everybody how’s it going Ben Gothard
here and today we have another projectdate interview and we’re talking with
Jordan Miller from North Carolina howyou doing Jordan good fantastic so let
us jump right in and my first questionfor you is what is your story
oh god so it’s a really interestingstory actually where I usually like to
start out is I was a 13 about 12 13 yearold kid in middle school and this is
kind of where everything began for mebecause before that I was hit with
dreams that wanted to do things but Iwasn’t quite do it because I was a cop
dry mouthso anyways felt eighth grade I got
jumped blindsided from like my rightside and I went down with awkwardly my
right leg shot twisted backward screwedup everything in my name I am joints
ligaments like everything in my kneelike the bone was out and everything and
that happened school didn’t really carewhatsoever so I was immobile for like
three months I was out of school and itwas like the most depressing point in my
life my uncle died around the same timeoh it’s close to and so I was like
depressed and suicidal and like temptedsuicide once contemplated at many times
and then at the end of it like there’slike a lighted into the tile basically
and I decided to go to the gym with mydad
just once see how I liked it and so Istarted going like once I went two or
three times a week and then like beforeI knew it like I was going to the gym
three times a week I was about 12 and ahalf 13 years old when I started going
to the gym and I started really gettinginto it and you know my depression
something that’s hard to get away frombut I was starting to get better with
that I was starting to get a little bitof confidence so by the time I was 14
I’d built a good bit of muscleI was a little chubby kid like I was
like five foot three five foot fourthirty percent body fat 130 pounds I was
like one of those little fat kids likenot a big fat kid like not even the
luxury of being a big fat kid like alittle fat kid so I lost all the fat
starting to see abs at about 14 yearsold had some like good definition of my
arms everything and at 15 I decided todo a bodybuilding and natural
bodybuilding show so I just cut down 30more pounds not to like I think it’s
super shredded cuz I was only 15 I gotdown to like 8% body fat and did a
bodybuilding show and then I startedhelping other people I just started
count like riding out meal plans and alittle bit of workout routine stuffs and
then I did two more shows two morebodybuilding shows I think before I was
18 and then I got more serious intothings I started a YouTube channel when
I was about 17 18 started making likefitness videos coming fitness tip videos
and people kind of like that I I kind ofplayed around with that I did that for a
year and I kind of felt like I was doingit for the wrong reasons I kind of felt
like I was like just doing it I don’twant to say to get attention I just
didn’t feel like I was 100% beingtransparent me and myself I’m like I’m a
type of person where I can’t do thingsfor money I can’t do things because I
think they’re cool laughs to feel likeI’m doing things because of some deep
kind of root down deep that you knowsomething that I really really want to
do is something I really feel like I canhelp people that otherwise it’s you know
what more Cal if I was doing for five orten years because if you’re sane and
you’re doing something that you’re notlike ridiculously ridiculously
passionate about and it gets really hardyou know obviously you don’t keep going
so I quit was that crazy I took acompletely different direction I started
getting more into business in film andstuff like that and I became an actor
for four years and I saw him with ateledensity called evolution talent
agency I did about a hundred and fiftyauditions in four years maybe more
acting classes every weekend spentthousands of thousands of thousands of
dollars I learned about cameras cameraangles kind of how to get better around
cameras how to fall into a story betterhow people were telling stories all that
sort of stuff and learning about tellingstories and being part of the story and
all that stuff is really really reallyhelpful obviously I didn’t become like a
full-time paid actor for certain reasonsbut just for an idea not last Super Bowl
the Super Bowl for any of y’all everstill saw the commercial where there was
like a someone trying to rob a house andthey threw a gnome and then I forget
what the football players but the guycalled it I was supposed to I was
supposed to be me but I got beat out bya guy because he was taller than me and
they wanted someone taller so literallythey liked what I did in the audition so
much that they had that guy do what Idid in the audition so what that guy did
was how I kind of improvised things butafter a while I got kind of irritated
with the film industry just because youcould be a really good actor gonna be
really good an audition room really goodall these things but the director
doesn’t like your look at that time andthey want someone little taller or a
little thinner or whatever they don’tthink about the fact that they could
kind of change angles and make you lookdifferent they think oh this is you know
let me just pick this person they’drather hire someone that has the look
more than someone that has the skill setas the actor so that kind of got
irritating after I kind of got out ofthat less passion about the whole acting
thing I’m still passionate about actingjust not kind of the process that I was
going into it and I just like the wholecreative process of it that’s still very
much part of me but after that I got andI haven’t told you about any of this
stuff but I got really really reallyinto business I started writing Kindle
books I hired VA s to have other Kindlebooks I started a series on Amazon
called versus heroes and basically whatit was is I was comparing like people
that were really really successful likeTony Robbins and Napoleon Hill or Ahn’s
what’s a nigger and dwayne johnsonpeople like that people
we’re kind of close but in differenttimes and I was comparing their
successes their failures theirrelationships their personal life kind
of how they’ve made their brand that didwell for a while for about a year and it
just never never really went fartherthan that and then a good friend of mine
Jason branch actually persuaded me takemy passion for fitness and and put it
into Kindle publishing so I startedwriting fitness books and so I wrote a
series it was early early last year Iwas called fitness for women I wrote
five books in that series that serieswas pretty very successful at first and
now it’s still kind of mildly successfulthat I wrote two free books after that
one about fat loss and one about how touse the app by Fitness Pal a very
popular macronutrient counting apps arethose two free books I used those as
lead magnets to get people into my emaillist and then I decided to write a
really really big book and put a lotinto it and that book is actually called
hashtag gains the dieting encyclopediaand method behind that book or kind of
what I was trying to do is I wanted towrite a book that wasn’t just talking
about one diet or one sort of dietprotocol but I want to talk about all of
them even the history of dieting when itstarted how it’s changed in the u. s. all
that sort of thing what type of dietwould work best for whatever person
psychologically lifestyle everything soI’m not just saying everyone should do
one diet or this type person should doone diet I’m pointing out all the diets
how they work how you should do yourmeals everything you could possibly
think of any question it could possiblyhave about any popular diet protocol
nowadays and just dissecting it and sortof showing who should use it who
shouldn’t why and when and likeeverything it’s it’s huge it’s a hundred
thousand words one thing I forgot tomention is when I got started in Kindle
publishing I got so into reading Kindlebooks and I was part of so many little
communities or reading Kindle books andso many of them and people were just
trying to read as many books a year asthey could and there’s a lot of book
club stuff going on so I came with theidea
sort of have a speed-reading app and Idid a lot of research on how the how
your eyes secada cross a screen or crossa piece of paper with words and sort of
how that works and how your elbows moveon words and I had this all kind of put
together and formulated it was going tobe called Kindle line and what I was
gonna do is sell it to Amazon and havethem integrate it with their Kindle book
and so basically it would be a line thatwent with the cicada of your eyes and
allow people to read about five timesfaster within about a month and just it
you would be reading uh ridiculouslyfaster within a couple of months I got
really far into that I had a whole likeSWOT analysis done I had a whole pitch
deck everything it could possibly thinkof and went in and pitched it to a board
of investors they were from differentcountries pretty insane being in the
