going to hand to me on a silver
platter, it’s always hard to live your dreams,it’s never easy,but it can be done. Despite her misgivings, Elle and Jon are leaving for NewYork. The city is home to the world championships
of sports modeling,and so it is on this stagethat Elle hopes to conclude her epic journey. So the night before I hit the world champion
stage for fitness modeling in New York City,I can’t believe I’m here. When I started this journey I seriously doubted
that I’ll be able to look good enough in ain a bikini, let alone stepping on a regional stageand only in my wildest wildest wildest dreamswould I have been able to come to New York,
and be on the world stage, so I really justwanna enjoy it and sit back, and reflect and. Just be so, yeah excited that I was able to
fulfill my dreams. I am kind of scared now, don’t really know
what you do after you fulfill your dreams,I guess you can find another one so. . . I’m happy to be here, it’s been a long
road, enjoy the show. Our next competitor, all the way from Sydney, Australia, please welcome mother of two, Elle IpAt nearly 30 years of age, and after giving
birth to two children, Elle has brought realcompetition to an international stage of the
world’s most defined physiques. 12 months ago many would have believed this
task to be impossible. But as she exits the stage, Elle realizes
that not only has she achieved the impossible,but the inspiration as well. With her time in New York coming to an end,
Elle reflects on everything she has achieved. It has been a life changing experience,and one that has redefined her core identity. Competing on the world stage in New York City
has been an amazing experience, and one thatI’ll treasure forever. 1 year later Elle has not only kept the weight off,but has also improved her body to the extentthat she’s now in the best shape of
her life. I feel we’re a lot closer as a family because
now I have the strength, and energy to notonly take care of my girls, but to have fun
with them, and just really enjoy them andrun around and be a big kid, and even though
Jon is still struggling with his health, Ifeel more certain that I can support him,
and take care of him, and together as a familywe can face whatever the future holds. For Elle it has been a journey of hardship
and pain,a journey that has altered not justthe body, but the mind and the soul. A journey to remind us all just what can be
achieved through the power of dreams,a journeyBeyond Expectations.


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