There used to be a time
when I would, every now and then,bring donuts to the office for my
teammates, because I thought that this wasa nice gesture to show that I cared.
Today, I would never do somethinglike this. So here’s what happened. In 2016,
I went through a transformationthat changed me dramatically. If you
looked at pictures of me two yearsbefore and today, I even look different.
I had to toss out 70% of the clothes in mycloset because my body shape changed.
I went from 22% body fat to 15% body fat. My energy shot through the roof.
My skin started clearing up. But this is how it started. It was
January of 2016 and I wasat an event called the
“Transformational Leadership Council. “It’s a gathering of some of the top
authors in spirituality and health andwellness all across the world.
At this particular gathering,I was new and I saw this one guy who was
being presented with a gold medal by allof these other authors. And one by one,
they were getting up and acknowledging himand how he changed their life.
So apparently, he had helped a largenumber of these authors go through
a massive health transformation. So when Eric got on stage to get his
award, he announced that he was goingto do this health transformation challenge
again for the authors in that room and Ijumped at that opportunity. I
decided to connect with Eric and signup for the next challenge which he called
WildFit. So it was February of 2016 that Iparticipated in this 90-day WildFit
program. And what happened to menext was transformative. So Eric’s
a South African entrepreneur andhe had started a number of different
companies in different fields,including a production company that worked
on movies like ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. But it’s what he does in his spare
time that makes him really unique. He spends a good deal of his spare
time living with the San peopleof South Africa, hunting with
them, living with their tribe,understanding their way of life.
And he noticed something fascinatingabout the San people.
Even in their older ages,he noticed that the men and women
of the tribe were remarkably healthy. But here’s the curious thing, modern
science shows that the San peopledo not do any more exercise than modern
living humans. It’s a myth that manyindigenous tribes actually get more
exercise. So what is it that made the Sanpeople so much more healthier?
Eric believed it was their diet. So Eric gained an ability to flip a switch
in his biology. Rather than get his bodyto crave sugar and burn the sugar that
he’s consuming, he trained his bodyto burn the excess fat.
Our bodies today carry abouta quarter-million calories of excess fat
around us. Eric trained his body to tapinto those fat reserves for incredible
energy and incredible health. And WildFit was transformation the
health of all his friends including me. Check out these videos of fellow authors
at the “Transformational LeadershipCouncil” talking about what
Eric just did for them. I cannot say enough about the
WildFit program. I released weight,19 pounds, and I’ve kept it off. My allergies went tremendously
down, and also, I started having the lastyear’s pain in my bones, like on my
knees, my joints, and after doing WildFit,that was actually gone
without doing extra exercises. Don’t know how many times
I’ve been on diet, but every time,I just couldn’t make it. And
thanks to Eric and the WildFit,I lost about 20-some pounds. And what I love about WildFit
is that it brings you the confidenceto live the life you want to live,
to become the owner of your choices,in terms of the food you eat and
also, to be aware of your habits. Fifteen pounds fell
off. That never happened before. Fifteen pounds fell off,
but not because it was a diet,it was because I was running a new
life. WildFit is not a diet and it’s nota lifestyle change. WildFit
is my whole psychology. Now, isn’t that amazing?
It wasn’t just these authors. Eric also just, a couple of months back,
received a gold medal from the CanadianSenate for what he did transforming
the health of a Canadian politician. So WildFit transformed me. It was
as if I reversed my aging by a goodfive to eight years. And you
know when you stumbleupon something that’s so powerful you
want to tell all your friends about it,so I told my parents who were skeptical.
My mom, my dad, who was 70,went through it, and they had
a transformation. My wife wasextremely skeptical, but as I
got on WildFit and our dinnerhabits started changing at night,
she lost 2 kilograms in those 90 days. And then I decided the ultimate test
was to bring this to my company. And this is where you see why I
no longer bring donuts to the office. Over 100 people in Mindvalley and
their spouses went through WildFit. The results just utterly blew us
away. One guy, Diab from Egypt,was hooked on Coke, finally got off his
addiction. Our CTO Gareth lost 51 pounds,and the results also applied to women all
across the team. And what happened is allof these transformations were happening
in 90 days. But the result didn’t stopafter 90 days. And so as people’s
energy levels started shooting up,their work improved, but not only that,
they started getting a desire to takeup sports, to go into weight training,
to start training for Spartan Races. This transformed our company in a dramatic
way. And that’s when we knew we hadto bring WildFit to our Mindvalley student
base. And that’s how MindvalleyWildFit emerged. So diets don’t often work
and this is why Americans go into diets,come out of it, fail, go back
into diets, come out of it, fail. As Eric Edmeades said, “The
diet industry is designed to sell youa broken system,” a broken product so you
have to keep buying and buying and buyingover and over and over again.
WildFit reprograms your brain to only wantthe things which are healthy for you.
It’s now been almost three years sinceI did WildFit, and my body is actually not
putting on weight, it’s simply gettingbetter and better because I no longer
crave the things I used to crave. I can bring a box of donuts and
put it in the Mindvalley office,and people won’t even touch it. And it’s not like they’re using willpower. It’s not like they’re preventing
themselves, they simply have zero desire. That’s the difference between
reprogramming the brain or forcing a dieton someone. And this,
folks, is so important today. If you’re eating unhealthy and
going for a run, it doesn’t work. And you have to fix food first
before you go into exercise. Now, big food companies don’t want you to
know that. They blatantly lie about theproducts that they’re putting out there on
grocery shelves all around the world. One of the great advantages of WildFit
is that it creates a form of memeticinoculation against big food companies and
the massive amounts of bullshit they’repushing at us and our children.
And this is why the changeswith WildFit last. Now, let me
tell you what worried me whenI first did WildFit. I was worried that
I’d have to give up things I really love. You know what I really love? Red wine.
I was a guy who, when I came backfrom work, I would drink two glasses
of red wine. After WildFit,it wasn’t that I had to give up wine,
but my alcohol consumption fell by 70%. And that really is what this is
about. It’s about willpower-free,pressure-free ways to simply rewire your
brain so you crave and you want what isreally healthy for you. And as
you do this, using the behavioralmodification system of WildFit on
Mindvalley’s Quest technology,you find that your engine flips. You
go from having a body that requiressugar and carbs for energy to having a
body that instead burns the excess fatthat we travel with, and this
forces you to dramaticallyimprove your health. If you
find these ideas interesting,check out WildFit, our new Masterclass
with Eric Edmeades is airing right now,and I can’t wait for
you to check this out.


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