room of billionaires I even pitched itto an investor named Jeff Hoffman the
price the CEO of I think was calledPriceline the flight company that ended
up not working out obviously it wasgonna be like over a million dollar deal
went through so that’s kind of thehistory of what I’ve done up until now
no way I’m sorry I missed that last partwould you say well I’m back on YouTube
right again with everything that I’velearned everything that I just said I’m
taking it and put it back on YouTubeagain that’s great and it’s kind of cool
how it goes full circle like that youtake the things that you learn and you
integrate it into to what you’re doingnow but I want to dig a little bit more
into your pastso you said at 13 years old that was
kind of a turning point if you will youknow you said you broke your ACL you
messed up your knee and you know yourjoints and ligaments what did you learn
from that experience that has you knownow led to some of the success that
you’ve had later onbasically that you can take something
that’s really really happy that the thatkind of makes you think that you’re not
worth anything and like that experiencethat first made me feel like the
smallest piece of dirt ever becausethese people had milli ated me in front
of the whole jump class and the gymclass didn’t care they just kind of
watch me be jumped and like all thatsort of stuff and that was kind of what
was worse like I felt you know sohumiliated with everything and that was
what made me depressed and all that sortof stuff and but coming out of it when I
decided not to like take my own lifeit’s just learning that you can bounce
back from the most difficult odds likesomething that literally takes your
identity away I mean that was kind oflike me like that was all on you at that
point it’s just like the little poor kidthat got jumped that like no one really
cares about and then I bounced back fromthat and sort of working out and getting
in shape and like became started tobecome Who I am now started to build my
daddy so sort of what I could take fromthat or what anyone can take from that
is you could have some of the worstthings happen to you in life and change
the whole way you look at things and youcan have a choice whether to just give
up on everything or not and and thosepoints like you can bounce back and if
you can bounce back from that then youcan bounce back from anything else
because I mean have things right now asan entrepreneur or stressful and I get
really frustrated sometimes but likethere’s nothing that’ll ever be as bad
as that cuz I’m just that was my lowestpoint so learning to bounce back from
anything would be would be what I wouldtake from that absolutely and I think
it’s a really good point because youknow if as entrepreneurs we let setbacks
stop us you know if we let things stopus dead in our tracks and then we can’t
we can’t ever get to that point get tothat light at the end of the tunnel we
can’t ever break through to that nextlevel so for those who they may be going
through tough times right now or theymay be struggling to overcome a certain
obstacle what advice would you give themto help them bounce back to help them
come back and bring your a-game againbasically I would just say to hang in
there like whatever you’re going throughwhatever your circumstances whatever you
think your identity is or how people arelooking at you or how society or the
world or your parents or your friends oryour classmates if you’re our high
school or middle school or however yourcrappy your job is whatever that thing
is you can change it and then next yearcould be completely different and it can
be a completely different person andhave a different vision of yourself and
basically like your circumstance rightnow is not you like it’s not like
everything it’s just what you’re goingthrough right now and you could take it
and instead of falling off of a clifflike some people do like that happens
and it sucks and like I try to helppeople like that but instead of that
happening to you can take it and bounceback from it as opposed to like letting
it consume you and destroy youabsolutely absolutely I think that’s
great advice you know just just to keepgoing keep pushing because in the end it
all be worth it and so you know youmentioned after that incident then you
went with your dad and you startedgetting into the gym a little bit more
could you maybe give a little bit ofinsight on like what you learned from
really developing that passion and goingevery day being consistent with it and
always showing off what did you learnfrom that and and what have you now
brought to entrepreneurship from thattime so fitness is something that I feel
like can kind of fall into all areas ofyour life when you first step in the gym
it’s a little intimidating you see likethe women that are extremely attractive
you see the guys are really built andyou see people lifting a lot of heavy
weight and if you’re a skinnier guy or afatter guy or a fatter girl guy girl
whatever it’s it can be reallyintimidating to that first time to walk
in the gym and like the first couple ofworkouts can be really discouraging
because you’re probably gonna try tolift more weight than you might be able
to do you’re probably gonna try to domore than you’re thinking to do because
you see other people doing it and it’shard and so that first week might be
reallyirritating but then if you stay in there
that first week if you just stay inthere that first week and you get into
the second week usually you start seeinglike some sort of progress like maybe
you’ve gained five pounds on certainlifts or you can do like a couple
minutes on the treadmill you get lesswinded or you notice some changes and
your face like your face starts to fillout more or you’re noticing a little bit
of muscle growth somewhere in your armor you lose a little bit of body fat you
can see those changes and that firstlittle taste of that is very very very
rewarding and it gives you a feeling ofconfidence of feeling like you can
improve you can get a little bit betterand as that relates to entrepreneurship
or any other sort of self growth or selfdevelopment and life it’s about making
like small steps every single day andnot necessarily get this getting
discouraged because some some days thatyou won’t make that much change some
weeks you won’t jump forward that muchand then like for instance you can be
working out for three or four weeks fivesix weeks and not make any progress but
then you notice like the seventh oreighth week all of a sudden you jump
forward like you jump way up and it’sactually all the progress that you’ve
made in the first six to seven weeks butit didn’t really hit off until that
seventh or eighth week and that sort ofunlearning your progression in the gym
is a lot like building a business orentrepreneurship in general because you
can be doing something on a daily basisover and over and over again and what
you’re doing it’s good work but it’sjust not being seen or you’re not making
sells or conversions are happening andthen finally something happens and that
happens all at once and so that’s sortof number one how the progression of
everything is in the gym is very Unwinear and then number two just learning
the discipline of going in there everyday and getting a little bit better
every single day a lot of peopleincluding if you guys know who Tyler Pez
is they talk about how it’s not aboutlike doing like a bunch of crap in one
day like doing as much as you can in oneday it’s more about doing something
really really really intricately everysingle day and so it’s better to do
like 20 minutes at the gym every day andget a good workout then try to go to the
gym like once and like hit that 2-3 hourworkout and just destroy yourself and
just like just put everything into thatone workout because you won’t be able to
come back and the same goes forentrepreneurship if you try to do too
much in one day and overwhelm yourselfyou’re just gonna like you’re not gonna
come back and do it the next day but ifyou’re doing a little bit each day and
you’re doing that a little bit of atwo-year period and you have the
consistency in the discipline meaningyou get in the habit of doing those
things you’ll do a lot better so thosethose are those are a lot of like if you
want how to do that in the gym and youget really good at it it’ll fall into
all other areas of your life especiallybusiness and entrepreneurship absolutely
absolutely and I think one of the keythings that you said was consistency
right and that kind of goes back to notgiving up and it’s being persistent but
if you can every day you show up andyou’re putting in the time and you know
you’re building your business you’rebuilding your assets you’re talking to
people eventually it’ll happen right andand for that first 1 to 6 weeks you know
you might not see any sort of progressyou might not see the light at the end
of the tunnel you might not see those 7figures in your bank account but on that
