So you want to become a Personal Trainer.
You want to help people lead a better life,a healthier life, a life where your clients
reach their physical potential. But where do you start? So many courses, so
many promises, how do you know what to choose?This is a big investment of time and money
and mental energy, its more than just anothercourse.
Money, applicable knowledge, time 3 aspectsof a personal trainer that are the elephant
in a room when you try to enrol on coursewith another provider, at faster we address
all of these head on!This is how we addressed all of these elephants
head on. . . **eeeeeerrrrraaaa*** ah I knew Iwouldn’t pull it off.
One of the questions you must be asking ishow will you become good enough to do the
job, to get you in to the industry in thebest possible way, we are going to teach you
level 2 and level 3 through our partners,who are doctors, at core fitness education,
you also get circuits and first aid. We willteach you up to 11 Functional Training courses,
with online recorded, online live and livesupport.
Here we are, with the animals, all hangingaround, waiting for me to get excited, and
tell you some mooooore!The reason I get so excited with these courses
is what our students do with them, they dominatetheir area, they get in to sport, they get
more clients, they get promoted to area manager,they run the great wall of china! Well she
did that herself but its still cool!Using a mixture of online apps and technology,
combined with the most efficient live trainingin the industry, we have come up with a way
to make sure that your time is respected allowingyou to do all the things that you need to
practice to be a good trainer, while stillmaintaining your lifestyle as you learn.
arrrurrgh. . . yep, sounds like a bird on a motorbike,still not an elephant. Anyway, Money, thats
a big elephant, no one talks about it in ourindustry, they just try and take it off you,
fasters goal is to work a way of getting itback to you,passively and through your work.
We monitor the internet to make sure thatanyone who shows a buying signal in your area,
or something you sell we send them your way. This would usually be done by a full time
marketing manager, but don’t worry fasterhas your back on this one as you get through
our course. Hey if you are still interested then give
Jake a call on 08455 19 16 15 or click thelink and find out the three different price
ranges that we can offer this course for. We are going to limit this to ten people per
month, so you probably want to check now andmake a decision sooner rather than later.
Thats it then! So after this is a little videomontage of exercises that personal trainers
do with faster, if you check out the facebookgroup, we post lots of stuff there or go to
the website and read our blogs or call thenumber and talk to a real life person. I am
going to practice my elephant noises. raaarrr. . . rubish!


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