before coming into Elite I primarily
wanted to better my own learning and I wantto learn more about what I was doing the
gym I wanted to just be moreknowledgeable about how I was lifting and what
I was doing and how to get betterresults That was my number one sort of
goal about two or three years ago butall that changed about a year ago after
I was teaching drifting a motorsportthat I was a heavy involved in and I
took what I learned from that which isteaching kids teaching young guys how
to drive how to drift and I thoroughlythoroughly loved that I want to turn
that into a profession so I wanted totake teaching combined with my love
for the gym and become PT yeah I didn’tlet a research before I picked any
course like I literally looked lengthand breadth of the country for courses
and I heard so many stories like. . . . this course just gives you a cert your
in and out in like a couple of weeks and it’sjust it you don’t learn anything and I
didn’t want that I want to learn Iwanted to knowledge I was genuinely
afraid that if I didn’t have theknowledge for I didn’t learn I wouldn’t
be able to give anyone any knowledge orinfo or at least the right info and I
couldn’t help anyone so I was it was agenuine concern and I did spend a long
time searching for the right course theone that I believed would give me all
that tuition I needed you know sinceI’ve come to lead I definitely
definitely I made the right decisionfirst of all I’m 100 percent satisfied
with the Elite course I had so manyquestions coming to the course and they
were all answered I’d say halfwaythrough and then from like from then I
just learned so much extra so much morethan I thought was involved not just
with PT but like how it like life sortof coaching like a genuinely does change
your life becoming a PT is with Elitebecause they teach you so much more outside of the gym and that is hugely hugelycrucial I think to as well as I mean you
need to know in the gym you know one ofthe main things that I remember with Elite when I was doing the interview wasbeing told the syllabus what we would
learn what we’d go through andthey’re one of the things that really
struck me was we’re gonna do a businessday that would be taught things that no
other sort of course would do some tothat will get you ready because I mean
it’s all when a good knowing how to liftcorrectly how to program correctly but
how do you then apply that in the realworld so we spent a whole day going
through a business talk learning how toapply what your knowledge and how to get
customers how to treat customs all thatsort of thing and that was incredible
like it really was mind blowing we allset back in the class like jaws to the
floor sort of thing in like completelyenthralled by what we were hearing and
it’s like I went home that evening I wasjust like yeah I’m so so pumped to go
and find clients start my businessliterally the Monday Morning if I don’t
get a client I’m gonna be so disappointed in whatI’ve learned and what I’ve done and
. . . . last night I got a client it’s FridayThursday
I’ve got clients a day later so thereyou go just go ahead and do it it will
change your life if you if you’rethinking about becoming a PT stop
thinking going into Elite talk to Sean andjust get involved it will change your
life it’ll change your lifeand you can then change somebody else’s
life that’s how it works you’ll becomeA PT you better your life and you
teach people how to better their livesyou get people to reach their goals
whatever ambitions they have and justimprove your life overall not just in
the gym but like just everything else itcomes with it and the guys instill that
in you it just little things like evensleeping better this just smaller things
like it’s incredible like so getinvolved get down here and just become
change change your life then it willchange your life


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