8th week dude when it hits whoo it’s allgonna be worth it it’s all gonna be
worth it and so you know I challengeeverybody that’s listening to not worry
so much about exactly what resultsyou’re getting today from what you’re
doing today but think about theculmination of all the work that you’ve
put in and what that’s led to and thinkabout how much more you can achieve by
continuing to consistently put in thatwork so so Jordan I’m really glad you
said thatnow you also talked about doing a
bodybuilding show very early in yourfitness career could you maybe give a
little bit of insight on I guess the thefeelings that you went through kind of
going up on on stage if you will for thefirst time and what sort of fear or
emotionswere were mixed in with that so as far
as one of bodybuilding show doing thefirst body that I can show up 15 I don’t
want to say that I didn’t know what Iwas doing I had someone helping me but
the diet approach that I went on like itworked then but now I would never
recommend any client to do it I wouldn’tdo it myself what I basically did was go
on like a very very low carb diet closeto zero carb diet for 12 weeks because I
was starting with pretty decently highbody fat it didn’t bother me that bad
but most of the time when you’re dietinginto a bodybuilding show you’re already
in decent shape when you start the dietlike you’re not extremely overweight
you’re starting in decent shape becauseyou’re you know and bodybuilding
offseason conditioning which to abodybuilders fat to a normal person is
lean so you’re already starting out indecent condition in decent shape dieting
down for a bodybuilding show is a lotharder than people think it is like a
lot of people think that gettingshredded is it’s not that bad and it’s
not that bad but when you get to likethe last four weeks or so you get
irritable because you’re leaner thanyour body wants to be you’re digging
into fat stores that your body doesn’twant to get rid of because it’s not
super super healthy to even be doingthat your mind starts playing tricks on
you all kinds of things start happeningand so that’s when you have to have like
either a ridiculous work ethic and theridiculous discipline or you need a
coach to keep you on track becauseotherwise you’re just like go a little
bit crazy but it is worth it what I justsaid made it kind of sound like it
almost might not be worth it and likethere will be times when you do that
where their days are just hours orworkouts that make you wonder why you’re
doing it but then you get to that dayafter you put in all the work in the gym
the posing practice the dieting the timeand the kitchen like cooking chicken and
egg whites and steaming broccoli andasparagus and all that sort of stuff and
then you actually get on stage and it’slike for me because of all the work that
I put in and everything I was on stageand like what looks like a man thong in
front of like a thousand people watchingand I
and care I wasn’t awkward or embarrassedor like nothing like I was just really
really like wanting to do well becauseI’d put in ly yeah and this is coming
from this kid that was so self-consciouswhen I was twelve thirteen that like I
was I wouldn’t even look at people on myface when I talk to them and you know
two years later I’m on the stage infront of a thousand people don’t care
and it’s not because I was so like crazyabout how my body loved her I was
conceited or anything like that it wasjust like I knew I’m confident not
because of the way I look I’m confidentbecause I know what I’m capable of in
terms of work ethic in terms of whatI’ve already done and how I can make
things happen like I don’t get caught Idon’t get confidence from the way I love
the game outfits from my work ethic sobecause of all that that I’d done
I wasn’t that same little kid that likecouldn’t stand to have a shirt off in
front of people I was someone that had alot of confidence and when I was capable
of so on stage I just wanted to showthat to the judges and the audience and
kind of like display the amount of workthat I’d put in since I was 13 and then
12 to 13 week diet that I like wentthrough and like you know taken so much
sacrifice from and so it was like it wasa great experience the first
bodybuilding show I think for anybodywatching that wants to do a bodybuilding
show if you’re anywhere from 14 to 18 Iwould recommend not doing one yet just
because you should be growing untilyou’re about 20 but at that point like
it’s a good experience to have not justto go out there and try to win but just
just have the experience on under yourbelt of learning how to diet down and
getting on stage and just the wholething just just the discipline of all of
it it teaches you a lot because you haveto make a lot of sacrifices you can’t go
out eat with your friends as much thereare certain things that you can’t do it
you know you have to be you have to ityour workouts you know if you want to
get to where you want to go or you willin the back of your head Harbor the
thought that like I might have look justa little bit better if I would have
stayed on my diet this day or if I wouldhave hit this workout granted
you’re sick you’re sick but you know itreally comes down to you bodybuilding is
a selfish sport if you even want to callit a sport like you don’t have teammates
you don’t have any of that it’s allabout you your diet your workouts every
single day so when you get on stage youdon’t really think about people looking
at you or what you look like or anythingyou’re just kind of think about like I
put in all this work so no to display itand see what comes of it and kind of
look back and see what this day was likeabsolutely and I think I think that that
that is a really good point you actuallybrought up too they don’t want to touch
on and the first is discipline I meanyou said that hitting your workouts
every day making sure you stay on thatdiet every day and being consistent with
it it teaches you discipline and I thinkas entrepreneurs we have to have
discipline in order to become successfulI mean we have to have discipline in our
in the amount of work that we do rightare we gonna put in the work every
single day are we gonna continuouslylearn are we gonna keep reading or are
we gonna keep educating ourselves are wegonna have the discipline to say okay I
want to go out and I want to have a funtown my friends on Friday but I’m not
going to because I know that I need towork on this client proposal or I know I
need to film this video or I know I needto write this book and so in order to
get from where we are to where we wantto be that’s gonna take an extraordinary
amount of discipline and I’m really gladyou brought that up but the second point
is when you talked about get havingconfidence and having confidence not
from the appearance right not from howyou look but having confidence from the
amount of work that you put in and andyour work ethic and so maybe you could
touch a little bit more on that and andwhy it’s so important that as
entrepreneurs we don’t we don’t value somuch what we look like or what people
think of us but we value the work thatwe put in maybe if you give a little bit
more insight on that well what you looklike is gonna change and what you look
like really doesn’t have that much to doyour work ethic or any of that and
different people are gonna havedifferent perceptions of you based off
of their own life and their own beliefsand what they’re going through and their
level of confidence and where they’re atin life so if you use what you look like
or what other people think of you orwhat other people think that you’re
doing any of those outside things thenyou’re not gonna really be accurately
gauging yourself or your performance orhow good you can be or how far you can
go because you’re just gonna be takingwhat other people think and and other
people’s perceptions of youwhich aren’t you like on YouTube make a
youtube videothat you spend 12 hours in you know you
spend like a couple hours creating thecontent you spend a couple hours
marketing it you spend a lot of timeediting it that’s where most of the time
comes in you can spend all that time andpeople are still gonna post really
messed up comments that have norelevance whatsoever just because
they’re trolling on you so you can’tworry about what people think because a
lot of people like don’t even likethey’re just other months in the first
place they’re just kind of trolling andother people they have very very skewed
perceptions of you because of how theirown life is going so if you have
confidence and you be yourself based offof your own work ethic and what you went
throughthen you’re gonna keep working that hard
because you see where you’ve gotten fromthe amount of work that you put in like
it’s it’s there are some times where youcan’t see the progress like you can’t
see how things are moving and you can’treally appreciate things and like you
could lose a little bit of gratitudebecause you’re so like in depth in the
