This is Anwesha, welcome to my channelwe are talking about summer diet planThis diet can be followed by anyonewho wants to maintain overall fitnessPls subscribe & hit the bell buttonPls click on CC for non hindiweight loss,weight maintainance, weight gainis a simple body scienceIf calorie intake is lesser than out, u will loose weightcalorie in = calorie out will keepur weight maintained. Calorie in is greater than cal out = weight gainsearch it on google to find yourswith your weight & height& other details to knowhow many calories u need to consumein a day to stay fit. U have to adjustur system accordingly. If u follow me for sometimethen u know how I lost my weightsuccessfully over time. My diet is still simple & staplea balanced wholesome Indian mealbut a LOW CARB- HIGH PROTEIN/HIGH FAT dietMy body benefitted massively with this dietBut over time, in fitness journey,I have realised thatnot every BODY reaps benefit of this dietMajority benefits but some bodiesmight not with such simple diet. They need more complex diet iftheir weight is stuck or theysuffer from some diseases. U can follow keto or IF dietI have link indescription box belowWHat I eat in a dayif u can religiously follow thisalong with a exercise routine,u can easily see a difference of 5-10 kgsIn a month, u can spot atleast 5 kgs. I keep experimenting nowadays in morningbreakfast after 20 minsPoha, almonds, OZIVA protein drinkUsually I consume eggs in morningfor protein but today, its over at home, so havingmy protein powder in waterOne scoop in waterI have been takingOziva over 1. 5 years nowA lot of u ask me if u can consume thisI consume coz I workout a lot at gym everydayEven if u dont workout at gym, u arenormally active in life, u do exercise/yogaso u should consume protein bcoz a lotof times, our diet lacks that nutrition & protein. I prefer it post workout or in breakfastNow, tea timeMid morning snack isany fruitLunch is rice, fish & dalUsually I alsohave some veggies with itbut today didnt make itAfternoon is gym time45 min – 1 hour before workout u should eatSince I had a late lunch, so I am having2 table spoons of peanut butterU need energy to life heavy weightsWorkout done at gymI purchased eggs on the way backPost workout, eggs are greatsource of protein. Gonna have 3 full boiled eggs. & bread with paneer bhurjiUr post workout foodneeds to be fulfilling & bestto help in muscle buildingPls dont skip seating easonal fruitsin summer during day. I also consume other supplementsalong with my whey proteinDinner is a big bowl of dal & prawns. Very little rice


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