hey guys welcome to yourfit body cardio challengetoday is going to be a cardio workout thats21 day challenge that i created for youto get unbelievable resultsthe description of this challenge is right below of this video so go ahead to go throughbut just an fyi second weeki will be adding a full body toning classfor u to go along with this challengeif u stick to this 21 daysi promise u you’re going to see amazing resultsso stick to these workouscontinue to eat cleanbecause remember 70 percent is your diet 30 is exercisesp if you’re ready grab a matyour water and lets do italright guys so were going to begin today with asingle leg side squatestep out to sidereach arms forwardlets gokeep goinglast oneget nice and low into the side squatsuperman pulldownsfor onereach forward and squeezeand last oneswitch sideslast onecome on over to the side squatready reaching forwardi want you to get down lownext exercise called jump tap squatjump up and down9 last onegreat job next onesimple squats 10 timesready and goget nice and lowrepeat jump tap squatsimple squats this time you’re going to do it for 15 times9 and 10last onealright next exerciseis going to beyour lunge jumpshere we goawesome job next exercise if your single leg deadliftsall about finding control in this exercisegreat exercise for the glutesu got one more guysflying warrior 3and holdmaking sure the supported knee is bend hips are squarelifting up that back leg with your glutenext exercise your baby back pulsespulsing the leg 10 timescome all the way down to your lungemountain switches switching from one lunge to the othergreat job guys come one upreach arms up and take the lunge jumps on the other sideget down and jump oneremember the back knee gets lowlast onetake single legged dead liftback and uphips are squarekeep your abs strongtake that same leg backhold flying warrior 3breathing hereremember not to hold your breathand baby back pulses10 times with that legawesome job come on down to your lungemountain switchesone more timeyour switching from one leg to anotherlets goawesome coming into plankfor 20 secshoulders over wristspull the bellybutton to ur spinequick little restalmost donenow in plank you’re going to jump outjump forwardup to the skyand then come down just like a burpeelets take it out in jumpforward jump upbring it down back to plankand bring it downthats twoout in forward up to the skylast onenow from here starfish plank jumpsawesome plank position 20 secondsjust breath catch your breathshoulders over your wristsdo not give upjust focus on the breathalmost there guysbreathingand you’re done awesomecome on upnext exercise is your football runsjump and pivot to the rightget those feet moving fastand jumpand leftmove those feet fastone more timeas fast as you canand you’re donwlets get over to your matyou’re almost therewere going to work the corelets get down to your matsstarfish crunchopen like a starfish and then crunch up10 timesuse those abs lift yourself upmake sure you’re controlling your body on the way downand 73 morekeep pushing almost therelast oneand ten bring it up and holdboat posture here25 secondsrelease the arms forward pull the bellybutton to the spineagain guys use this time to catch your breathfocus on the inhalekeep pushing yourselfalmost therelast stretchawesome come on over to your backsteady bicycle twisttouching opposite elbow to kneeu got 10 moreand double timework those core musclesand you’re down good jobslowly make your up to plankmountain climbers here guysfirst ones are slowget that knee to chesthere we gouse those absalright double time 20 timewlast exercise i want you to give everything you gotget those knees nice and highget that speed up as fast as you canawesome alright guystake a second come forwardlets take a forward fold stretchrelease your bodythis is your moment to breath it all outgod jobyou guys did an amazing job todayslowly come on upinhale reach the armsexhale release the armsand again a couple of breaths hereallowing your heart rate to slow downinhale big breathlet all the air outinhalenice side stretchreaching over to one side feet togetherto the other sidenow just slightly bending backpush the hips forward look upand you’re donwawesome job guys thankgood luck with the rest of the challengeand if you love this video feel free to like it share itand obviously subscribe to our channelfor more workouts and yoga videos


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