grind sometimes you just kind of have tolook back and look at how many days you
put in how much you’ve you’veaccomplished even if you haven’t like
had this enormous success and aren’tmaking like 10 grand a month yet or are
like like a celebrity or anything likeTai Lopez like even if you’re not like
that yet and that takes a long likethose guys work for so much longer than
we actually know before anything happensbut if you’re looking at sort of your
track record how disciplined are you arehow consistent you’ve been how much work
you put inyou’re gonna feel a lot better about
what you’re doing and why you’re goingthen if you just kind of look at what
people think of you what people look atyour work like you know for me I make
youtube videos sometimes that that Ispent eight hours on and then they bomb
out and like don’t even hit a hundredviews in the first 24 hours which really
irritates me and it’s irritating tospend twelve hours on something and then
like not get a lot of recognition for itor to like build a program or build
something up that you put a lot of timeand effort in you know it’s good but
people just aren’t seeing it because ofwhatever reason so if you value the work
you put into it and all that sort ofstuff more than you value how the market
is reacting currently or how otherpeople perceive you or how it looks then
you’re gonna value yourself a lot moreand you’re gonna move forward a lot
easier than if you look at things from alittle skewed perception of you know
other people how about people judge youhow other people look at you and just
the appearance everything absolutelyabsolutely and you know I really like
what you said about you know you valuingit more and recognizing the time and
effort that you put in more than whatother people think about it
and I think that there is a fine lineright because at some point your
customers their perception of it thatdoes have to matter right so we always
have to keep in mind when when we’reselling something that we have to make
sure that it’s fine-tuned to ourcustomers but I think to the point that
that you are trying to make is if you’vealready put in this effort and you’ve
already you’ve done the work that youneed to do and you know that it’s a good
product then believe in it and believein yourself and just keep pushing
through because sometimes it does take alittle while to get some some market
penetration and it does take a littlewhile to get it into the right people’s
hands to where it’ll spread and you knowa prime example of that is JK Rowling
you know she was the authorthe Harry Potter series and when she
first published or was trying to getpublished that first book she was
homeless in her car and she had nothingI mean she had kids she was a single
mother she had kids and she just keptpushing and kept pushing and kept trying
to get it published and now she’s worthbillions and she’s one of the wealthiest
people if not the wealthiest person inEngland so you know it just goes to show
you if you put in that work and you putin that effort and you believe in
yourself and you have the confidencethat what you have to offer is strong
then go for itI mean don’t don’t ever hold back don’t
don’t ever don’t ever lack thatconfidence just because of what’s
happening right now see what can happenin the in the future so I’m really glad
that you brought up that point now thatwas a really good point
now one thing he mentioned was once youstarted doing the bodybuilding stuff you
started to help others could you onegive a little bit more insight on how
you helped maybe did some coaching orfitness training a little bit on how you
helped and why helping others isimportant as an entrepreneur so I think
a lot of people can relate to this butwhen I started helping others I wasn’t
doing it to make money like I don’t eventhink I charged the first couple of
times I made diet plans or workoutroutines I was just helping friends like
that’s the same thing that someone didfor me when I was 15
someone that had already done a coupleof bodybuilding shows and placed well
actually helped me and wrote a diet planand a workout routine all that sort of
stuff so after I learned how to doeverything and I felt like I was pretty
good at it and I had some good skills onmy belt naturally about 16 17 I wanted
to start helping other people just so itkind of reaffirms that you know what
you’re doing when you can see see theprogress and other people it’s one thing
for something to work for you it’sanother thing for something to
over and over again for other peoplea lot of people talk about it but you
could do something good once and that’scool but if you do something good over
and over and over again then and thenit’s gonna reaffirm to you and it’s
gonna reaffirm to other people that itworks and and it clearly works not only
that but one of the reasons I likeworking with people and helping people
is it just it makes you feel really goodlike if you can if you actually and
you’re not doing it to make money butyou’re actually doing it to help people
it makes you feel really really goodit’s a good feeling I don’t know if any
of you guys have gotten to that pointyet but if you have you understand the
kind of feeling you get when you’rehelping somebody and they make progress
and if you have it just know that itdoes feel really good and it is worth it
so getting started with that stuffbasically I just had people coming up to
me asking me like how I did some stuffand they were kind of wanting to do I
didn’t catch any went into abodybuilding show I was just helping
people get leaner a little bit of muscleget bigger arms you know get slimmer own
squad or bench or deadlift or thingslike that and so I was just helping
people like that I did that for a coupleof years and I think when I was about
like eighteen nineteen is when I startedcalling it online coaching turned it
into a LAN cushion before that I wasjust basically like helping people
around here and it wasn’t onlineI think 1920 was when actually put
together a website and started having itas something to purchase before I was
just like taking cash in hand and sostarted out as me helping a couple of
people and then from there I startedcharging a little bit like anywhere
between thirty and fifty dollars for adiet plan or you know fifty dollars for
work workout routine and then you knowdeveloped a website went from there and
yeah that’s about everything in anutshell it feels really good to help
people number one number two if you’rehelping people and they succeed then it
solidifies that this doesn’t only workfor you this process that you have
created but it works for multiple peopleso if it works over and over again from
multiple different types of people thenit obviously works so you solidified
thatit makes you feel really good and you’ve
started kind of from here with thisprocess and you’ve built on it and built
on and built on it until it became likea premium paid service absolutely
absolutely and you know just to kind ofto kind of touch on what you said a
little bit about helping people and howit makes you feel you know I mentor a
few people in various differentdifferent ways whether it be marketing
entrepreneurship or personal developmentbut when you when you can take what
you’ve learned and you can instill thoseprinciples into somebody who’s just
getting started and and and you can seeexactly where they are on the spectrum
because you were just there you know youwere just there a few years ago and you
can help them cut down on learning curveand reach success more quickly I mean
that really is a beautiful thing and andit not only does it make you feel really
good on the inside but like you said youknow it reaffirms everything that you’re
doing because you know okay well I gothere this way now I’m gonna give this to
you and look how far you’ve gone in thatin a shorter amount of time you know
that that is a really a really powerfultool because they say that the best way
to learn something is actually to teachit and obviously you need to go out and
do it and get experienced even know whatyou’re teaching but it not only helps
you solidify again those concepts butyour students will actually teach you a
lot too and yeah you you wanna you wannamaybe touch on that a little bit okay I
have a lot of different clients like soI have some clients that it’s very
smooth and they do the diet they do theworkout routine and everything is really
smooth I have other clients that theywill start to do things and they will
tell me they don’t like dieting and theywill want to stop I have other clients
that they tell me they want to work outroutine and then I’m build it and then
they tell me never mind they want tostick home their own workout routine so
you learn about differpeople you definitely learn patience
just because I’m a certain wayI’ve actually been coached before by
some of the top coaches in the US Team3d MJ Jeff Albert’s they they’re
literally the top some of the topnatural bodybuilding coaches in the US
