hey what’s up one of the most asked
questions I get as a model is hey Danielwhat is the best diet plan for weight
loss? Or what do you eat as a model tostay in shape? So in this video I’m gonna
share that with you and we’re startingright nowhey I’m Daniel and welcome to DLM model
lifestyle now if you watch until the endof the video I’ll give you five extra
bonus tips to lose weight now let’sstart. The reason why people struggle so
much to lose weight is because there arethousands of quick fixes and diets out
there. Some might work but some is notreally that good and people will always
pick up the weight if they don’t changeto a healthy lifestyle. So the best diet
for weight loss is adapting to a healthylifestyle. Now this is how it works I’m
gonna give you 10 basic lifestylechanges that you need to make: First you
gotta stay away from all kinds of sugarnow sugar is actually the biggest drug
in the world killing more people thanheroin and cocaine combined it contains
huge amounts of calories with noessential nutrients it not only makes
you fat but it also increases the riskof diabetes heart disease cancer and
many other health problems sleep moreconsistent and try to get between seven
and eight hours of sleep every day ifyou don’t sleep enough your cortisol
levels rises cortisol is your stresshormone that is frequently associated
with fat gain not enough sleep alsocauses your body to produce ghrelin
which is a hormone that increasesappetite and promotes fat storage you
need to know what kind of food ishealthy to eat so you have to eat the
following healthy foods number 1 isnuts they’re one of the best snacks that
you can eat they are loaded withantioxidants help you to lose weight and
lowers cholesterol and if you can choosealmonds over other nuts because they are
the healthiestnumber 2 is beans and legumes leg
amuse leg anis like you know what I meanbeans are packed with protein fiber iron
and B vitamins they will help you tolose weight and prevent heart disease
fight cancer and lower cholesterol butdon’t eat too much of them because they
can also cause migraines and also raiseyour blood pressure. 3 is dairy
products now I know there’s a lot ofpeople that might be against dairy
products and that’s fine that’s yourchoice but the majority of studies
indicate that good quality dairyproducts can help with weight loss and
improve body composition and it is alsoa superfood for your bonesnumber 4 is oatmeal oats is one of
the healthiest grains that you canchoose natural oatmeal without added
sugar it can help with weight loss itenhances your immune system and
stabilize blood sugar and it alsocontains a good amount of fiber protein
and vitamin b-complexnumber 5 eggs now eggs are amazing
for weight loss one big egg containsonly 77 calories it is a superfood that
is rich in protein healthy fats vitaminsand mineralsalright number 6 is lean protein having
enough lean protein fuels fat burninglean protein also strengthens your
immune system and repairs damaged cellswhile it also manufactures hormonesnumber 7 is you got to choose the
right kinds of oils choose olive oil orcoconut oil instead of sunflower or
canola or all those other kind of badoils real olive oil is packed with
vitamin E and antioxidants and coconutoil is high in medium chain
triglycerides which are fatty acids thatare metabolized differently than most
other fats and this leads to beneficialeffects on metabolism and helping you to
lose weightnumber 8 is eat whole grains or
wholewheat, wholewheat bread and pasta hasmore fiber and is more filling compared
to normal bread or pasta people thatchoose whole-wheat products have lower
risk of obesity and lower cholesterolstay away from any kind of refined
starches where the inner and outer mostlayers of the grain are removed when
they make the flour which causes it tolose its fiber and protein now these
fine starches act a lot like sugar onceyour body starts to digest themnumber 9 is whey protein but only use
it if you are working out whey proteinis probably the best source to help you
with weight loss. Why? Well because it isthe most thermogenic food source let me
explain it more plainly whey proteinburns the most calories after you
consume it I will link my preferredweight protein in the video description
down below so you can go ahead and checkit out number 10 is fruit
research shows that fruit can help youwith your weight loss journey if you
have a sweet craving choose fruitsbecause it contains natural fructose and
fiber healthy fruits also reduces therisk of cancer diabetes stroke heart
attack and high blood pressure the fruitthat will help you to lose weight the
most are berries and grapefruit yesthere are other fruits as well but those
are my favoritenext is leafy green vegetables they
include kale spinach collards Swisschard and a few others now they are very
low in calories while being loaded withfiber eating leafy greens is perfect for
increasing the volume of your mealswithout increasing the calories they are
very high in many vitamins antioxidantsand minerals which aids in fat burn
alright now that you know the basic kindof food types to eat let’s move on to
lifestyle changenumber seven stay away from soft drinks
like coke. Why? It is very scary how mostof the world’s population became used to
drinking soda every day it acts like atype of drug because it is addictive and
just after 16 minutes it can depletenutrients make you more hungry and also
thirsty for more it is crazy to knowthat there is around 40 grams of sugar
in one can of coke which is around 8teaspoons of sugar when you drink Coke
or other soft drinks your blood sugarlevels increases dramatically causing a
burst of insulin the liver then turnsthe high amount of sugar circulating in
your body into fatdrink between one and a half to two
liters of water per day water is notonly good for flushing toxins from your
body but it also helps you to loseweight recent studies shows that water
actually speeds up weight loss watercontains no calories and it boosts your
metabolism you have to read your foodlabels oh guys it is so important the
