The moment you all have been waiting foris finally here. A lot of people have asked forvegetarian diet options for muscle buildingSo today Neelam and I will preparevegetarian meals for you allEspecially breakfast, lunch, and dinnerfor muscle building. Let’s start our video. First, we will make breakfast. For breakfast, we will cookKinwa . Which has been soaked in water for 30 minutesThe quantity used is 42 gramsThe second thing is Chickpeas which has been soaked overnight. I will use salt in both of these meals. and some water for boiling. I will boil them in the pressure cookerThey both take different amounts of time to get boiled. So keep the chickpeas on low flame for 15-20 minutes after the first whistleAnd since Quinoa takes lesser time to boil,simmer it for 5-7 minutes after the first whistle. You will get perfectly boiled items as a result. As most of you like to know all the detailslet me tell you the amount of wateryou needed to boil the food items. You can add as much water as you like into the ChickpeasBecause it can be strained from the water later on. But to boil Quinoa,you need the water three times what we used previously. So both of the items are now boiled. Chick Peas and Quinoa. First I will make the Chick Peas tastefulBecause it won’t be tasty to eat this way. I will be using a medium-sized tomatoAnd a medium-sized onion. Some green chilies,and garnish it with lemon juice for a Vitamin-C boost. Can you help me a bit with chopping? I will add the chopped onion and tomato into the bowlThe green chilies as wellAnd I will sprinkle a little black pepper for taste Add some salt too according to the taste. Mix it wellAnd I will eat it with a lemon. Now we will try to make Quinoa a little more tastefulAgain, I will be using a tomato. An onionSome peasSome beansAnd BroccoliI have washed all the vegetables properly andwould suggest you do the same. Now, we will chop themAfter chopping, we will prepare our Quinoa. For this, we need a pan. Turn on the flame. I will cook it in 10ml of coconut oil. Add the chopped onion into the pan. Sauté until they turn golden brownThen add all the other vegetables. And once everything is mixed I will add some saltaccording to taste. and black pepper. Now cover with the lid for 5 minutesandWithin 5 minutesOur Quinoa will be ready. So finally it’s ready and looks delicious. Serve it in a bowl. We had already prepared the Chickpeas. Chick Peas and Quinoa. This meal containsa combination of good amounts of proteins,carbs, fats, and fiber. Always start your day with a good breakfastto stay energetic throughout the whole day. Now we will prepare our lunch. For lunch, we will cook mung bean and rice. The ingredients we need to cook mung bean aremoong dal chilka. I will cook it in coconut oilwith the help of water and salt. I have already choppedA medium sized onion, a medium sized tomato,One green chiliAnd these are some spices which I will useWhole cinnamonWhole cardamomCumin seedsTurmeric powder and red chili powder. To do all the cooking I will require Neelam’s help. She will show you how to cook the mung bean. Once you mix all the ingredients in the pressure cooker,simmer it for 5-7 minutes after the first whistleand your mung bean will be ready to eatNow my food is ready to be servedAnd I will put it in a bowl. Once ready your mung bean should look like this. I’ll also eat white rice and curd along with the mung bean. You can also replace curdGreek yogurt which is protein-rich food. Talking about the quantity of each item hereRice is 200 grams cooked. One bowl of homemade curdwhich is made with cow’s milk. One bowl of Mung Daal. To this, I will adda tablespoon ofhome-made cow milk ghee . Now that our lunch is now ready,, I would like to share some health benefits of this meal with you all,Let us start with Curd. Along with Calcium, potassium, and magnesium. I also get Vitamin B12 and vitamin B2. It will not only make my joints strong but improve my digestion too. I’m eating the mung bean becauseit contains protein which is necessary for muscle building. White rice is a good source ofcarbohydrates and will give me energy for my workoutand daily chores. The ghee which I had mixed in Mung beanis anti-inflammatory and it protects me frominternal
Inflammation. It is very tasty too. Now it’s dinner time. For dinner, we are making PaneerThe quantity is 200 gramswhich I will sauté with vegetables which includeA medium-sized capsicum,a medium-sized tomatoand a medium-sized onionAlong with some spices likeKitchen king for the flavor,Red chili and salt according to the taste. I will sauté them in coconut oil. Neelam will help me cook it. After mixing all the ingredientssimmer for 2-4 minutes and it will be ready to eat. Paneer is now ready. I will eat this with Chapattis made of Multigrain flour which I have already prepared. I will eat two of themBut you can eat three as wellbecause it’s a muscle-building diet. Along with them, I will have a salad. Consisting of two medium-sized cucumbergarnished with half a lemon. Our dinner is now ready to eat. This meal also gives you good amounts of proteins,Carbs, fats, and fibersthat helps a lot in muscle building. A lot of you might also look for what to eatin their pre and post-workout meals. Have some patienceI will soon bring a videoon pre and post-workout mealsEspecially for vegetarians. Who says you can’t build a muscular body with a vegetarian diet?You can, You just have to find the right options. And that’s what I have shared with the video. Now I’m really hungry. so let’s taste our mealIt is really tasty. So that’s all for today’s videoEspecially for vegetarians. I hope you all liked it. Do tell us in comments if you have any other vegetarian recipes,So that more people can know about vegetarian meal options. Special thanks to Neelam. I will continue bringing videos like this,Till then Goodbye, Take care.


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