and they coach me into a show once and Iwas the type of person that whatever
they told me to do I would do it 100% Ihad nightmares about scoring up my diet
like that was how bad I was like I hadbad dreams that I would eat too much one
day like that I would screw up like bymy new macronutrient numbers that was
how I was and so that got me thinkingthat would how it was gonna be like it
would be like that when I coached peopleand so it’s not like that at all not not
no one no one’s like that like hardlyanyone’s like that most people are quite
the opposite you have to make sure thatthey’re on track you’re holding them
accountable for certain things for theirdiet for their workout routine and some
people are easier to work with thanother people but mostly what you learn
is just to be patient because somepeople are gonna be like problem
children and they’re gonna be likereally irritating really really
irritating and you’re gonna like thinklike why why am I even helping you
because you’re not like doing anythingthat I’ve created
you’re not like listening to anythingwhen I’m saying and then you know
sometimes you can actually get thosepeople where they want to be sometimes
you have to like really gonna go backand forth to figure out what’s going to
work for those people psychologicallybecause people that are hard to deal
with I’ve found it’s more becausethey’re used to their routine they’re
used to what they’re already eatingthey’re used to the way they’re already
eating they’re used to the mill like thetimes are already eating they’re used to
their current workout split or theydon’t have one and they’re having
trouble adhering to one it’s usuallythose people that that that are they
don’t like change those were the onesthat that are hard – they’re hard
pressed to move them and move themforward and like create change and then
the peoplethat are kind of really really open
people like open books they’re reallyeasy to work with so you have to like
learn what kind of client you have earlyon and then know what you’re getting
into and work with them according tothat if they’re a really really open
person and they’re ready to do somethingor if they’re like oh yeah they’re not
really it’s like sure they’re kind oflike fighting back against things so
once you kind of learn what type ofclient you have and how to go about it
it makes things a lot easier as opposedto just kind of going in expecting them
to do exactly what you want them to dothat doesn’t always happen absolutely
and you know I think at the core of whatyou’re saying is is a need for people
skills and a need to develop a way tonot only deal with people individually
but be able to recognize that certainpeople are representative of you know
certain types of learners and certaintypes of workers and you know you have
to pick apart exactly who it is thatyou’re helping and what their strengths
are what their weaknesses are and howyour strengths and weaknesses play off
of that so I’m really glad you said thatbut beyond just the capacity of a mentor
and mentee relationship how else have orhas people skills been instrumental to
your success as an entrepreneur it’sI’ve had a lot of sales jobs just just
kind of get by like being anentrepreneur there have been times where
I’d have to go get a day job for likefour months just to like get some money
and obviously I don’t tell the peoplethat are hiring me that I’m probably not
gonna be here very long but I just do itlong enough to save up money so that I
can go back to like making the smallamount of money that I make as an
entrepreneur sometimes and like havethat money to kind of like put into it
and not like gets too scaredand so having sales skills I was on
patrol tongue-tied having sales skillsas an entrepreneur is helpful for one
reason becausethere may be times where you have to get
a job for like a month and make moneyand if you have sales skills and you can
get a sales job it’s really easy to makea lot of money
really really quickly and be able tojust kind of do that save it up and go
back to the grindthat’s helped me a lot but just in
general as an entrepreneur you’re alwaysgonna be a Salesman like you’re always a
Salesman that’s like that’s that’s whatyou do and even if like I think people
are born with certain things that reallygood at for me specifically like I was I
don’t think I was born to be a Salesmanlike I’ve had to guess what I was like I
would say that I’m a creative I’m likereally good at creating things like
really good at creating abstract thingsand then making them into something that
can help people I can sell things butI’m not like the number-one salesman in
the world like there are people that cansell you anything like it’s ridiculous
I’m not one of those people butcultivating the skills as a people
person and someone that thatcommunicates well and communication I
would say is the number one part ofsales like the number one piece of being
good at getting your point across topeople because if you can’t communicate
well with people they’re not gonnaunderstand what the heck you’re talking
about because like you’re an insider onwhatever it is that you’re selling
person you’re selling it to may not bean insider sometimes they are but most
of the time they’re not so you have totake your knowledge of the product or
your knowledge of whatever it is yourproduct or your service or anything that
you’re trying to sell and simplify it toa point where it makes sense for that
person that you’re your client you’rewhoever it is you’re selling it to and
word it in a way that makes sense fortheir circumstance for their life kind
of understand who they are as a personyou know get to know him a little bit
what’s their name do they have kidswhere do they live you know what are
they into where their hobbies just likewhatever you can learn from this person
and then once you kind of know them alittle bit you can kind of wear things
in a way that oh okay well I know thatyou like to do all this type of stuff
well this could help you in this area inthis area and like now you don’t really
feel like you’re pushing likewhen you just kind of like trying to
sell something to someone without reallyunderstanding why they might need it or
how it might help them you’re gonna comeacross very salesy like a salesman and
they’re not gonna like that and it’sgonna like they’re gonna they’re gonna
feel like you’re a car salesman and notanother car salesman are like car
salesmen but like the the classic carsalesman is someone that just kind of
like walks up to someone and tries tolike close before they know the person I
think that’s where they had that kind ofbad bad energy towards them so not doing
that but instead getting to know someoneand understanding what you’re selling
and getting them a little bit better andthen now you’re not really a Salesman to
them you’re someone that’s helping themget where they need to go so people
skills are important because of thatbecause they’re helping someone as
opposed to selling someone absolutelyabsolutely I think I think you’re you’re
right on the money with that so you knowyou talked about how one of the things
that that you do is you put up videos onYouTube and you bring in from your from
your acting career and and you puteverything on YouTube could you maybe
give a little bit more information onwhat you’re doing on YouTube and and
some of the just more on that sobasically what I am on YouTube as a
title is I am a fitness blogger sotypically I have the camera actually
cameras in the other room right now soI’m not gonna get it but the tripod that
my phone is sitting on this interview isthe tripod that my camera usually sits
on and I just hold it out like this itactually the tripod it can bend any sort
of way so it allows you to like have thecamera farther away from you I can hold
it up a little bit easier you won’t dropit as easily but basically people think
when I say that I’m on YouTube and theyknow when the fitness day is they all
you so you make workout videos I’m likeno like that’s that’s the people always
say like if you are Fitness youtuberpeople are always gonna say always gonna
say so you make where got videos notreally basically what I do is
just like acting just like a moviebasically what a movie is is its
highlights you’re taking a story you’retaking someone’s life you’re taking a
really good story and then you’rehelping you taking all these actors that
are going to be part of the story actorsare not storytellers they’re pieces of
the story so if anyone is an actor andever says they’re a story tailor they’re
not even very good actor because they’resaying that they don’t know what acting
is anyways YouTube is a lot like moviesjust because of the fact that a movie is
little pieces of highlights of life likeone after the other that go to a story I
look at YouTube allies the same way I’mnot just gonna pick the camera and just
kind of like go downstairs as I make mycoffee in the morning and just kind of
like slowly talk to the camera what I’mgonna do is think of like what are the
