– Really amazing. This guy here, look. Machine. He’s practised that way too many times. – Alright it’s the 20th of November,we’re about to start an
intermediate Muay Thai classhere at Tiger Muay Thai. It’s a three to five o’clock class. I’m trying to convince Robyn to join me. Don’t gimme that look. I reckon, just give it a shot. You got the vein. Like that looks like, you
look like a professionallook at you. – I certainly am not. – I reckon try it. We’re going to be
fighting for a while now. No, I reckon try it,
and if you don’t like itgo back to beginner. And I reckon just the
first 15, 20 minutes,just test it the first 15, 20 minutes,if you don’t like it, or if
they tell you to go back,then just walk down there. I’m trying to convince herthat she should do it. – Intermediate Muay Thai
here at Tiger Muay Thai,mid-rest, quick look. They’re doing some sparring right now,I don’t have my mouth guard, nor do I havemy shin pads, so. . . Look at this, look at
this soldier over here. Look at this. He’s a soldier. Aha, look at this guy go. There we go. Alright, intermediate Muay Thai,three quarters of the
way through the class. Doing some drills here. We’re all sweaty here, it’s super hot. Really amazing, this guy here look. Machine. He’s practised that way too many times. How we doing?
– Heeeyyy. Did you have a shower?- I did.
– You did?- Yeah it’s called an
Intermediate Muay Thai class. – You doing good?- I was up against the Iranian guy,the one with the tattoos. – Oh yeah?
– Yeah. Alright, pressure’s on.
– I know right?- Come on. Okay it is about five
o’clock in the evening,day three for us, 20th of November. Tiger Muay Thai, champions in the house. – I’m soaking wet.
– Toiger. – We’re soaking wet. – Toight like a Toiger. – Like a Toiger, like a toiger. Like a Muay Toiger. So Mandy and I just finished intermediate,how did you go champion?- Killed it. – What does the tattoo say?- Oh, Letting God to rule and guide. – I need a tattoo obviously
to survive intermediate. – I got this here last year, with bamboo. – I didn’t see that.
– That’s cool. – So yeah, intermediate was fun. – Brad didn’t have shin pads. – No shin pads, no mouth guard. – Amateur.
– Amateur, I know. Two guys in the class got upset with me,because I didn’t. He goes, why didn’t you
come with a mouth guard?I’m like, I’m sorry man I
just came from beginner. – It’s because they just
wanna trash you, that’s why. That’s why they want you to have all thatsecurity on you. – It’s cause my teeth are
made of steel that’s why. Yeah two guys got upset with me anyway. Yeah a great class, I felt uncoordinated,the whole time. The combinations are
confusing, aren’t they?Oh you’re a professional eh.
– You are professional. – So confusing. – They were confusing. – I was like what the flat
fly right right, blah blah. Anyway, um yeah definitely more intense,and definitely need better conditioning,I’m definitely not conditioned enough forintermediate. However, Mandy. – That’s why you have to do more classesso you can be conditioned to it. – I will, I will. So, how did you find it overall?- Good, love it. That’s
why I keep doing it. – And you always do intermediate yeah?- Yep. Ah I was about
four weeks in then theychucked me into intermediate. – That’s what happens. They upgrade you.
– They push you over there. – Yeah they push you over there. – They want you to die. – Robyn, how was the class?- It was so good. – You are going to be in intermediateby the end of the week. – Well, no it’s gonna take me 4 weeks. – Yes, yes. – I’ll try.
– I reckon, a few morebeginner and private classes andmaybe you’ll be good. – You’ll be shown all the
combinations, everything. – I’ll try, that’ll be my goal. – You have any injuries today?Any injuries? Show me, show me injuries. – That’s the surface of
my shins and my calves. – How’d you do that?- I just smashed this thing.
– Oh the bag. – It happens. – And you know when you get
that smash, like that snap. – I’d hate to be the
bag, hate to be the bag. – Yeah, so. – Anyway, so now we’re
heading off, we’re gonnahave a shower, but are youare you coming to Chokchai tonight?Yes! Tickets. Alright so we’re gonna
watch a fight tonight. – I should get paid for promoting this. – Big Fight,
big fight tonight!. – We’ll be there, we’ll be there. So tonight, separate video,
we’re going to watch a fight,we’ll bring you along. It’s gonna be free for
you, but it’s cost us2600 Baht, for two people, so um yeah. But you’ll come along
and that’s gonna be it,tomorrow morning we’re
gonna be doing more classes,so stick around for that. – We’re just leaving Tiger Muay Thai now,it’s just past five o’clock. It is Wednesday. We’re gonna have a quick meal here,we’ll take you to a restaurant, which isactually pretty good here. The food’s very cheap,and it’s good quality. We’ll take you there, and
show you what it’s all about,give you prices, show you what the foodlooks like, but to be honest with you,you come here, ‘Fitness
Street’, Phuket Thailand,the food, anywhere along this street isperfectly fine. If you’re worried aboutgetting sick eating food off ‘the street’you’ll be fine. I’ve never heard of anyone
having issues eating alonghere at any of these restaurants. I’m sure it happens, but in my experienceI’ve never had any problems and I eatpretty, pretty,sometimes I do eat too cheap,sometimes. But anyway. This place here, look at this. That wasn’t there before, brand new place. They’ve literally just built thatin the last six months. Alright guys I did say
that I would bring youto dinner, with us. It is Wednesday, the 20th, and we’reabout to have dinner at Pure Prep,the food has just arrived,check this out. Look what we have here. Grilled chicken, and some sweet potato,avocado, veggies, and what’ve you got?- I got salmon, and sweet
potato, and veggies. – Look at this guys. Look at this. – This is my favourite meal. – Look how awesome,
it’s plain, it’s basic,it’s just the way I like it. And after four hours of training today. – Oh and did you tell
them about the smoothie?- No I didn’t, what do we have?We got the same one. – Avocado?- Banana, milk honey. For 120 Baht each. Amazing isn’t it?Alright that was amazing,
we just had dinnerat Pure Prep. We’re gonna head back to our hotel,Pai Tong, I think it’s called. I’ll give you a proper tour
actually of this streetlater on, so stick
around for future videosI’ll give you a full tour of what’s allon this street, what you can do,places you can train at, places you caneat at. But not now, actually
we’re gonna sign off. We finished our training,
we finished our meal,we got a fight tonight to watch. I might film that, and show youwhat the fighting is like here. I dunno you might wanna come seefor yourself and I might give
you an idea what it’s like. So stick around for the next video. Otherwise, the sun’s about
to set, check that out. Amazing. Tiger Muay Thai just there. Robyn in front of me. Alright, have an awesome day, night. I’ll see you in the next video.


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