When i was carrying my sonI had put on 22 Kilosya 22 KilosSo this plus 22 KilosAbsolutely!In the morning I wake upand have apple cider vinegar in waterMy skin is improved like vastlybecause of it. and so I have apple cider vinegar and waterhot water in the morningFollowed by. . a black coffee with a teaspoonof coconut oil in itIt’s almost like aan exotic cocktailthen I have a piece of fruitthat is my fuel to start working outbecause I always. . the days that i do get to work outI work out in the morningfirst part of the dayso I need that fuel in meto get going. Look the small meals work for some people3 square meals work for some peopleI actually eat when I’m hungryand invariably my hunger times aresomething in the morningsomething at lunchthen at 5 o’clock i feel like a snackand I eat dinner most days at 7. 30 with my sonand even if I’m eating outI prefer eating at 8. 30If I go out for dinnerto a friend’s placeI have to have a meal before I goand maybe eat something there tooBut i eat when I’m hungryand these are the times I feel hungry. So I said that when I wake up in the morningit’s apple cider vinegarblack coffeeand a cold coffee as wella piece of fruit in the morningthat’s generally my breakfastIf I need a little extra energyI have some eggs or maybe a toastbut that doesn’t happen very oftenso lunchcurry, vegetables, rotiand for dinner curry, vegetables, and rotithere’s no rocket science in my food eating habitsI have to worry about that 5 o’clock timewhere I could eat something wrongSo i try and keep healthy snacks around meI keep puffed rice around meI keep fox nuts around medifferent kinds of soya nuts and puffed. . various thingsSo I try to keep those things around merather than a bag of potato chipsEver since I started you know. . ever since he started proper schoolhis dinner time is between 7-7. 30and that’s the time when I eat my meal as wellI normally eat dinner between 7and maybe 8if I have to meet somebody for dinnerI insist its going to be a early dinnerso between 7 and 8 is my last mealI always workout in the morningI believe my motivationMotivation. . the key is motivationis at it’s peakmy energy is at it’s peakin the morningyou know I have a routineI drop my son to schooland I head straight to the gymand I love that routineso it’s always a morning workoutIf I leave it to the eveningit doesn’t happenand evening has another kind of crowdthey come to look goodnot to workout hardMy favorite meal of the dayI’d like to say breakfastthose breakfast that I go outand meet my friends forBreakfast makes me really happythose kinds of breakfastwhere you’re having eggs and toast andcoffee and maybe your wafflesFor me, the thing that makes me happiestin the whole worldthe whole wide worldis a morning breakfast buffet in a hotelI think there’s something. . really beautiful and hopeful about breakfastthere’s coffeecoffee is a hope in a mugand then there’s fuel that’llit’s all fuel that will see you through your dayI am a vegetarianI think one can eat very healthyand still get a lot of optionswith Asian cuisinesso fries and paneerI eat eggsbut fries, paneers, tofu’s, and soyyou get a lot of optionshealthy and tasty optionswith Asian foodbut I love desi food as wellPost workout I could have a. . like a protein barI have a protein shaketwo scoops in waterbut it’s not an everyday thingI don’t take supplimentsI don’t take fat burnersI don’t take. . I haven’t taken anything unnaturaltry to get my protein from natural sourcesI try to. . If I come home immediately after workoutI try to have eggs theneasier option is a protein bar in my bagI have a ziplock with my protein shake. . powder in itthat you can just mix upwith water anywhereso it’s easyIf I’ve got enough noticeand i figure out my outfit beforehandand I realize that you know whatmy stomach should be a little flaterthan it currently isya then I. . like I saidI cut down on carbsI make sure that. . I cut carbs completely outfor that night mealat least 3 or 4 nights in a rowI eat saladlike a big really bignot like my portions are smallbut like a really big saladI replace one of meals witha really wholesome saladfor those 3 or 4 daysmy body responds really well to exerciseand to good dietchange in dietpeople think I go to the gymso I can eat anythingIt doesn’t always work like thatyou can’t beat what you eatso. . Food intake has to be taken care ofand I do it like 2 or 3maybe 3 or 4 days beforehandto get to where I want to beOne of my greatest weakness is chocolatethat i used to give it up for 6 monthsat a timeI year at a timewouldn’t touch itand now I’ve realized that you know whatlife is too short to bedenying yourself anythingso I will binge on chocolate now and thenbut then I’ll give it up for a whileafter thatIt’s not like I’ll have it everydayI can’t have it