if you’re looking at traveling to
Tiger Muay Thai as a first timer PhuketThailand then this video is for yep
for you for you for you for youeverybody welcome back 25th of March
2019 Robin whale is with me Ruby pleasecalm hello and I just thought to put
this video together for everybody who’slooking at traveling to tigerboy Thai
for the first time to do some trainingat that amazing camp in Phuket
Thailand’s not even necessarily Tigermore Thai but any of the training camps
in the area on the street on any of theoff streets because if you’ve seen any
of the videos already you know thatthey’re about a half a dozen to 10 or so
training camps and gyms in and aroundthat street that I love to call
dentistry aka so eat I eat I’ll throwthe map up so you know where to find
that and you can tell the driver whenyou get to Phuket International Airport
to take you there but I’ve had a lot ofquestions about tiger Muay Thai and I’m
a first-timer and I’m several travelingsolo is it safe is the food safe and
I’ve had like I get probably about 20-30messages a week now it’s crazy so in
this video I’m going to go througheverything to help put your nerves at
ease if you regular traveler to take mytie or fitness treat you probably won’t
want to watch this video because youknow what it’s like but if your solo
traveling and you’ve never been therebefore I get the nerves I’ve met other
female solo travelers there and you knowthey’ll find but we’ll talk about that
as well anyway so I have a longlaundry lists that this might be a 5 to
10 minute video but just quickly I wantto mention that I’m actually in my
apartment here in Melbourne so I’mactually not at tying my tie right now
or Fitness Street and I reckon after Ishoot this video I reckon we’ll go back
yeah I think that’s a very good idea Iwill be following you we don’t want to
stay here I was writing this list out ofmy fuckin to go back to fitness trade
first thing I want to cover off is whatto expect when you arrive at Fitness
Street or Tiger boy time one of thethings that I noticed when I first
arrived was just how many people thereare not just a tiger muy Thai but also
on Fitness Street as well and all thedifferent training camps from all around
the world it actually blew my mind justhow multicultural that street is I met
people from Argentina Brazil likeAustralia of course South Africa but
like New Zealand and even like CzechRepublic and like even parts of like
Eastern Europe and I mean of courseEngland and all the normal like Canada
and all that but like even like Indiaand like Sri Lanka ok folks have to
stare over here she’s from themotherland she’s been here for how long
two months and the last day is tomorrowso tears of joy right now yeah tears of
sadness so how do you feel right twomonths training here how do you feel
after two months it becomes partlyit really does not be the training boy
toy everything and then eventually youlearn to do 70 sit-ups instead of 25 she
wants to she was messing up you gottacut that out of the video
yeah see this one is sit up honeyawesome yeah so are you gonna come back
here do you think Pedro from Spain orjust finished intermediate how do you
feel my manso she insisted your name and where you
fromAmy from the motherland and how long
have you been here for a month I Tigerone month yeah out of two months this is
Dan over herehe’s from Sydney and he’s four he’s here
for Helen eight weeks and he’s been herefor four weeks and how do you feel feel
amazingokay one word to describe this class
that we just did two hours one word goI’m very fucking thirsty sweaty muddy
arm I meet this girl here worried fromwhat you name Toronto actually yeah and
she dragged me into the intermediatemore toy box
if I die it’s her phoneremember that face and just like I’m
like man this place is just somulticultural and just people from all
around the world and I was likesurprised at how you know when I first
rolled up there just how spread theskill levels are because a lot of the
videos around Fitness Street and sotired and Tiger Moth I like you know
more like pro level guys fighting andlike any you know like you just I was
watching these videos I was like man I’msuper intimidated by what I saw but
there are so many people that are juststarting out their journey that Tiger my
tired but just wanting to lose somekilos or get in shape or or try
something new happy happy from Spainthis guy video no surrender no no I’m
feeling a bit tired it’s a first dayit’s really really hot I’m sweating I
mean I’m sweating my brains out I’mtelling you here for your part is one
week so we have a advance student out ofhere no advanced beginner yeah okay
advanced beginner so we just finished atwo hour class yeah Thursday afternoon
how do you feelgood yeah so how many days have you been
here for two weeks me too and then backhome yeah where’s home Switzerland no
