Hey, guys.
Jamie Alderton here. Today, I am joined with. . . Ninja Kidz TV!And. . . Kids Fun TV!What I want to find out
today is who’s better?Boys or girls?Boys. Girls. Boys versus girls. There’s only one
way to find out. Alright, let’s get into
teams to make this happen. This is the girls team. This is the boys team. You ready?Yeah. Who’s gonna win? Girls, girls, girls!Boys, boys, boys! I need one of you
down the end there. You go. One for the girls. And you’re gonna stand up there. And what you’re gonna do
is when I say, “Go,”you’re gonna run as fast as
you can through the foam. You’re gonna run as fast as
you can through the foam,tag your teammate, and
they’re gonna run back. Text: Round one. Are you ready?Yeah. Countdown. Are you ready? In three,two,one,Go! Almost neck and neck. It’s neck and neck. As soon as you get
there, tag your partner. And. . . Go!Go, go, go!Go, go, go!Hurry up. Oh, it’s neck and neck. Come on, Jazzy!Come on, Jazzy!Come on, Jasmine!Come on, Jazzy. It’s close. First person to touch here. . . Go, go. So close, so close. You’re getting it wrong. Okay, ladies. One for the girls. Zero to the boys. Onto the next challenge. Text: Round two. Okay, we’re gonna be
calling this the Roo Race. The Roo Race after a kangaroo. So I’m gonna give you
a little demonstration. What you’re gonna
do when I say, “Go,”you’re gonna kangaroo
jump all the way down,touch the wall and come back,tag your partner,
and they do the same. Okay?You ready?Are you ready?Three,two,one,Go! ♪ Let me see you jump ♪♪ Jump, jump ♪ How quick are they?That’s incredible. Oh, it’s the boys!Perfect. Yeah!Okay, so the current
scores are:One for the girls. One for the boys. Which can mean only one thing:Tie-Breaker. Tie-Breaker. Tie-Breaker!Text: Round three. Okay, so we’re gonna
do a time trial,girls versus boys. Girls are gonna go first. You’re gonna go all
the way down there,come back from these platforms,jump on here, come down there. One is down here,
the next one goes. I’m gonna time the girls
first and then the boys. So if any of you fall, you
get a 10-second penalty. Ten seconds?Ten seconds, yes. Three,two,one,Go! Grab onto your rungs. You can do this. Come on, you can
do this, Payton! You’re in my way. Okay, come back. And, go! Good. Keep going! Take a run off on this. Take a run. Alright, okay. Three,two,one,Go!You got this!C’mon, Paxton, you can do this! And go. Okay, so, we do have a winner. I’m just gonna start
with the times. So, girls:your time was 2 minutes and 23 seconds. Boys:your time was,1 minute and 33 seconds. Yeah! Yeah!Yeaaaaah!Boys are the winners. Awesome. High fives up here, come on. High fives for the ladies. Yeah! You Win!Text: Bonus RoundsThe twins did amazing,but now, it’s time to challenge
Jamie to the warped wall! Yes, let’s do this. Yeah, and that’s the 12 foot. Text: JackReady?Let’s hand clap, come on. Go, Jamie! Text: AshtonYeah, Ashton!Wooo! Get up!You can use your feet to get up. Text: JazzyHard, hard, hard,
hard, hard, hard, hard!Yeah! Woo, Jazzy!Pull it up,
pull it up. You got this, you got this,
you got this!Alright, sista! Wooooo! Text: PaytonSo, guys, if you
just want to try the small one. Text: Paxton Text: Kade Yay!Are you ready
for the 12-foot wall?12-foot wall, here we go. Here we go. Go for it. That struggle is real. The struggle is real. My Dad. We have one more
challenge for Jamie. Who can climb up the
rock wall the fastest? Three,two,one,Go! Whoa! That’s the alarm!That’s not the buzzer. I win! I challenge Jamie to
a rock wall competition. Bring it on, let’s go!Yeah, me too. Alright, count it down. Try not to get buried. Well, it’s been a
fantastic day being refereefor the boys versus
girls challenge. Boys, girls, what did
you think of that?Good?It was awesome. Yeah. Really fun. Good job, Paxton. Nice job, boys. Boys won this time. Thanks, sis. Make sure to
like and subscribe. Thanks for being cool!Bye! There you are. Whaaa. . .


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