Hi I’m Pete McCall with the American Council
on Exercise we’re going through personaltrainer essentials right now what am I
talk about today is the equipment that you need in your trainer backpacknow I
am not endorsing any particular brandbut when I buy a backpack I use as a
trainer I always look for something likethis
so I can throw sweaty clothes in here ifI get done teaching a class and I got a
client guys want to be able to drop thesome sweaty shirt or whatever
right in here and keep that aired out soit doesn’t get all nasty in the bottom
we know that’s like I’m not going todetail water bottle holder you need to
be able to have grab your water bottleeasily I can reach back grab my water
bottlerock and roll then finally you got the
big backpack I like the top down I likethese if open style bags where I can
just reach in and grab as you can seeI’ve got my stick here sticks are
great if you do myofascial releasespecific to the area involved you can
check out some information we put out onfascia to learn more about how to use
this rubber resistance is great forbackpacks it’s one of the power bands
there’s a one-inch power band this givesme a variety of options if we’re in a
gym and it’s busy I can just go into acorner bag I can come up with a variety
of different exercises and use a onepiece of equipment if I’m going to
clients home or outside wellsky’s the limit with this jump rope but
this one the best pieces of cardio youcan ever use walk around the block works
too but if you’re starting out as atrainer this is a much more affordable
option and it’s easy to carry with youno matter where you go and you some
great interval training mini bands theseexercises so popular they’re great for
the hips are great for the thighs thesethings are so easy to carry around I buy
a bunch of these in bulk anytime I’m ata show I get all the colors blue is an
intermediate color but when I at a showI usually get all the colors so I carry
about three or four different ones withme different type of rubber resistance
this is a two arm band what I’d likeabout the two arm band is you can attach
it to a solid object and this allows youto do a lot of cable machine exercises
you don’t need to carry cable machinewith you you can if you want but that takes
a lot of takes a lot of space and is reallyheavy but if you carry one of these two
arm bands you get aexercise options no matter where you are
and then finally the last thing to carryin here change the clothes altoids I
carry mints with me I’m a coffee freak Idrink coffee between clients so I have
mints I have a toothbrush I usually havethat stuff ready to rock and roll no one
wants to work with a trainer with badbreath other things I’ll carry our water
and an iPad but let’s face it guys weall do this everything we need is right
here in a smartphone so there you areguys little Fitness essentials personal
trainer essentials this is all the stuffyou need in your trainer backpack if you
can put it in a car great but for a lotof us we might be going from location to
location and a good backpack can carryeverything we need to help our clients
be successful thanks for tuning in andhave a great dayyou


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