damn like Denmark and and then there’sguys at the other end of the spectrum
that are professional fighters that gothere you know every six months or so or
train that for three months at a timeand so it was just amazing you’ll find
that there’s just a broad spectrum ofpeople and different levels of training
first time out of shape want to go to aquote-unquote fat camp right just to
lose if you kill this is a corporateworker or something like that and then
the pro fighters as well so you justmeet 74 people there on that Street
Tiger blue tie I mean it’s not you knowit’s a title motovlog but it’s also the
whole street in general how did you finda ropes when you when you are your focus
Rob’s you saw need the previous mostrecent videos in November December 2018
was when we went togetherI’d been to Fitness Street now maybe
half a dozen times but it was Robin’sfirst time how did you find it your
first time I mean he tried to describeit to me before I’d actually arrived
there and it and you can’t experience ituntil you get there that’s what I’d say
is you have to go and experience it foryourself but what I love so much about
it is it’s it was so welcoming I felt socomfortable and at ease and can be quite
intimidating is the first time of goingto these places and it’s about like
martial arts and fighting and and yeahit’s it’s intimidating but actually the
people are so welcoming there we go takeit up so I really I really loved that
that side of itit’s awesome you know it’s not even
about martial arts specifically likeit’s so funny it’s so funny because like
I roll it up was like oh it’s all aboutmore tired and I like more I really do
but like there’s so much more to it thanjust that which is why when I rolled up
and I saw the street because originallythere was only one video on the street
on YouTube and one person called afinest street and I rolled up I was like
this is a fighter Street this is likethis is like a big fitness like a
village and I was like hold on a minutethey got like the previous times that
she living well the first time I rolledup was all well pretty much the lot okay
so when we went there it was pretty muchthe same with a few new things like like
that active like dapples wasn’t therethe plaza wasn’t there seven Judah Tyson
was there and and time Fitness was therewhen I first roll up a couple of years
ago and you know but like just quicklylike the unit 27 is strength
conditioning it’s CrossFit Titan Fitnessis a outdoor boot camp style training
places which I want to go and shootvideos I haven’t shot video as the Titan
fitness but look them upTitan fitness they’ve got like a massive
outdoor boot camp thing with like a milkprep kitchen and they do like retreats
yeah weight-loss programs and all kindsof stuff and when I saw this I’m like
this is not by the street this is notlike just for fighters this is for
everybody it’s just the branding of theplace there’s a little bit misleading so
I call it Fitness drink because I likeit’s it’s also very surprised because I
was just expecting my turn yeah andthat’s right dan is like oh my gosh it’s
got every K like he’s a protein shakebars in the street like there’s nowhere
else in the world I spayes sir gee I don’t never done that but
like if you go to unit 27 I’ll link thevideo up you can check the we did a
separate video on year to 27 like theyjust got all sorts of stuff like you
know and that’s why I like it’s goodfitness tree it’s everything Fitness
protein shake bars you got flotationtanks you got a hot yoga studio you’ve
got like a place where you can have yourbody composition checked unit 27 have
one there’s also another place to haveit but you also go like these healthy
eating restaurants as well like after ahard day’s training it’s just so much
you just want to feel like you you’vegiven a hug and that’s what it happened
with the viennese family-run restaurantit’s just amazing food and very
welcoming people so I I want to saywe’re on the topic of food it was one of
my other things I want to mention someof you guys have asked like is the food
safe to eatand I get it like you know do you think
Thailand its Asia like you think DelhiBelly you travel to India and I’ve been
to India and it’s like oh if you don’tto be sick for weeks and so I want to
say like I’ve been to Thailand likemaybe six or seven times over the last
few years and I’ve spent time on thisstreet in particular and this street in
Thailand in Phuket is one of thehealthiest streets I’ve seen in the
world like in the world and it’s notlike anything else in Thailand like if
you step outside the street in Thailandyou’ll get the street food you get like
typical Asian you’re like pad thai onthe street you pay a thirty part and
there’s old ladies flipping this thinglike and making pad thai but this
