– Look, I don’t know if you’re
like me, but I hate gyms. I don’t know how to use the equipmentand I feel like everyone
there knows exactlywhat they’re doing, except for me. But I feel good when I work out,and I wanna feel good
about getting a workout. So for the next 30 days we’re
gonna be working out at home. No gym memberships, no equipment. Let’s see what happens. – Alright. Hey, my name is Chanda Ramnath. I am 23 years old. I am from Toronto, Ontario, Canadaand I was chosen to be part of the 30 dayhome fitness challenge. – We auditioned over
50 people on Instagramand we selected her. For 30 minutes, everyday, we’re gonna doa mixture of jumping jacks, flutter kicks,mountain climbers, and burpees. – 2018 was probably one of
the hardest years for me. I spent most of the year
taking care of my Mombecause she was diagnosed
with breast cancer. Didn’t really get time to focus on myselfand I just feel like it’s time
for me to get back into this. – I have a healthy
relationship with fitnessbut as far as like actual exercise,I do not feel confident in
getting a full body workoutknowing the moves that I can doto work different parts of the body. – Let me tell you something first,I’m already a person who works out. I work out in an average of, I don’t know,three times per week. Working out everyday,
finding the strength,that discipline to do that
everyday, that’s crazy. I work really hard on
maintaining my weightbecause I lose it like
this . And so to work out everyday, for 30 dayscould drastically change my
appearance in a positive,negative way, I just don’t know. – I shouldn’t be scared of exerciseand I shouldn’t be intimidated by it,so I’m really hoping this
challenge will make me feelmore confident and capable of
exercising in my daily life. – Beginning. We wanna do this. Jumping jacks five sets, total 20 seconds,rest in between. Alright. – It was really hard for
me because I guess my bodyjust isn’t used to that much activity. – Jumping jacks were fine, burpees sucked. Flutter kicks were
difficult and the climbers,the climbers are gonna be the
most challenging thing for me. – It’s a nice mix up of
cardio strength and balance. I liked it. Brenda approved. – I think I’m doing something
wrong with the climbers’cause it keep messing up
my knee so we’re gonna startwith the climbers and do them slow,so that way I don’t hurt my knee. – I’ve realized that I
was doing flutter kickswrong this whole time and no one told me. You can see them right this time. This doesn’t get easier. – They’re not easy but they’re doableand that’s what’s important. – If you are all on the
thoughts of how much this sucks,it’s kinda suck and you’re
gonna want it to end. But if you’re like,”Oh! yeah, that sucked
but that feels good. “That’s doing things then
you get a reward out of it. – So I knew going into this challengethat doing the exercises
for 30 days straight,I wasn’t gonna see results unless I changethe way I was eating. – Put a lot more focus and
attention into the foodthat I’m putting in my body. – I needed more fruits and vegetables. – You’re eating more, you’re
burning more calories. I’m feeling extra hungry. – We are halfway through
and I cannot believedthat I made it to this point. Yesterday was the hardest
part of the challenge,but it takes a lot of
dedication and willpowerto push through this, commit to this,and that dedication and willpoweris already pushing into my day. – I feel like my energy levels are way up. My sleeping habits have been amazing. I think that my body is finally
adjusting to the work out. I’m definitely seeing some progressespecially on that scale. – I wish it was building up like my chestand other muscles a bit more. This is at least teaching
me ways that I can work outat home, place I can go more
confident in the movements. – I’m losin’ a lot of muscular mass. Doing a lot of this cardio,
the body the muscle away. My goals have always been to build upand this is doing the absolute opposite. – It was great because
my friends all joined meand that was really great. It was really fun and motivating. – Chanda has been showing me and Brenda upand doing this work out with other people,so I’m back in Texas so I’d thoughtI’m gonna do this with my sister. That’s my sister. – These are the last days. I wanna give it, give it my all. – I did 30 dang days of exercise. That’s insane. – I dit it. I did it. I freaking did it. – I am just so unbelievably
proud of myself. – If you’re looking for dramatic
before and after photos,that’s not this video because I believedthat physical transformation
and fitness takes time,because everybody’s body is different. We did this challenge so we
could feel more confidentin ourselves and in fitness. – And I feel like I’ve
grown into a completelydifferent person. My confidence is way up. – I’m amazed in myself and my
commitment to this challenge. It has helped me managed
some of those resentfuland distressing thoughts
surrounding fitness. – Towards the end, it
was always like I hatedevery second of the last five minutes. But then when you were done
it was like “I did it!”. I did it. – And while the goal of this challengewas never to lose weight,
for better for worse,we lost some weight. – I think I lost a little
bit over 10 pounds. – I lost nine pounds. – I lost five founds which
I need to put back onto stay healthy. – We committed to the challenge and I knowthat you can commit to something similar. – It takes patience, it takes time. – You can achieve anything. This is to me not the ideal way. I know it’s easy just
for you to take it oncethen by the time instead of
doing this whole thing at once. – Brenda did it, Chanda did it, I did it,and I know that you can do a work outthat feels good for you. This next challenge is something I’ve beentrying to do for 15 years. I’m looking for people who are seriousabout quitting smoking,
but not just cigarettes. I kicked this habit a
while ago and replaced itwith something even more addictive. I replaced it with a Juul. So if you’re 18 years or
older and you’re seriousabout quitting the Juul, click
the link in the descriptionon addition and go to my
Instagram for more informationabout the challenge. Let’s get better together. Let’s quit the Juul together. Let’s do this.


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