SHILAJIT BENEFITS FOR HAIRAs a rule, any deficiency of vitamins and mineralsin our bodyleads to a decrease in hair growth and an increase in hair weakening and loss. If you want your hair to be strong and elastic, proper beauty care is not enough —there has to be treatment from the inside. Shilajit comes to save today. First of all, your hair needs to be nourished with nutrients so much from the inside. To achieve this, you need to provide your body with all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Your hair firstly needs:* B vitamins which are responsible for hair growth, its deficiency can lead to hair loss;* lack of A, E and C vitamins can cause hair to fall out, split, or become dull and brittle;* also, microelements are necessary when we talk about hair treatment: zinc, selenium, silicon, copper. WHAT IS THE SHILAJIT EFFECT ON HAIRDue to its rich content, Shilajit improves metabolism and takes careof the blood flow that delivers nutrients to hair follicles. As a result, Shilajit reduces fragility, accelerated growth, and improves the appearance of your curls. Fulvic acid, an essential component of the resin, restores the electricalpotential of cells, increases the permeability of cell membranes, and hasantioxidant properties. These processes are involved in the stimulation of hair regrowth. Thus, the use of natural shilajit contributes to:* improvement of blood flow in hair follicles
* accelerated growth* awakening of inactive hair bulbs
* strengthening the structure of strands from roots to tips* reduced sebumNatural Altai shilajit has an incredibly strong impact on any microbes,so it is very useful for preventive purposes. It has long been applied in the Altai region tofight against skin irritation, which causes bad hair condition. You may use Natural Shilajit as a mask or either as a solution both could be effective in several cases:* seborrhea
* split ends
* thinning and weakening of curls* slow hair growth
* prevention of skin diseases
* hair lossNote that natural shilajit should be used with caution on dry hair and sensitive skin. You may easily purchase pure Natural Shilajit online on our website naturalshilajit. com


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