particular street in Thailand is likealmost like a bubble in the worldthere’s a niceit is so is it amazing
it’s like it’s like a fairy tale of youknow imagine like every beautiful
restaurant that has the cleanest foodcleanest food you can imagine like your
grilled chicken and you steamedvegetables and and then you look at the
menu and you’ve got like it tells youcalories and your protein and your car
when you’re fat all your macros and soyou know tracking macros it’s the
perfect place for that like if you’regetting ready for a bodybuilding
competition amateur bodybuilding you’regetting ready for an amateur
bodybuilding competition or whatever orlike your fitness model whatever else
and you want in like stay in shape andyou know watch what you’re eating track
your macros and stuff it’s actually aperfect place for that because you look
at the menu and go oh great it’s gotthis much calories and everything also
so the food is completely safe I’venever been sick myself eating along the
street I’ve met a lot of people throughtravels on that Street I’ve never heard
of anyone reporting getting sick fromeating anywhere along that particular
Street so as far as I’m concerned it’sperfectly it’s perfectly safe like I
mean sure you can have one in a 100 youknow like you have like the worth less
than 1% that do get sick and you know Ifeel bad for you but I’ve never come
across it personally so yeah make justgo walk along the street and try
everything try all the restaurants andwhat would you put your favorite one ty
ty ty time it’s actually a really goodplace I’ll link it up ty ty it’s like a
family-run restaurant it’s also veryclose to and Tiger very close to Titan
we’re tightyep so tight I just really really called
definitely check them out super cheapfood tastes absolutely amazing so you go
to stir fried pork with veggies we havethe Thai omelet right there
we’ve got the Morning Glory which isveggies and rocks he has ordered the
green curry right there Robinson I wentthere a few times after we did our
training at Iying and we’re tired somaybe like a three it’s like a three
second walk literally and it’s run byfamily and you feel in like little kids
run around and you know it’s just youfeel like your mother’s cooking you know
it feels like your mum’s cooking dinnerpoint you know and you walk out you pay
like five bucksAustralian bucks like you don’t pay five
bucks for a coffee you pay five bucksfor a bloody meal there it’s crazy all
these barbecue as well it’s one of myfavorite places Ollie’s barbecue is on
the other end of the same streetit’s a bit of a walk maybe 10 to 15 20
minute walk from from Tiger Woods highand it’s a really good social place so
you know when you arrive and your solartraveling and you meet a bunch of people
you just everyone goes to all thisbarbecue they’ve got a big-screen TV
they’ve got like an outdoor stylebarbecue and they quit all like skewers
and things and you just it’s a it’s anamazing place it’s hard to describe
arthrosis it clips up when it wasraining but actually raining heavily in
that night it was Mandy’s going awaything but like going-away parties a hold
there and yeah such a really cool placenow I want to get onto the topic of
solar traveling this is know this ismainly for women the women the ladies
the ladies watching this that arelooking at traveling to this place so
low and you nervous so you’re concernedif you have you’ve messaged me about as
it safe is it okay I’m you know I’venever been there before like you know
sure I don’t have anything to worryabout as a safe at night
and I mean I thought the best person toanswer that question for you would be
Robin whale nowjust to go there now I just pack my bags
just you know head on up like right nowthat’s how I lose me in Dovan yeah I
would know that yeah it’s it’s Toki funit’s Toki 7 actually during the time
that I was there I met quite a few andsolo female travelers who have now gone
back there since since I was last thereand I met them there and they’ve been
messaging me and they’ve they’re back ontheir own experiencing the amazing
sweets I eat um even at night whenyou’re walking around the streets are
lit up it’s it’s actually it’s it mightseem overwhelming thinking you’re going
to Thailand on your own but it’s oneStreet it’s quite a long street but it’s
one Street and everything’s closetogether so yeah it’s really safe to
walk around during the day during thenight you didn’t feel intimidated as a
female walking around at nights you feelunsafe no no I didn’t I didn’t and you
also um you very quickly meet people soyou don’t end up being on your own for
very long and the trainer’s there ifparticularly if they know you’re on your
own and they are they kind of take youunder their wing look after you yeah so
you’re not alone you’re not alone it’s avery it’s a very warm and welcoming
