How to Become a Certified Aerobics Instructor.
Aerobics instruction is a great way to keepin shape while earning extra money. Your chances
of getting a job are better if you are certified. You will need A computer with internet access
Aerobics classes First Aid and CPR certificationStudy materials Teaching experience and gym
access . Step 1. Find certificationinformation on the web from national organizations
such as the American Council on Exercise,the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America,
or the American College of Sports Medicine. Step 2. Experience a full range of aerobics
by taking different types of classes, includingstep, water, kickboxing, and high- and low-impact
aerobics. Most gyms have day passes if youwant to try out different classes. Step 3.
Enroll in a CPR and first aid class to getcertified. This training is usually required
to receive certification in aerobics instruction. Step 4. Study anatomy, exercise physiology,
and kinesiology. Most certification programshave a written exam covering these areas.
Step 5. Get teaching experience by organizinga class at home or by co-teaching at a gym.
Step 6. Apply for certification to be an aerobicsinstructor. Once you’re certified, you can
start looking for a job that will bring youa lot of satisfaction and earned income. Did
you know Studies have shown that 30 minutesof exercise a day can make you a happier person.


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