– I don’t go to the gym. I signed up for one like five months ago,I went for two weeks, and
then I haven’t gone back. I would say there are two thingsthat prevent me from going
to the gym frequently. One is time. I feel like I barely have
time to do what I wanna do,and then when I get to
the gym I’m kinda likewhat do I do here?I feel like an outsider. – Eating healthy’s not hard for me. The part that’s kind of
challenging is working out. – My relationship with fitness iskind of like a roller coaster
journey since college. – So, growing up, I
wasn’t really that active,but I was always interested in kinda likethe healthy lifestyle, in a way. – Since I moved to L. A.
my physical activity isgrocery shopping, walking around
the office, getting coffee. – I know that I’m not super out of shape,but I want myself to be able to lookat a before and an after
shot and be like okay,so this hard work is paying off. So, I feel like being
consistent is my main issue. – With these 30 days,
I hope that I can kindafind my way around the gym
and find its role in my life. – I wanna be able to make
it a consistent routineand habit of going every
day, and if I miss a day,then at least it’s just one daythan just missing a whole
week of working out. – I mean, I figure if I just
take a boatload of the classes,I’ll be fine. – Alright, ladies and gentlemen,it is day one of going
to the gym for 30 days. You know, it was raining this morning,so I had to force myself to go. Today, I’m taking it
slow, I’m taking it easy. I’m just gonna do some
cardio, maybe some pushups,ab workout and stuff like that,and just kinda warm up my body. – Day one, I thought I
could ease my way into it,so I booked a really fun dance workshop. I show up, and. . . I did not know taking a
dance class could be so hard. It was very hard. I thought it’d be very
chill ’cause I’m like,you know, I’m dancing. I don’t know how I’m
gonna get up and walk. – So, I was supposed to go
to the gym this morning,but someone overslept, and that was me. So, I had to go on my lunch break. I am actually on my lunch break. This is my lunch
post-workout, but I did it,I went to the gym today. – So, it’s day two. I came to do spinning,but I came too late and won’t let me in,therefore I need to figure
out how to work out on my own. My strategy was to keep
taking class after classbecause I don’t know
what to do in the gym. So, I took spinning, hated it, I took. . . I don’t even know. It had a lot of weights in there,and I wasn’t into it at all. I’m meant to work out right now,but I ran out of clothing for the gym’cause I own like four items. So, I have to go shopping
before I can work out. – It is Saturday morning. It is raining, but guess where I’m going?To the gym, baby. – I took it upon to figure out
what to do in the actual gym. Working out on my own
was a lot more chill. I could take my time,then when I was actually doing my workoutI could focus on what was happening,I could feel what was moving. – Over the weekends I would do cardio,that way I don’t have to lift more weightsand I could give my body a break,but I would still go to the gym. I’m feeling good. – A couple times it was a little crazybecause I went to dinner. – Kiano, are you thinking
about the gym right now?- And then I worked out. I’m not doing that one again. We just ate like 20 pounds of Korean food. It’s like, what time?8:00 p. m. and now I’m gonna go to the gym. And then I went to the gym
after a seven-course dinner. That was miserable. I don’t wanna be here, but I’m here. I’m not gonna work out. I’m gonna stretch my body and chill’cause I can barely walk. I’m very full. – It is Monday, it is day 10. I’ve been going to the
gym for 10 days straight. I haven’t missed a day. I feel stronger than
ever, I feel so happy. I was noticing that I
was feeling stronger,and I was like okay,
so if I feel stronger,that means that this is working. So, I would just keep getting
more and more motivatedinstead of tired, which is crazy. I feel so proud of myself, honestly,that I’ve been doing this. Today, I thought that it was gonna be hardbecause it was Monday, but no,I was so motivated to just
go after work and work outand sweat and lift weights. I’m so excited to see the final outcome. – There was one day I went to the gym,and it was right when
Daylight Savings happened,so by the time I arrived, it had closedwhere I thought I had another hour. To make up for it, I will
do a two-a-day workout. I’m really annoyed because my gymis very far from where I live. I drove like a half hour to get here,and I’m gonna eat my feelings. – So, coming into week three,
I was going at it every day. I would spend an hour a day in the gym,and then I started
adding even more weights. – I’m about to go into dance class. I can’t video in there, but I’m excited. After working out on my own for a whileand I was a lot more aware
of what was happeningwhen I was doing different workouts,it was a lot easier for
me to take a class againbecause at the beginning, I
didn’t know what was going on,I just knew I was doing
a lot of different stuff. But then, having worked out on my ownand going back to class,
I knew what to focus on. Alright, I just finished dance class,and it was really good. I’m looking forward to
doing this every week,every Monday, late at night, I don’t care. I brought people French from work. – Hello. – It’s so much more fun working outwith people you know, you know?I’m not alone, we’re
sweating together, I love it. – So, I’m here in Nashville, Tennessee,I’m in the hotel room,but that’s not stopping me
from not going to the gymbecause first of all, the
gym is here is really nice,and second of all, I’m pumped,
so I’m going to the gym. Let’s do it. Alright, so we’re in the countdown. We have about five days
left of this challenge. So, when the last week
of this challenge came,I was extra motivated. I was like, I can’t
believe I’ve been goingfor over 20 days, I haven’t
missed a day, I’m so excited. And then, as the last week started,I went to the gym and sadly,
I’m starting to feel sick. I don’t know what I’m gonna do. I’m going to go to the gym,but hopefully I still have
enough energy to push through,but honestly, I’m not feeling too good. Wish me luck. – So, final week, I went back to classes,and my last one was a dance class again. So, I did full circle,and that one was fun and I
brought friends from work too. – You know how two days agoI said I was feeling a little bit sick,but I was still going to the gym? Well, it’s been two days. I was super congested, so
I couldn’t even breathe. So, that was when I knewthat I had to stop for a little bit,and it was devastatingbecause it was especially towards the end. I am definitely sick. I’ve missed the gym the last two daysbecause it’s been impossible for me to go. Hopefully tomorrow I can
go back and finish strong,but let’s see. – It went by quicker than I thought. – So, even though I did miss
a few days towards the end,and as you can see, I still
sound a little bit stuffy,so I’m still getting over that,it didn’t really change my
perspective on the gym right nowbecause now I’m super motivated. I feel like I’m in a good levelthat if I just keep going
consistently, I will see results. – From doing the challenge,I don’t feel as awkward
walking into the gym. I knew people at reception,
they know my name now,and that’s kind of. . . I like it, it’s like a
community in its own. – Yo, that’s at 13 inches. That’s, hold on a sec. – What?Let’s do it!- I’m just happy my numbers didn’t go up. – Awesome. – That’s all I care about.


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