Love working out? Or does your fear of getting an injury often get in the way of things?It’s time for the Impossible acrobatics challenge!See this wheel?It’ll reveal which exercises our ladies will have to attempt. Shall we meet the teams?First, we have the pros. These girls’ muscles are strong but their will to win is even stronger. And without further ado…Meet the noobs. Um, nice, uh, cartwheel, is it?Who do you think will have what it takes to be the ultimate champion of — uh…Aren’t we missing someone?Amy, c’mon we’re starting!Gah, leg cramp!Stay tuned to see if the pros or the noobs will be the ultimate champions!Let’s spin the wheel for our very first exercise!Looks like the ladies will be attempting the “airscrew”. Think you can handle it, ladies?Wow! On the first try?I guess that’s why they call you guys the pros, huh?Alright, we can give it a try. Let’s do this!Oh no, that’s not a face of confidence, Lana. Okay, her hands made it to ground at least, that’s good…Amy! Watch out for those flying limbs! Oh man!You gotta laugh, right?Mission accomplished. Will the next exercise be as easy as the last?And next up is the airflip!Oh, we got this one for sure!Let’s see here…I got it!Hey, come here for a sec!Hey! Welcome to the pro team, Sophia!Here…we…go!!Yes! That was a flawless flip!Great job, guys!Huh?Bye, guys!Maybe Sophia will be a good luck charm!Let’s give it a go, shall we?Wait, where exactly should our arms go?Okay, now flip her over!Wait, what do we do once she flips?!We didn’t think this through!!Why didn’t I wear my helmet?!Oh thank goodness, Sophia’s safe!It may not have been graceful, but they made it work!Okay, back to the wheel! Maybe it’ll be something even harder this time!Tetris? Wait, isn’t that a video game?Hey! What are you doing in here?Ugh, not again…I guess my nice hot shower will have to wait, won’t it?This version of human Tetris will take place in a doorway, apparently!Think there’s room in there for you, Sophia?Wow, you need to have some serious thigh strength for this one!Nice work!Ooh! Careful there!Yes! We make a good team, don’t we?Oh, you’re not done yet, Sophia…What? How’d you guys even get in here?Oh man, hang in there, thighs!Okay, Sophia, go slow…Ooh! Sophia’s butt, meet Amy’s face…They did it!!Now get down quickly before those thighs give out!We may be sore tomorrow but it was totally worth it. Hey, don’t leave a girl hangin’!Okay, ready for the next exercise?Pyramid!OKay, 1,2,3, GO!First two legs, up!And we have lift off, ladies and gentlemen!Now that’s a pretty awesome looking pyramid!BOOM, baby!Don’t worry, we got this one in the bag!Once we get these first legs off the ground, we’ll be set!Why did it look so much easier when the pros did it?Ugh c’mon legs, get up there!Aw, so close!Eh, “A” for effort!This next spin will reveal the most important exercise of all!Well, for you, that is! Don’t forget to click subscribe for more awesome videos like this one!Okay, now that we got that out of the way, here’s the real exercise comin’ your way!The caterpillar!This exercise requires quite a bit of team work. And a good amount of arm and core strength, of course. Hey, where you guys goin’?We can totally do that!Let me just slide under here…Ooh, those arms are gettin’ a little tricky!Slow and steady wins the race, ladies!What do you get when two caterpillars walk across a field?It sounds like a joke, but I’m really asking here…You thinking what I’m thinking?Oh yeah. Woah! Am I buggin’, or is that one massive human caterpillar I’m seeing?This proves that no matter what team you’re on, working together always has the best outcome. Alright, let’s find out what our last exercise challenge is!Extra?! This is gonna be awesome. This exercise is going to take some extra strength and brain power. An exercise that requires you to sit down?And you get to lay down? Sign me up!Hey! Don’t they need those chairs?Who needs a chair when you have a comfy lap to lay on?Woah, that looks like a bumpy ride!Oh no, they’re losing power! Hang on!Oh! Man, what a work out!Hey, anyone have a towel and a gatorade?It’s finally time to take a breather and check out these hilarious bloopers!Be sure to send
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