I always come back to this place back to this place because this is “I Learn, I Earn” soif people always offering to help, so it’s like
a home base to me where I always come back to. We are constantly on the outlook for additional personal
trainersand the reason for that is that they
have become the key to our business. We would only look plain and simple
anybody who’s done a VFA course. Every day I wake up happy. Every day I wake
up feeling good about myself. I know I’m making a difference to
someone’s lives and that means a lot to me. This is probably the happiest I’ve ever been in my life to be honest. It’s really changed. It’s not like school at all. It’s not like “oh, I’ve gotta go to school today”. It’s like “Yes, what am I going to do today. “Our classes are a really tight bunch. It’s been a lot of fun. I’ve met so many friends
from thereI’ve had so much fun being in the gym. You went outside; like went on excursions and stuff. It was really hands-on. Heaps of fun. I really
enjoyed it. We just learnt so much in the course and I just found I had so much knowledge from it. We did a lot of practical stuff as well. The students
coming out of that course havegood industry qualifications. They have
good hands-on abilityand a good anatomical base. To be industry ready
when they hit the market. Having the lecturers I had, made a massive
impact on where I am today. They help with anything. If I wanted to go out
into the industry by myself they woulddefinitely still give me steps on how to do it. Oh, it’s been amazingI love coming in to school. I loving coming to see everyone in the class and my teachers. and I like what I’m learning. I really enjoy it.


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