– 30 days with me will change your life,your relationship status, and your income. Trust me. Move your elbows in the front, right here. Jog it over here, jog it over here. Stand up, stand up, stand up. Come on. – Someone that I’m always fascinated by,one of my favorite
actors, Michael B. Jordon. He had been kind of like
on the skinnier sideand it seems like starting
with Fantastic Fourand now for Creed Two, he’s
just like in completelyinsane condition. I reached out to Corey Calliet,Michael B. Jordan’s trainer. – I’m celebrity trainer, Corey Calliet. About four and a half years
ago I met Michael B. Jordan. When we started off
Michael had no muscles. Throughout the years we’ve
trained through different movies,coming up on Creed Two. This time, I was able to take his bodyto a whole other level. I’m the guy that you go to
when you need to get yourselfin shape really fast. – By the end of this, we’ll
see if maybe I look likesomeone who could possibly be in the ringin a Creed movie. – How you doing, Corey?- What up, bro?
– Chris. – Nice to meet you.
– Pleasure to meet you. – Same here, bro, same here. – So today is day one of 30. – Right, let me see your midsection. It’s not bad. What I can do with this in 30 days,I can almost guarantee
you’ll start having absby the time we finish. – Abs.
– Ready to get started?- I’m very excited, let’s do it. – All right, let’s do it, bro. So over the next 30 days,
the workout we’re going to dois kind of going to match or
similar to what I did on Creed. Starting off with the
early conditional running,the condition weightlifting
when it comes to dumbbells,squat rack, shoulder presses,
different things like that. I think your biggest
challenge is going to bestaying consistent. Fighting through the pain,
fighting through the hurt,fighting through the I don’t feel like it. You know, those I don’t feel
like it, maybe tomorrow. Well, you only have 30 days
so you don’t have tomorrow. Tell the truth, this hurts. It’s supposed to, all right?So we’re going to do that
all over again, you ready?Right here, let’s go, come on. If you can be consistent
throughout the whole process,your body will start changing. As far as Michael, this was
an everyday thing for him. You have to dedicate
and discipline yourselfto what you are trying to
do to achieve that goal. There’s no shortcuts. – So we’re done with day one. I didn’t die yet. I don’t know what happens when I go home. – If I was to grade this,
I would give him a C. A C because he can do better. – We’ll go from here. – You heard it. – I feel like I’m just
getting killed right now. This first week has been brutal. The meal prep has proven
to be the most difficultafter the first week. I think for a person with a nine to fivewho’s not like an actor with a chefand you’re not like being paid
to dedicate your life to thisit is certainly more challenging. – What people don’t understand isyou can be a boxer, you
can be anything you want,but to get the look that you
want, the real transformationcomes with the diet. A lot of high protein. I play with the carbohydrates
depending on when he needed itand I kept the fats at
a very balanced levelthroughout the day. Water is very important. He needed a gallon and a half
to two gallons of water a day. – The one thing I was not
prepared for about thiswas just how exhausting the
whole gallon of water thing is. We’re just trying to
create the look of a boxer. Aesthetically, where
do you think we’re at?- I think we’re at a good spot. Of course, we just have 30 daysso I had to get the best
out of you that I can. I see already change if you
look at from the first timewe interviewed and right now, you can seehow your arms are starting to come out. How the roundness in your shoulders come. Your vascularity is coming through. As you can see now, you’re starting to seehe’s getting abs right now. So you see the changes
coming in the musclesand that lets you know that with meyou can change in 30 days. – So for these last two weeks,what are we going to change workout wise?- We’re going to
up the pace a little bit. We’re going to add more cardiovascular. We’re going to add more
super sets and tri setsand training like that
because we want to getthe muscles going and we want
to get the blood pumping. So in order to get you ripped
down, I gotta get you movinga little bit more faster. So the weight will come down. – Story time, I had gone to a concertand, you know, I just wanted
to let loose a little bit. I had like three, I had four plus vodkas. Point being, my decision
making became a little bitimpaired, right?The concert ends, I get
back and I’m lookingthrough the food delivery
app and what pops up?Taco Bell. Eventually around three
I get a notificationon my phone and it’s from DoorDashand they say that the order is canceled. My initial thought:
McDonald’s is still open. They’re 24 seven, I can just go therebut then I thought about
it and I’m like okay,maybe I should take this as a sign. Yes I slipped up a little. It’s no reason to just
toss away the entire dietand throw everything off track. I’ll see you when this
is all over, Taco Bell. Don’t you worry. I just went for a run. It was just kind of like
extra cardio for the daybut I think that’s a good
sign because I usually havezero desire to do anything
really on a Saturday night. I just feel like I’m
starting to kind of get intoa good groove. It’s just such a limited amount of time. So when you put Corey’s name on ityou just have this fear of like ending itand being kind of in
the same place I startedso I’m trying to make surethere’s some type of results here. – So we’re finally at our
last training session. He has to make sure that
we get everything today. I don’t want to see him tired or hurtingor something like that. I want to see him going
all the way through itand giving everything that he canand basically keeping up with me. So when he started off, he
was a little watery, soft. 30 days later. Take your shirt off. What I put together really works. It just takes time and dedication and youto actually make it happen. – Day one workout, I almost
died in like five minutes. – Right, right, right. – Didn’t know if I was gonna make it. How do you think the day 30 performancewith that fast pace, how
do you think that compares?- I think today, you was
able to see him be differentthan you’re going to see
him on the first day. The workout was great. We did go at a very
faster tempo, higher pace. I tried to make him
quit, that was my goal,to always make you quit to
get the best out of you. As you can see, if you look at his body,from the first day his pectoral muscles,his abdominals, his
shoulders, upper chest,biceps, everything is starting to form. Basically what this is is
that no matter who you are,movie star or not, if you take the time,consistency, discipline and do it,you can get the same type of body. I think in 30 days, we
were able to do morethan what I do with some actors.


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