culture even the men cause if they seeyou walking down the street
well well ah sure come in and eat withthem I mean I know Mandy said like she
the big Thai Thai they’ve been moving inhi man and and you eat with a big family
at the table so it’s just it’s just suchan incredible amazing to worry about you
have nothing to worry aboutlike like Mandy like right now well not
right now cuz Charlie’s so you guysmight be watching this so I know you
guys having a blast actually I wish wewere there right yeahwhy are you left us here better but
Mandy like when when we were there atthe time like Mandy was on her own right
and Charlie was back in Melbournebecause he’s got said they’re from
Melbourne so Mandy Charlie from wellcouple from Melbourne and so like man he
was fine like no issues on her owncoming around training to just yourself
to the worldso from Melbourne good for Melbourne we
met last year August last year myhusband yet charlie is not here I’m fine
flying soloyeah you’re here for two months and yeah
and then Mike there’s a few other peoplelike Sylvia and Veronique are like these
girls that were there traveling solo andhad no problems at all so no no issues
of safety so yeah no problems just goyeah you’ll meet people we have a blast
and and that kind of bleeds into thehome away from home that’s a really good
thing like Rob’s talked I werebrainstorming this before this list
before we turn the camera on and likethe cultures so friendly it’s like as
Robin said home away from home that’sliterally how this place feels like
Melbourne is like a base for me but Ifeel like soit 8/2 Fitness street is
another homeI think it’s in the lifestyleand and when you go there just like as
Robin said everyone’s so welcoming andyou meet people and even if you’d like
he’s there traveling on like I me when Ifirst arrived at Fitness Street I was on
my own and I i literally guys iliterally the very first video I shot a
fitness treat so I’m back on the islandof Phuket and just walking down what
they call fighter street so it’s workthink Muay Thai training centers are
located or the fitness studios yogasupplement shops and everything like
that I don’t think I’ve told you this Iwas like filming a video my guys on the
street and then someone rent I couldstop the camera and then someone ran up
to me guys are like hey going where hefrom you look like you’re lost can I
help you out literally was on the streetfor five seconds you know so let’s say
you also feel it when we go and run offdays we’ll go to the beach whatever and
you actually want to come back you getthis feeling like okay I’ve been out of
dumb activities I’ve had fun just me butit makes you want to actually come back
to the street yeah everybody like youget to know the trainer’s you get to
know their lives like when you trainwith a trainer long enough you get to
like you like we met like Pat was ourtrainer like well we had a few a few
different we tried in a few differentplaces and the different videos and
stuff but like Pat was the charisma wentback to him and Luke we met his wife and
he’s a little kid and we went to one ofthese day we met his roosterand so he’s fight you got injured the
next thing is I want to talk about typesof accommodation and I get this question
a lot actually in my inbox like a lot ofyou guys have asked like where’s the
best place to stayhow much is it it’s like like all those
kinds of things I sort of group it upand just get to the bottom of it all so
in my opinion if you’re looking atstaying if you’re looking going to this
place for a week or two weeks then andyou have a job back home then I don’t
see a problem with staying at a placethat’s like 25 bucks a night I would
suggest like for me like Bora Bora isreally nice
it’s really close and it’s it’s very itsclosest actually besides staying on camp
like you can stay on camp on campus attigerboy time but Bora Bora is really
nice we were very very closeyou don’t need a scooter I don’t throw
the map up they’ve got a really nicepool it’s really cheap and it’s good
enough if you want to stay for one ortwo weeks if you want to stay longer
than that then you should stay somewhereelse but another place that I like
we actually like I’ve been I stay therein the past Coco ville and I’ll throw
the map up this place is our favoriteplace to have breakfast because their
menu is just an amazingly I don’t wantto say but like bigger they got a menu
yeah I’m thinking about that the oatmealpancakes like they’re good a menu there
we just called the raw Fitness Mandiit’s called the Roth it’s called the raw
Fitness menu right and like it’s goodlike your pancakes protein shake this
and protein that and protein this andprotein that and like egg white omelets
and I’ll throw some photos up so you cansee what the stuff actually looks like
so cocoa fill the menu is amazing therestaurant is amazing it’s our favorite
