Questioner: You once mentioned that a large
population in the world is not healthy whichthey could be simply becausewe have not understood
some simple things andthese simple things can be very easily taught and disseminated in the world andshared with the rest of the people. Can you throw some more light on what these
simple things are which can make us healthier?Sadhguru: Healthy?Oh…There was a young physician once. He went to his senior colleagueand said – he had some problem with a certain diagnosis of a patient. Then the senior colleague said, ‘Oh nerves
and vomiting, is it?Hmm?”Yes but I don’t find any medical reason for
him to be having nerves and vomiting. ‘So, the senior colleague suggested, ‘You ask
him if he is playing golf ?If he is playing, you tell him to stop. if he says I am not playing, ask him to play. He’ll become okay. ‘Health is like that, really !Some people are over worked and they have
ill-health. Most people are under worked and they have
ill-health today. If you lived here on this planet two hundred
years ago,physically, you would be doing at leasttwenty times more activity than what
you are doing right now;physically. Definitely, isn’t it?You would have walked to this place, you would’ve
done everything with your hands,you would be doing minimum twenty times more activity,
I think I am wrong, hundred times probably. Some of you two-hundred-and-fifty- times . So, if you were doing that much activity then
I would have told you,’take a break; take some rest. ‘Now, the body has not been used. Only by using this body, you can keep it well. When you say health you are talking about
physical health. You must use this body. The more you use it, the better it gets. One of the simplest things about health is
just to use the body. If you sufficiently use the body, body has
everything to create health for itself. Does it mean to say, ‘That’s the only thing,
nothing else will happen to me, I’ll be perfect?’I would say, if we physically used our body
as much as we should,I would say eighty percent of the ailments on this planet would just disappear; eighty percent. The remaining twenty percent, in that another
ten percent is because the type of foods thatpeople are eating. They change the food habit- another ten percent
would disappear. That means only ten percent ailment would
remain. That has happened because of variety of reasons. One is karmic, another could be atmospheric
and there are other aspects that could havehappened in the system, which can be looked
at. Out of all the sick people, if ninety percent
of them become healthy just by using the bodyand eating the right food, ten percent could
be easily handled. But now, the volume of ailment is so big because
we don’t eat properly or we eat very properlyand we don’t use the body properly . So, apart from this, there are other aspects
to life. To put it very simply – as you exercise your
body, if you just do this a thousand times a day,
just do like this thousand times a day andafter one month just see how well your hand
will work, nothing else. Just sit here and just do this thousand times
a day;after thirty days, you’ll find your hand works wonderfully well. If you do that with your brains
– it will work wonderfully well in a month’s time. If you do this with your heart, it will work
wonderfully well. If you do that with your life energies, it
will work wonderfully well. When all these things work well, that’s health. Health is not something that you invent. Health is not your idea. Health is life happening well. The life process is happening well, that’s
health. It’s not your idea or my idea. We are acting as if health is our idea as
if we created health. We didn’t create health, if at all if we have
created health. . . if at all we have created anything; we have created ill-health. We have not created health. Health is life’s way. If you allow life to function fully, it is
healthy. So, you just have to use your body, use your
head and use your energies. If these three things are well exercised and
balanced, you will be healthy. So, because right now, we are enjoying the
gadgets. But if you build activity into your life,
physical, mental and energy – all these thingsif you build in, health will come. Your body is working well, your mind is working
well and your energy is supporting the twomaking sure nothing goes wrong. That’s health. Life is happening in full flow, that’s health. Health is not an idea; it is not a medical
idea. The medical fraternity and the medical knowledge
has become more and more essential becausewe have built in very unhealthy lifestyles. Never before in the world, medicine had the
kind of importance as it is having today,simply because we are becoming more and more
sedentary,so we are becoming more and more unhealthy. We are living longer maybe; that’s because
of excessive attention and, you know,you can live on tubes for twenty years. Otherwise nature has its own way of, you know,
natural selection . You know what that means?Yes, those. . . the life that is fit which will
be selected to live – that it is not fit which goes on. But today we’ve made life in a different way,
not that we can go back to those old ways any more. We cannot. But that doesn’t mean we have to become sixty
when we are twenty. Lot of twenty year olds today cannot perform
as much activity as sixty year olds used to dohundred years ago. It’s a fact. Isn’t it so?Hundred years ago, what a sixty-year-old person
was doing physical activity, that much activitya twenty-year-old cannot do it today. That means, we are just weakening humanity. A degenerate humanity, we will become over
a period of time. So, you must use it .


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