hello every one and welcome back to our fitness channel azra khan fitnessin today’s video i am going to share with you a lowcarb diet plan for weight lossand if you follow this diet continuously for a monthyou ca lose 6-7kgs of weight . if you follow it with a healthy workout routine. i do recommend low carb meal plans to my clients as well. in today‘s video i will also share how switching to low carb meal planwill help you lose weight faster. and what points you should consider before startinga low carb diet plan. why is low carb diet plan so beneficial for weight loss? why is it so? when ever we eat anything our body spikes insulin. when our body spiked insulin it raises blood sugar level. it ends up storing fat in our body if we continue to spike insulin. if the body does not use that energy it is stored as fat. if we switch to low carb diet planthe amount of insulin spikes reducehence fat is nit stored in our bodyand therefore we lose weight. the most insulin spike in our body is due to simple carbs. maximum insulin spike due to consumption of sugar. that is why we switch to low carb. but there is a difference between low carb and no carb. there are two types of carbssimple carbs and complex carbssimple carbs spike insuline like plain flour, sugar, dairywhere as complex carbs like jwar , bajra,oats , etc do not spike insulin that much. .


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