highlights they’re going to happen todayand like how can i angle the camera to
catch them in a good way and then howcan I fit in little pieces of me talking
about certain things and what what whatis it I want to talk about today so
basically as a Fitness YouTube vloggerI’ll have certain things that are on my
mind every day certain things that Iwant to talk about and then obviously
I’m gonna be doing a little bitdifferent things every single day and so
I take what I’m doing and basicallyturning into highlights and that’s kind
of how a vlog is you kind of see thehighlights of the day and it cuts and it
cuts and cuts and it cuts and so you’llhave kind of what I’m going before my
workout me talking different littlepieces of my day I try to make sure that
it’s a pilling looking the way that Ifilm it I try to like be very very
smooth with the camera when I’m holdingit I’ve learned to like move it smoothly
whenever I’m walking I’ve learned tokind of like move with my footsteps so
that that way it looks a little bit morestabilized all that gets put together
into sort of like a story every day andI did do daily uploads for about 160
days after a while it just got to apoint where I felt like I was kind of
being held down that I couldn’t do asmuch as I wanted to because I was only
working with one day and it was killingcreativity
just a little bit so I doubt it back toevery other day so basically what I’m
doing right now is every other day I’mdoing a fitness vlog and topic could be
about anything yesterday’s video isactually called why non-gay percent of
people will never get shredded and I saythat because most people that want to
get shredded they don’t know exactly howhard it is to get like body voting
staged leans shredded 4 percent body fatand most people that go into it fail but
people don’t talk about that becausepeople don’t want to hear about that
they want to hear only the successstories so I make videos about anything
that I could think of that could helppeople basically and I turn them into a
vlog and so you have you have a littlebit of me kind of talking to the camera
a little bit of what I’m doing that dayin a way that’s interesting and then you
have a workout so my workouts are in myvideo is about everyday and that’s sort
of like the center of the video I don’tmake workout videos but my workouts are
part of my days like sometimes I won’teven have a workout in the video but 75
to 80 percent of the time I have aworkout in a video and basically what
I’ll do like my kind of how I do thingsis I’ll film all day and then take my SD
card off my camera put it into mycomputer do a little bit of editing save
the render file and then film all daythe next day and then take that footage
take the SD card out put it into theediting software and then I’ll put
together a video and the next day I’llpublish it so that’s sort of my schedule
for making videos and yeah any any youhave any more questions about kind of
how I film videos or I mean if you haveany really good tips or maybe anecdotes
about about you know filming in anythingthat could help entrepreneurs you might
just want to be starting on theirYouTube journey or anything like that
and I think that’d be a good thing thisthing to say is that like in any market
on YouTube there there are gonna be aton of people in my market specifically
there are a ton of people that aretrying to make fitness vlogs or fitness
videoand I can watch like 30 of them and they
all feel the same so you need to getgood with the camera when you first pick
up the camera it’s gonna feel awkwardyou’re gonna stutter a lot just because
it doesn’t feel natural like whatsoeverand when you do things like that it
comes across as in genuine or youraudience feels like megistias a bad Bob
so getting better at that stuff numberone like that should be the first act of
duty and then number two making surethat your videos are interesting because
you could be talking about somethinglike I could be talking about fat loss
and be very very boring it could be thesame topic and then someone else could
come in and talk about it and be a veryinteresting person with a really funny
voice and like their cuts could bereally good on the video and and it
could just be a much better video on thesame topic so the ways that I like to
make things interesting depending onwhat you’re doing if you’re doing a
small sales video it could just be youtalking to the camera with like some
b-roll footage and basically what b-rollfootage is as you’re taking video of
other things other than you that areaesthetically appealing and you’re
playing it over you talking so that wayyou don’t have to like sit and watch
like 5 to 10 minutes of you talkingstraight to the camera because people
will click off of a video like if you’reif you’re just doing just talking to the
camera and it’s really boring unlessyou’re like a really funny person and
you’re really loud and obnoxious thenyou might not have to do b-roll footage
but that that’s just if you’re doinglike a straight sales video or you’re
just talking to the camera I don’t dothat many videos like that most of my
videos or like me throughout the day andthe way I do it
since my videos are more set up like ablog is if I want to talk about
something other something that I’mtrying to sell
how does randomly place it in the videoand it’s very nonchalant it doesn’t seem
like that’s the videos about and at thatpoint I’ll place a lob card in the video
and so right when that happens you canjust click it and go straight to it just
from the screen and then again it reallydepends on what type of videos that
you’re trying to do figure out if youwant to be a vlogger or if you want to
make little short informative videosthat are more like
you talking to the camera with Bureaufootage or what is that you’re trying to
kind of convey to your audience and thento things that make or break people that
think I don’t think they should be a bigdeal but YouTube’s decided they are big
deal is your thumbnail so your picturepicture some nail like that’s number one
and then number two is your title yourtitle if your titles not good no one’s
ever gonna click it and people call itclickbait but I don’t call it clickbait
I say if it’s in your video and it’ssomething that your video is about and
you could word it in a way that’s gonnaintrigue people don’t want to know more
about what it is you’re talking aboutput that in the title but has to be
something that is gonna garner clicksbecause like it like so for for instance
if I’m trying to make a video aboutbenchpress and I want people to click it
and learn about benchpressI wouldn’t tide on my video benchpress
better or how to benchpress better Iwould tie on my video something like 98%
of people don’t know this about pinchbreasts or this is something something
98% of you are doing wrong or somethingintriguing like you don’t have to use 98
percent or a statistic but use somethingthat’s gonna be like oh that like that
interests me as opposed to justsomething bland if you make it a
question a lot of times it’s gonna makeit a question or sort of like an
exclamation or something that peoplearen’t doing or something that people
don’t know or using using secret it’skind of cliche at this point that can
work too and so having a good catchytitle and a good catchy thumbnail and
then one thing that YouTube’s changedrecently that a lot of people don’t know
is your keywords only work depending onwhat you say in the video so if you
keyword your video up with things thatyou think might be relevant but you
didn’t say any of those things in myvideo they’re not gonna rank like any of
them so none of those things are gonnalike you know be clickable to your video
if you have a video with no words then alittle bit different but if you have a
video where you’re talking you want tomake sure that you’re saying certain
things you’re putting certain things inthere and then you’re tagging those
certain things to getto the video absolutely and it seems
like you know all these things cometogether to really say that you have to
be genuine and you know with your withyour title as the title has to relate to
what you talked about in your video andyour tags which is the keywords that’s
how people find you that has to bethings that you actually talk about in
the video and and you know all right soI really like what you said there and I
really do appreciate the value that youknow that you’re adding to this
interview so you know I just I have afew more questions for you there’s been
a great interview so far by the way Ireally appreciate your time but as as
entrepreneurs you know we always need tolearn we always need to better ourselves
we always need to develop what bookswould you say are the ones that have
been the most impactful to you on yourentrepreneurial journey first book that
I ever came about which I feel like alot of people have this is their first
book because it’s like thing butNapoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich that
