Male baldness and bodybuilding. Make sure to watch this entire video, because I will tell you exactly what science saysabout the relationship between hair loss and working out. If this is your first time on my channel,
and you want more information and motivationon lifting, dermatology and nutrition,start now by subscribing and clicking the bell, so you don’t miss anything. And if you speak Dutch, make sure to check out my Dutch channel as well. The primary cause of hair loss is high levels of DHT. DHT is the byproduct of testosterone. The more testosterone you have, the higher your levels of DHT. Many theories have circulated through the
gym masses stating that bodybuilding alone causes baldness. This is not true. Just working out naturally, with no anabolic steroids or testosterone injections, will not cause baldness. Most people who work-out hard will experience an increase in testosterone but not a massive one. Enhanced athletes, taking in supraphysiological levels of testosterone, increase the DHTlevels,what causes thinning hair and balding. Those who are only taking supplements such as testosterone boosters are not particularly at risk. The increase of DHT from the increase of testosterone is not high enough to cause any balding. Remember, male pattern baldness is genetic, and those who are going to lose their hairgenetically are going to lose it whether they work out or not. And second thing to keep in mind:a lot of factors come into play and are very different from person to person. Some people’s hair is more susceptible to
the effects of DHT than others. Some people’s bodies tend to produce more testosterone than others. Some people will experience more of an elevation in testosterone as a result of starting aweightlifting/bodybuilding routine, while
others will not experience much of a change. And some people seem to produce more DHT from testosterone than others. And finally, remember that stress and increased cortisol levels can as well increase scalp sensitivity to DHT!Working out is a great stress reliever and
less stress means less cortisol. Since working out is a stress reliever, together with meditation and relaxing it may even be a way to fight hair loss. To conclude, it is my opinion that you don’t need to worryabout the effects of bodybuilding on your hair,unless you’re taking supraphysiological
doses of testosteronor other anabolic and androgenic compounds.


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