everydaybecause I can’t stop it at oneNo I go with the flowI can’t sayyou know that Thursdayis going to be cheat daysometimesthe moment is bigger thanyour strict dietso when I used to justI thinkit’s important to go with the flowwell here’s the thingI always take my running shoes with meI always take a changemy workout gear with meeven if I’m gone for a daybecause I end up staying at nice hotelswhich always have gymeven if there’s no gymif you’ve your walking shoesand a pair of track pants and a teeyou can walk around your hotelor you can walk around your buildingwalking is something you can do anywhereyou can go up and down your stepsmotivation has to be thereI’ve done a lot of reading on that you know Vodkawhiskey, gin, rumthey are all 69 caloriesby themselvesSo if you have them with sodathat’s just 69 calories going inthey have fat but they don’t have carbsyou know what the problem iswhen they become a cocktailand you. . or you add a sugary chaser to itthat’s when the damage is donethere are lot of caloriesin the sugar that’s addedto your drinkthe drink per sayis not that calorificit’s empty calories yesbut. . if you have it just with sodaand have a squeeze of limeor coconut waterthat’s a healthy way to go. I know generally when I’m eating healthyI feel itI know when I’m on holidayssometimes you gotta let go a little bitI don’t count caloriesI don’t look at the calo. . the calorie countof everything I put into my systemI go madIf I have to. . Keep on reading the calorie count of everythingWell I haven’t tried too many dietsbut. . I remember. . couple of years agoeveryone was on this GM dietGeneral Motors Dietwhere one day you eat fruitnext day you eat vegetablesthird day you eat fruit and vegetablesbecause it’s a 7 day thingand basicallyeveryday of the week is something differentand I remember I used to be very dizzywhen I did that diet. on day 4 I’ll be likeall these movements and when I used to stand upso yes you lose some weightyou lose some water weightbut the movement you start eating normal foodyou’re back to the way to your workyeah the key is motivationI’m very self motivatedI don’t even work out with a trainerwhen I got pregnantwhen I was carrying my sonI had put on 22 kilosya 22 Kilosso this plus 22 kilosand for me. . I just wanted to get backyou know what my motivationat that point wasI’ve so many lovely pairs of jeansand so many beautiful clothesI just want my wardrobe backthat was my motivationSo I had my pregnancy wardrobeand I had my 26 Inch waistwaistline wardrobeI bought myself no clothes in betweenI didn’t want my in between clothesbecause I wanted to dump theseand get straight into theseI wore this for a while longertill I could get into my old clothesso that was my motivation thenNow my motivation isI’m in a good space as far as myfitness is concernedand I just want to stay there. The only tweaks aremy food in either olive oilor gheealrightwhen I’m eating carbsI’m not a rice eaterI prefer wheatI like barleyI like oatsso those are. . those are just my preferencesit’s not about. . I mean if I liked riceI’ll eat more brown rice than whitebut I don’t like ricerice is not on my list of favorite foodsI’m in my 40’s right nowand I feel I’m at my heathiestand my fittest nowafter the baby and after entering 40’sI think my metabolism is rockingand I don’t think it has slow down at allI’m in a good placeas far as my metabolism is concernedbecause my body respondsto a good diet and exercisethe way I wanted toand now. . I feel fitness, exercise isapart from you know what it doesto the way you lookit’s there for my mental balancemy stability, my emotional well-beingso it’s very much a part of my lifeI think. . I think fitness wise I’m in the best placeI’ve ever been now. People think it’s all about crunchesit’s not about crunchesYes you’ve to workout your absbut you gotta do a lot of cardiocardio is what the keeps the weight offso you can see the hard work that you’ve doneas far as your abs are concernedMessage would be. . it’s never too late to get into fitnessit’s never too late to start exercisinga lot of friendsyou know. . when they have an uphill taskin front of themlot of weight to losethey get demotivated really quicklyso if you have like a big amount of weight to losedon’t look at that amountyou gotta look at smaller. . give yourself small goalssay that I wannaI wanna start by losing 2 Kiloshowever long that takesor whatever it takes to lose those 2 Kilosthen you move to the next stepand say I’ve lost those 2 nownow another 2because that’s how you can eventually getto where you want toso all that I told youI shared with youI hope it was helpfulIf you like what I saidshare this video with your friendsand don’t forget to subscribe to Pinkvilla


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