was one of the first things that I cameabout they were just like a series that
just kind of randomly thrown on YouTubeit was like that I don’t know how many
principles that it was but it was likeso many principles that Napoleon Hill
had and they just kind of take it theytook it out of the book and just put it
into principles and he actually did Ididn’t know this but Napoleon Hill did
have been a video interview it was kindof talking directly about the principles
and that kind of turned me on to likethe law of attraction type of stuff
which something I’ve been trying to likeget back to here lately but the law of
attraction Abram makes really reallygood book just because if you don’t pay
attention to that stuff or you don’tknow that stuff and you’re ever thinking
about what’s wrong in your life orwhat’s bad you’re focusing on that stuff
and you’re wondering why like more badthings happened it’s kind of good to
learn about attraction and law ofattraction and all that sort of things
and then any book that has to do withyour mindset because at the end of the
day it’s all gonna come down to like howyou’re thinking about things because if
you’re focusing on like what’s goingwrong then you’re you’re not gonna be
very passionate it’s gonna drain yourpassion you’re gonna like when I
give up a lot easier where as opposed toif you’re just kind of as hard as it
sounds to do like it’s easier said thandone brushing the bad things off your
shoulders and focusing on things thatyou’re trying to do in the mission and
the goals and everything and sort ofwhat is working it makes life a lot
easierso anything Napoleon Hill I absolutely
love most of Abram Hicks stuffabsolutely love she’s written a couple
of books like she’s written a book aboutspecifically a law of attraction that
became famous they made a littledocumentary on it which is really cheesy
there was also like another book thatshe wrote called like the law of love or
something like that there’s another onethat she had written it was actually
like a daily kind of law of attractionquote I’ve got all them with all they’re
really all great books I think a lot ofpeople get a lot of traction wrong
because they think you can just thinkthings in your life and be lazy but it’s
like think positive thoughtsthink about things that are gonna help
you and then also do the work so that’swhere attorney Robbins comes in Tony
Robbins is another person that I like toread a lot of his books he’s got books
on financial success he’s got books onbeing better mindset was so Tony Robbins
Abram Hicks Napoleon Hill what is theguy’s name dill was his name
Dale Carnegie yeah so Dale Carnegie Ithink my absolute favorite favorite book
for business is how to win friends andinfluence people by Dale Carnegie like
I’ve read that book like ten times andalmost every time I read an email or
like write something to someone I’ll goback and like look I’ll go back and
listen to it’s part about how companiesshould write email or how they should
write letters because I think a lot ofpeople when they’re writing a proposal
or writing a job interview a letter orany of those things writing to someone
they want to partner with they talk toomuch about themselves or how they’re
gonna help them and they’re not talkingabout what the other person wants or
what they could get out of it and thatshould be backwards you should start out
your email or start out whatever it isyou’re proposing like as what they want
like what they’re going to get out of ithow they’re gonna grow if you’re talking
about yourself at all it shouldbe what you’re gonna do for them and
maybe at the end of it you could mentionyour credentials a little bit because
that that people like that a lot betteras opposed to like if you mentioned how
great you are and your credentials andhow awesome you are and then at the end
of it you mentioned a little bit of whatyou’re going to do for them like most
likely that’ll never workyou’ll never get with investors you’ll
never partner with anybodyyou’ll never like I don’t win anybody
over that way so for that reason Ireally like Dale Carnegie Napoleon Hill
just kind of started me on the wholelike journey of self-help like Napoleon
Hill was the first person that I startedreading from another great book by
Napoleon Hill that I love if you’ve readthis but how about what the devil
frickin awesome book I’ve not actuallyread that one but all the all the
authors that you mention it arespectacular I mean they really are
impactful and intelligent and reallyreally strong people to follow him so
you know I do want to thank you for forbringing that up and you know I just
want to I want to talk a little bitabout about your course because you know
we’ve spoken a little bit lately aboutyou actually releasing a full fitness
course am I correct in that maybe youcould give a little bit of insight on
what it is what you put into it and howmuch it’s helped people so there are a
lot of sort of workout plans out therelike p90x or NP 45 or insanity those
were kind of like classic examples ofworkout plans single image the criminal
CDs what I noticed is with onlinecoaching and macronutrients and all the
stuff that I teach there was not aprogram that was based off of those
principles so I wanted to make a programthat it was a little bit longer than
some a lot of the programs are too shortthese days they’re like 30 days 45 days
50 days I don’t think you can reallymake lasting change I think you could
get shredded and not get shredded butyou can lose some weight to go to the
beachin 30 days maybe you lose 10 pounds but
it’s not gonna like it’s not gonnachange your lifestyle so what I wanted
to do is take what I’ve learned fordieting take what I’ve learned with
training take Groff learn with helpingall the clients that I’ve worked with
over time and put together somethingthat could do all that without me being
part of the equation so basically aprogram it’s sort of like a coach
without having an actual coach so whatthe program does is number one it’s a
100 day program that’s 100 daypowerlifting / bodybuilding program that
teaches you how to start out as a powerlifter start out as a bodybuilder and
I’m not saying you need to be a powerlifter or by blur but most of the time
when people go to the gym they want togain strength get stronger own core
lifts which is power lectures that arethe best at doing that so I use their
methodology not that you need to bepower lifter but also put in
bodybuilding because bodybuilders havethe best knowledge to do the best on
building muscle so you have powerlifting and bodybuilding progression
styles that you’re going to learn how todo you’re going to learn how to do that
over 100 days gonna get better andbetter at it also implement D loads and
how that works is one thing that peopledon’t think about and a lot of reasons
the people plateau out is because whenyou’re building muscle and building
strength what happens is the first weekis going to be sort of intense the
second week is gonna be a little moreintense third week is gonna be usually
really intense is on a progressionscheme and you build a little bit muscle
around that tongue but when you reallybuild the most muscle is when you take a
weak easy and what I call those Rd loadweeks and a lot of people don’t do those
so they leave a lot on the table andthey plateau out because if you go hard
we have to recap tarik after week andyou don’t deal owed and then your body
really can’t recover and bounce back andI mean I talked about bouncing back
earlier in the video your body has tohave that recovery week to bounce back
building muscles almost like a rubberband it’s almost like you stretch it
you’re stretching your stretch it youbeat yourself up beat yourself up beat
yourself up for a couple of weeks andthen you take that weak indi load and
with the dealeryou take off 20% off the lace you take
off a couple sets off every exercise yougo easy on your joints to your ligaments
your central nervous system and then youcome back again and get a lot stronger
you build muscle you don’t stagnate outthat’s just part of the program though
it also teaches you how to countmacronutrients micronutrients being
carbs fat and protein there are a lot ofdifferent ways to diet that’s what I’ve
talked about in the book hashtag gainsbut if you’re trying to get into really
really good shape that you’re trying toget shredded or building a bit of muscle
on a short period of time it’s reallygood to learn like the numbers so the
fat carbon protein is what food breaksdown into and you can do meal plans you
can do intuitive eating but if you’recounting macros it’s very very specific
and it’s more flexible if you’recounting macros you can fit in a
doughnut here and there like you can doit and you can still get leaning because
you’re counting the numbers not the foodso basically it starts out and it
calculates your macros based off of yourgender your career type your age your
height like everything is taken intoaccount it’ll calculate your macros and