food industry has changed a lot the foodindustry is there to make money and they
are very clever in their marketing tomislead you here are just a few crazy
facts that you did not know if you seelow-fat or fat-free products it does not
mean that it is more healthy mostproducts take out the fat but then they
add more sugar for the taste which isfar far worse and then when some
products say that it is sugar-free thereare all kinds of artificial sweeteners
that causes all sorts of controversy andit may actually cause weight gain even
free juice went from health food to junkfood because the food industry started
to add sugar and water they even addsugar to most Breads so check the labels
for sugar and fructose syrup which isactually a kind of sugar from all the
options of healthy food that you havechoose and eat the food that makes you
happy because starting a new diet formost people is easier said than done
right so the trick is you have to learnhow to make healthy food into delicious
food that you love. To make this alasting habit start with small changes
and try new ways of thinking about fooddrink more green tea and coffee yes I
said it coffee I know there’s a lot ofpeople that might disagree with me about
coffee but here goesunlike soft drinks coffee is actually
good for you if you don’t drink too muchand don’t add any sugar coffee gives
your metabolism a good boost which helpsyou to lose more weight and coffee has a
huge amount of antioxidants gives you aboost to your short-term memory while it
also lowers the risk of certain cancersand diabetes coffee can also enhance
exercise performance and curbsdepression it even protects you against
gout now some people believe that coffeeis very bad for you but at the same time
those same people drink sugar loadeddrinks like Coke which is a lot worse
now let’s look at green tea green tea iswell known for its weight loss effects
right but what you might not know isthat it also improves brain function
while it lowers the risk of cancerAlzheimer’s and Parkinson’s green tea
also kills certain bacteria like thebacteria that causes bad breath and it
lowers the risk of infectiontry intermittent fasting to lose more
weight in my opinion it is one of the bestdiets out there that lowers insulin and
blood sugar levels while at the sametime it also raises your glucagon levels
which helps you to lose more weightfaster now there are six popular ways to
do intermittent fasting and I wouldsuggest the 16/8 method what does that
mean well it means that you fast for 16hours and the other eight hours you eat
yeah I know it sounds rough but you cando it if you don’t eat anything after
dinner and skipping your breakfast butyou can of course drink water or black
coffee during the fast and just becareful before you try intermittent
fasting if you’re a beginner because youmight get headaches heartburn or you
might start binge eating drinking toomuch coffee or not eating enough also
some people find it very hard to sleepto be honest I don’t like any kind of
diets that restrict me in any kind ofway sometimes I eat between five and six
times per day if I really feel like itand I don’t pick up any weight if I just eat
small portion sizes and if I make theportion sizes even smaller
I end up losing weight yeah I know there’s alot of people that won’t agree with me
and they say hey Daniel but your insulinlevels if you eat too much and then
there’s no way you can lose weight butlook at me I’m skinny I’ll lose weight
eat a cheap meal every now and thenbecause let’s be honest the reason why
most people struggle to lose weight isbecause of what’s going on in their head
it is psychological for example I hatecounting the exact calories of
everything that I eat so I don’t do itanother example is I love pizza
so every once in a while I will go andhave my pizza and I will enjoy it I
won’t feel guilty about it so if youstarted this lifestyle change and it’s
very hard for you at the beginning thenreward yourself with a delicious pizza
or anything else you like but hey justdon’t overdo it once a week is enoughalright now I told you if you watch the
video right until the end I’ll give youfive quick bonus tips for losing weight
so here goes first one drink a bigglass of water first thing when you wake
up in the morning when you sleep yourmetabolism slows down so when you drink
a glass of water as soon as you wake upit fires up your metabolism at nighttime
your body repairs itself and cast outall kinds of toxins from your body so
when you drink water on an empty stomachearly in the morning it flushes out
these toxins second step do your workoutbefore you have your breakfast if you
workout before breakfast your body burnsa lot more fat however some people do
not like to exercise without havingbreakfast because they feel very low in
energy so it is up to you you have toenjoy the lifestyle to keep you
motivated in the long run don’t do anyunnecessary things that breaks you down
emotionally so that you might changeback to your old habits if you can
make a change now if you want to startworking out at home I have added a link
in the video description where I showyou my best home workout equipment so
you can go and check it out tip numberthree if you wanna lose weight quicker
just eat lean protein and greenvegetables cut out all the carbs for a
few days by cutting out all starchycarbs and other foods except lean
protein and green vegetables you willboost your weight loss in
but do not do it too long because yourbody will also need other foods as well
number foureat your food slowly studies found that
people who are fat chew their food lessthan people with normal weight to eat
your food slower you need to chew yourfood at least several times before you
eat tip number five eat smaller portionsif you create a habit of eating smaller
portions then you will consume lesscalories which results in faster weight
loss think of it in this way if you wantto be 60 kilograms but you still eat the
portion sizes of someone that is 80kilograms what do you think is gonna
happen alright if you liked the videogive it a thumbs up subscribe and click
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