hey guys Kevin Kreider here from pursueso I’ve been getting some questionsabout how they overcame alopecia areatait’s a stress-induced okay it’s astress-induced hair loss alopecia areatais a stress-induced hair loss where yourauto immune system starts attacking thehair follicles of your hair or your bodywhen you’re under stress high stressthat isso a lot of you may have known i wasliving in new york back in two thousandthirteen and fourteen and i just had areally rough rough time in my life i washighly under stress i was living inharlem I had a lot of roommates I wasn’treally financially doing so well wasn’tbooking them any jobs i just finishedacting school so I didn’t have thisinsecurity of going back to a certainfamiliar place and seeing the same facesall the time and I was just a rack itwas just such a high stress time my lifefor other personal reasons too but Istarted losing my hair in chunks it’s alow pitch area to figure I did a lot ofresearch on that and you know I try tolie different things but one thing theysaid is to go see your dermatologist andI saw my dermatologist but it was untilI was halfway off my head you know allthe hair she gave me some cortisoneshots in my head and on my scalp to helpthe inflammation go down I tookprednisone but none of the hair startedto grow back from that not immediatelyat least but there are things that Ibelieve helped me overcome alopeciaareata to get my hair back which was oneI started meditating started meditatingmore and I think that really juststarted to help me with mental focus toget all that stress out of my head somuch cuz my head would be in a tailspinof my little is my hair what am Igetting my head back am I gonna gocompletely bald and what’s gonna happenso I really didn’t know what was gonnahappen and that fear just kept drivingin my head and was just a round robinjust I mean I couldn’t think of anythingelse besides that so meditating kind ofhelps slow it down a little bit now as apractice it didn’t happen right away butthe practice of it over time I thinkhelps me with my mental clarity or if Ifeeling anxious I’m feeling anxious anyI more I have something that just islike I said going round robin my headit’ll just stop it or I can’t recognizeit and just notice it’s a thought and Idon’t have to focus on that anymore andthoughts our thoughts are bad you knowwe’re gonna always have them until theday we die going on a happier note thenext thing that I did was I got backinto physical activity I find that Iwasn’t working out or taking care ofmyself to the fullest extent that Icould of yes I was in decent shape but Iwasn’t working out wasn’t weighttraining I got back into strengthtraining I got back into the gym Istarted working out lifting I think thephysical activity of skateboardingacross the country also helped too so Ihad another purpose journey as well andtell the truth I just I think beingphysically active and healthy reallyhelps eating better so at that shortperiod of time I was really on a verygood paleo diet and I wasn’t eating anytype of gluten or I wasn’t eating dairyI wasn’t even certain nuts or anythingthat could cause inflammation so I gotrid of that for a long period of timeand then I started seeing my hair growback so you know what I do oh I startedin my crap again that’s still like ahthe stress wasn’t there so much I couldfeel this might this not my chest dr. relieved after I started getting somephysical activity going that meditatingevery day and just also getting out ofthat stressful environment I moved outof New York I moved out of that reallysmall apartment that I was that Istarted finding something that made mefeel better other than acting andmodeling and that was fitness again whatI mean again I used to be a fitnesstrainer before I moved to New York and Igot lost into the modeling acting Istill train clients well on and offthroughout those years but I wasn’tworking out myself and doing anything tokeep myself healthier as well so istarted doing that and I just I justfeel so much better after I just got anenvironment and started focusing on myown fitness journey my own fitness goalsand stuffcompeting again and doing all thesethings in the gym and training clientsand helping them feel good feel goodabout themselves and look better as wellso I I found just a little bit morehappiness unless a stress-freeenvironment and work as well so I mean Istill do modeling mmm that’s it you knowso it’s I just took out the x factor ofwhat was getting me stressed out themost as well I also believe the otherthing that helped me with overcomingalopecia areata was was not drinking youknow I cut out drinking in my life andalcohol and I just found that the more Idrank the worst things got so cut outdrinking and it just really helped a lotsince then so I just find that I canjust think better I’ve mental clarity inmy life is better now so I’m living thelifestyle that I want to and it’s notrevolved around the clubbing scene andpartying scene and I just feel like alot less stressed out so it’s that’shelped a lot too so those are the thingsthat I did to help overcome my alopeciaareata I can’t say that I’m a doctor Iknow exactly which one it was it couldbe all of the above or it could be onething I can’t really tell you but that’swhat I did to overcome my alopeciaareata and now my hair is back and thebest part is to i’m not so obsessed withit in a sense like i used to put hairproduct in my hair every day except tolook perfect night I don’t even use hairproduct actually i barely use it unlessi’m going on casting i’m shooting forsomething or to special occasion likewedding or something like that and i’mwearing a suit and i just want to lookgood for this so yeah that is anotherplus and actually not of one losingone’s losing one’s hair sometimes justnot just not so attached to it anymoresince I know what it’s like not to haveit so guys I hope this helped youanybody who’s alopecia areata I feel foryou I I’ve talked to many people who’vehadon the way and it’s not fun i hope thisvideo can help maybe use some of thesetools in your everyday life even if youdon’t have alopecia areata it’ll justhelp you overall well-being as well soplease subscribe to my youtube channellike comment and i’ll see you guys nextweekOh


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