you can do this program in 3 ways youcan do it to get shredded you can do it
to kind of like just gain strength andkind of maintain the way you look and
just kind of what’s called recap or justnot change your body weight that much
but build more muscle and get a thickerlook or you can do it to bulk up and
gain a good bit of muscle in a hundreddays so it’s not a program for shredding
or a program for building muscle it’s aprogram for doing whatever like you can
you can customize it to whatever youwant to do depending on how your macros
are that’s what’s gonna changeeverything
contrary to popular belief you reallydon’t need to change your workouts to
get shredded or to build muscleit’s your diet that the influence is
what you do if you’re eating certainamount of food you’re going to gain
weight if you eat a certain amount offood you’re gonna maintain you’re gonna
cut down so every single week it’s gonnahave directions to change things so it’s
gonna say ok if you’re here then changeyour macros to here and this something
the program does on its own I don’t knowany other
program that does that so like week twoweek three you’re not losing any weight
it’s gonna say okay change your fat tohere and if then you drop then all right
good the next week you don’t have tomake any changes and that’s usually what
an online coach does but the programteaches you how to do it yourself
regression scheme on the workouts sortof do the same thing so not only is it a
program where you can build a lot ofmuscle or get shredded or build a lot of
strength or one of you know all three ofthem in a hundred days but you learn how
to progress and your strength you learnhow to progress and building muscle you
learn how to shred down if you want toyou learn how to get through a bulk
cycle if you want to you can do itmultiple times you can do it once to get
shredded do it another timeto bulk up you learn how to use
progression one of the things that a lotof people don’t do is go in the gym on
an actual progression scheme what aprogression scheme is is something that
allows you to give little bit bettereach week so maybe you have a certain
rep scheme on a lift you’re starting outwith certain amount of reps and the
second week in third week you drop a repdrop a rep go up five pounds go up top
pounds that’s what a progression schemeis and basically the program has a
progression scheme for bodybuildingprogressions came for powerlifting and
the to actually do correlate because asyou get stronger you’re gonna open up
the window to build more muscle and asyou build more muscle you’re gonna open
up the window to get stronger cause youcan only get so strong at a certain
amount of muscle mass basically whathappens as you gain strength is your
muscle your body everything is adheringto the movements you’re adapting to the
motor pattern once your body becomesfully adapt to the motor pattern and you
can’t force any strength out anymorestrength out of that amount of muscle
you have you have to build a little bitmore muscle to get stronger and the
opposite is when you’re buildingstrength it’s gonna help you build more
muscle because if you’re benching 45pounds on the bench press or bridge
pressing the bar for 10 reps you knowyou want to get stronger so that you can
eventually bench 135 for 10 reps andmaybe you’re only bench pressing 135 for
a couple reps right now but you have todo those low reps in order to be able to
do thatwait for high reps doing volume doing a
lot more volumes of doing a lot moresets a lot more reps is what builds
muscle Ben order to actually build themuscle you actually have to be lifting a
good bit of weight for a good bit ofvolume so everything sort of fits
together to build muscle to get shreddedto get stronger to learn how to count
macros and at the end of the day Iwanted to go to program that taught all
the principles that I teach peoplewithout actually needing me and so
that’s basically what alpha 1 under itis is it’s a program that gets you in
really good shape in a hundred days atthe same time teaches you powerlifting
bodybuilding progression and teaches youhow to count macros at a base level and
so I’ve actually got a My Fitness Palguide in the book
hash tag gains is actually on a PDF soit’s not the actual book but it’s a PDF
version of the book so that’s part of itso you get that as well so everything as
far as dieting you learn about you learnabout how to count macros you learn
about how to use the app like down tothe tee how to how to use the app
account macros like everything is thereI just I didn’t see anyone else doing
that and I felt like people needed thatbecause some people they don’t want to
coach or they don’t need a coach theyjust need to learn the things that are
out there that they don’t understand andso I wanted to put that out there one
other thing that I’ve failed to mentionis there is a basically a weight loss
myths guide at the end of the the pdfversion of hashtag games that I think is
really valuable because there are a lotof myths out there that people believe
that hold them back like you can’t eatcarbs at bedtime or you’ll get fat or
you can’t skip breakfast those are twomyths or that there’s an anabolic window
after a workout and if you don’t use theanabolic window you’ll lose muscle
that’s also a myth you don’t need theprotein right after you workout and you
won’t lose muscle so I’ve got 21 ofthose myths that I debunk at the end of
the book so you’ve got all the mythsdebunked that you probably believe right
now that are holding you back you learnhow to count macronutrients for the rest
of your life you’ll learn how to usebodybuilding and powerlifting
progression and overall you’ll just kindof be abducted into the fitness
lifestyle with the program that’sawesome that’s awesome so
you know I’m actually going to put alink down in the description below where
you can go and grab Jordans book gainshashtag games and you can also take a
peek at the course as well so again it’sgoing to be in the description below I
very highly encourage everybody that’slistening to go check those things out
Jordan’s really put a lot of time andeffort into this as you can see he not
only preaches these things but he livesit not only is he swole but he he’s also
a great guy and and you can learn a lotfrom him
so Jordan I do want to thank you forjumping on the interview I do have one
more question for you and then what thenwe’ll wrap up so when we go on for a
while but is there anything aboutyourself that you think is an important
part of who you are that I did not askyou about today in other words what did
I missI don’t really think you missed anything
but I would say one of the mostimportant things about me is just that
I’ve been resilient I’ve been through alot in terms of like trying things and
falling on my face like over and overand over again like I’ve been pursuing
like the whole entrepreneurship thingsince I was about fifteen sixteen and
being resilient getting back up afterthings have happened has been like very
very important I mean sometimes it takeslike five to eight years to really have
a really really big breakthrough like onon average for someone to become super
super successful it’s eight to ten yearslike you know people get mild success in
two to four to six years but on averagepeople that are great actors or great
businessmen or companies great CEOs orjust great entrepreneurs in general took
them eight to ten years from the timethey started started learning about
stuff to the time that they got to wherethey were going to really really get
good at it and had that company built upor had that career built up or had that
Client List built up for the servicesand everything so I think resilience is
and you know I don’t think that youmissed it I don’t think
anything that you missed but I think Iwould say resilience getting back up
bouncing back that sort of thingthat’s awesome that’s fantastic so you
know again I want to thank you Jordanfor coming on and I’m doing this
interview I think you provide a lot ofvalue to everybody myself and everybody
that’s listening so I want to thank youfor that again everybody go check out
Jordans book and course I’m again gonnaput the link down and just in the
description below so go check that outbut I do want to take a moment to thank
everybody that’s listening you know I’vebeen doing this a lot lately but but
y’all are the reason that that we dothis y’all are the reason that this is
this is so meaningful and this is soworth it to me I love doing this and I
will continue doing this and hopefullythe things that we talk about in this
podcast in this show provide value toyou and you can take something from it
and in any way you can become a littlebit better from having been a part of
this process so I do want to thank youso much for listening it today has been
another project day interview and we’vebeen talking to Jordan Miller from North
Carolina take care now


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