Hello everyone. Welcome to online Acupressure Training, presented byThe International Institute of Fitness and Alternative SciencesToday we shall learn details of the courseand what shall be covered in the forthcoming training’s. What is the mission and objective of doing this?How can we join and what shall we learn from this?We shall cover all these above pointsso keep watching. Do watch this video till the end, so you will get to know about its processOn how to start, how to enroll and about registrationAnd how can you learn this professionally. What can you learn through this training, we shall cover the benefitthat you get through these training videos. So, do watch this video till the end. So, let’s begin. The objective of this trainingis to make you awarethat, ‘ways to improve your health is INDEED in your own hands’. It is your responsibility to take care of your health. We need to know the ways to avoid usage of harmful medicines available in the market. Whenever we get minor health issueswe are used to popping allopathy medicinesbecause we think we don’t have any other options. Through this training we shall learnways to avoid intake of harmful allopathy medicines for minor/ acute health issues. When you consume these medicinesthey do give you temporary reliefbut it has its own long-term side effectsand so we need to try and stay away. Our sole purpose is to make everyone understandhow to revive and use your own energyto heal yourselves. Our aim is to reach maximum number of peopleto share this divine knowledge. Because, we feel you do not have any other options than medicine. Our aim is to reach out to peoplewith the help of videos, trainingson how we can manage our health problems without medicines,how can we heal them. Our mission is to have maximum outreachand teachhow one can heal your body without medicines with the help of these therapies. If you think you have no health problems,then how can you use this therapy as a prevention toolwill also be shared through these videos. If you try to learn this course from other sourcesthe average fees of such training course could be anywhere between 8 to 10 thousand rupees,which is given totally free here. This training will educate onhow you correlate your entire body on your palms and feet. We will show which point on our palm and foot represents which part of your body. In this training we will cover,depending on your health issues,how on your own you can identify the specific pointsand determine the right course of action. How to stimulate those points the right way?How much pressure should you apply on those pointsand with what intensityshould you stimulate the acupressure points?How to use magnets and seeds on those points?How long should you keep them for?will also be covered in this training. Whenever you are watching this training videosI know, this is a free trainingbut try and consider it as if you have paid for them. When we start this training course,I would encourage you to keep a notebookand a pen handy with youin which you can make notesof every points, every treatments that will be instructed in these training. So kindly make seperate Acupressure notebook,or a register where you can take notes of all the points,step by step training information shown here,with same dedication as if I am training you in person or in a live-training session. While viewing these videos, you should make notes. Like for a particular problem,a protocol will be shared. Do make notes of these information. This will curtail the need to watch these videos repeatedly. If ever you come across any personor a family member having similar health issuesyou may just need to refer to your notes,check the protocol and proceed with the treatment. This methodical approach and repeated easy reference and practice ofall the steps, the protocols and all the knowledge will be retained,and will be imbibed within your brainand eventually you may not even require your notebook for reference. Once you have perceived this completely,you will be able to help your own self and others. You can also make this, a source of income with the use of this knowledge. You first need to be thorough with this trainingand learn how to take care of yourself with this therapy. thereafter you may try helping your family membersor your friendsthrough this training videos. Once you are confident enoughwith the training thoroughly,you may then try to help others or strangers. If you are already are an Acupressure practitioner,I would still encourage you to join this trainingas you may come across certain informationyou might not have heard or read. because, ” Learning is never ending”. You may come across new findings which may helpfurther upgrade your knowledge. So when you will attend these training sessions,watch these videos,I am sure you may come across many new thingsthat may help you serve your clients better. After end of these training videos, there shall a link providedthrough which you may attempt an online examination. which is completely simple. The exam will be based on the subject and content covered in the videos. i. e. only MCQswhich you just have to tick to complete your exams. Alongside, we plan to organize free camps. With the knowledge you have gained through these videos,the acupressure therapy that you may have learnedyou can put all of that to practical use at the camp. I always believe in giving back to the society. No matter how busy one would be,we should always endeavor to do something for our society. So, this is a good opportunity for all of usto do something for our society. below this video there will a link provided in the description box,whereby you can join a WhatsApp groupwhere all these videos will be first sharedfor you to learn the training. We shall provide you with a contact numberthrough which you can keep in touch. You may ask a query or a doubt in the description or comment section below. If you wish to know about a specific problem,and would like to see a video on it,you may write in the comment boxand I will try to make videos addressing that issue. Our MISSION is to have at least one healer in each home, globally. That means, throughout the worldwe aim to have at least one healer in every home. is our only mission. Through this campaign we wish share this divine knowledge. Reach to maximum number of peopleto educate them. I will need your supportso together we can help ourselves and our familyto heal their health issues, without medicines. and PREVENTION is always better than cure. It’s better to know how to treat problems even before the issues arises. and how we can keep these harmful medicines at bay, will be shared in these training’s. So, all the best guys. Try and understand and learn this therapy meticulouslytry to perceive this knowledge deeplybecause it is completely free. Do take this up the way you would have done for a paid course. Do give your bestSo, let’s try and make our country, medicine free. Thank you so much.


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