Hey, guys! It’s Jeff from ATHLEAN-X. Now I
don’t know what you felt when I walked infrom being out all day, but what I wanna show
is how ridiculously simple it is to make adinner that’s gonna help you build muscle
and get lean with very little time to prepareand that even someone idiot around the kitchen
like me can do. First thing I do is I walkin, I grab a plate and I head to the refrigerator.
Now what I’m gonna pull out from here. . . I’mgonna come out and get the chicken out from
the refrigerator, that we made for the lunchvideo. If you remember, let me tell you. . . if
you remember, we took that lasagna pan andwe filled it with chicken, which I’ll show
you again what I do. I’ve got a ten poundbag of frozen chicken from any of the wholesale
places, like BJs or whatever you have nearyou. I put that in there with a can of tomatoes,
some onions, some garlic, roast it all forabout an hour on 425 and that’s it. And I
kind of store it so that I have it all day,just use it when I need it. My favorites are
the single packages of soy beans. . . you canget sushi. . . I love them, but you don’t need
to have them. This is just one option, I’mgonna put that on my plate. And then again,
some frozen vegetables. If you wanna havecabbage, cauliflower, you see this all the
time in all kinds of places. That could bean option, I’m gonna put that on my plate,
as well. And also starch. You don’t wannahave just greens and proteins. What I try
to do is divide my plate into thirds. Onethird is gonna be my protein: it could be
fish, it could be pork, whatever you like,I like chicken. And then I’m gonna have my
fibers: vegetables, which is gonna be thiskind of stuff. And then I’m gonna have this
starch vegetable, which I love. . . sweet potatoes. So now all we have to do is put it on a plate,
so we have a piece of chicken that we made,a little bit of salsa on top. Remember guys,
I’m not a chef, so I’m just trying to showyou how easy this is. This is couscous. The
key here is whatever you like. . . rice, sweetpotatoes, whatever you wanna have, make single
serving sizes of these things. You can putthem in the freezer and you can just take
them out as the week goes on. You make themonce on a Sunday, you put them away and you
take them as you need them. So again, I putthat on my plate, sweet potatoes. . . again,
single serving. . . I know that sounds like anunappetizing meal, but believe me. . . it gets
better. And then a single serving of these. . .
So basically, that’s what I’m having. AndI have a little bit of an extra starch. . . I
have couscous and my sweet potatoes. If you’reworking hard, training hard, your body kind
of craves those extra carbohydrates, to helpbuild your muscles again. Now here’s how ridiculously
simple this is, guys. I like to make thisa little bit. . . add a little bit to it. I’m
gonna put some seasoning, some spices on it. Take it over. . . I’m not gonna get too crazy
with my stuff that I put on. Maybe some redpepper, crushed red pepper. . . I like that,
it makes it a little spicy. You can put alittle salt in there and then some spices
on the chicken. That’s it. Just a regularchicken spice. . . put it all together, bring
it over here to the microwave and watch themagic of the microwave. We’re gonna walk over,
put it in. Everything is flat and frozen atthis point, so I’m gonna say like 6-7 minutes
to put it on and that’s it. I’ll be rightback when this is done, I’ll show you what
it looks like. Alright, so 6-7 minutes later,we’re gonna take this out of the microwave,
bring it down and eat. But I wanna show yousomething, I’ll bring here close. Look at
this plate and you tell me if you go hungrywith this amount of food. I mean, guys. . . what
I’m trying to show you here is that theseare real foods. . . these are healthy foods,
but these are foods that taste really good. And rule number one for the ATHLEAN-X meal
plans: do not leave the table hungry. There’sno reason to leave the table hungry at any
meal, because you simply can eat as much asyou want, but you have to eat the right foods.
And if that’s not enough. . . even for lateron, one of my guilty pleasures. . . I like to
watch American Idol. If I’m still not doneeating, a little later at night a little popcorn,
secret little recipe here. Pan pop, no grease. . youcan’t even see any grease in the bowl here.
A little bit of cinnamon, mix it all togetherand it tastes outstanding. All these kinds
of things you’re gonna find on the meal plans,guys. They’re gonna help you succeed to finally
get rid of that fat around the waist, to finallylook better and to finally show off all that
hard muscle that you’ve been building on the90 day ATHLEAN-X Training System. If you wanna
get the whole program put together, head overto athleanx. com right now and get your copy
today. Guys, I’ll keep bringing back somemore workouts, we’re gonna hit the gym pretty
soon and we might even get a little cleverwith the things we train with. You’ll see
more about that the next time we train.


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