place to go to eat and use their Wi-Fitheir Wi-Fi if you’re someone who works
like online has an online business orsomething that place is perfect because
the Internet is justblow your mind we got the option of a
co-working space and there’s aco-working space can either use Internet
you’re a period of time we’ll use itoccurring that’s right the co-working
space is upstairs at Coco de Ville I dida separate video on that I’ll link it
actually I’ll link that one up butyou’re I want to talk about I’ve done a
separate video on that but theInternet’s great and the food is freakin
amazingcocoa retreat is our favorite place to
stay for luxuries so this is only forpeople that are staying for a week or so
you have a job back home you have thefinances to fund it and you don’t mind a
bit of luxury a few guys you a fewyou’ve messaged me saying Brad I want a
place with a private pool I want to praya place with a spa I’m like well this
place doesn’t have a spa that I know ofbut this is definitely one of the nicer
places that we’ve stayed and one oftheir favorite places so that’s Coco
retreat now the problem with that placeis that you need a scooter
it’s I’ll throw the map up there it’s alittle bit further it’s like literally
like a 10-minute ride on the scooteryeah and and for some people that I get
it like if you’re traveling for thefirst time you may not feel comfortable
riding a scooter for 10 minutes eventhough it’s literally just like it’s
just around the block you know but I getit some some of you might not be
comfortable never any mosquitoes we’renever ridden a motorbike or a scooter
and that’s fine so if you’re in thatsituation don’t want to ride don’t feel
comfortable riding and you don’t want towalk for like thirty or thirty minutes I
don’t know what the walk time is then Iwouldn’t stay there but if you’re okay
with that then consider it if you loveluxury now I have a solution for people
that want to stay miss getting a – along video I apologize I’m finishing
very soon if you want to stay long-terma few of you guys have asked like two to
three months you want to stay therewhere can I stay now I got this contact
from somebody I’ll throw the details upI’m not paid or sponsored or anything
like that it’s just a contact that Ihave I’ll literally throw it up it’s
Rome Rai if the normal room is tenthousand baht a month and the four
fifteen thousand baht and I’ll throw theconversions up and that kind of stuff
and offer up the location of it as wellbut I can’t endorse this place I’ve
never stayed there I I’ve heard thatit’s it’s it’s good enough it’s not like
it’s not luxury but it’s it’s cheap andaffordable for long term stay so if you
stay there let me know what you thinkand and if it sucks then I won’t have a
plot I won’t ever mention the placeagain
simple as that quickly I did a fourteenpreparation tips video it’s about 20
something minutes long but literally Igo into more detail stuff like I talked
about in this video go and check it outit just answers a lot of other questions
that people have about this streettraining not just a tiger more time but
also other training centers in the areaand and yeah and what I suggest to do is
try everything just go train everywheretry different trading centers on the
street try different restaurants trydifferent cafes you know oh that’s what
we did try everything try differenttrainers try everything anyway so if you
have any questions let me know send me amessage I’ll trying it back to you guys
I’m like I’m I’m flat out but I’ll do mybest to get back to you I didn’t know
these videos to do so well to be honestwith you I really didn’t I just started
filming on my phone and then I startedtaking my camera and everyone now wants
to watch the videos and go to SOItawheed but now Robin also has a free
Pilates course she is a Pilatesinstructor
let’s go and check it out she’s actuallythere’s no Pilates anywhere on Fitness
Street nothing so if you want to getstronger in your core and she’s helping
me out with my flexibility she’s flippinamazing no bias whatsoever check her out
as wellamazing Pilates to show you how to apply
the studio back to South Africa if youwant to know more about her and want to
follow her journey and her Pilatesjourney and fitness and you know this
lovely girl Thanks cut me out of thepicture some people watching these
videos just for you you know destroysome people don’t like me
I’m telling you something like that theguys has I’ve had people say oh you say
hey guys too much I actually had someonecomplain about that
I can’t watch your videos because yousay hey guys too much hey guys yeah
anyway dude behind the scenes therealright guys have an awesome day and
I’ll see you back on SOI tight we’retrying to get back their end of the year
see you guys bye


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