Hi, I’m Paul, and welcome to my GCN
indoor cycling session. I will take you on a 35-minute cycling
journey, a variety of intervals along theway. We’ll track our progression with a
graph along the bottom of the screen. Throughout our session together, we’ll be
riding in and out of the saddle,and changing our hand positions. Keep
sharp. We will finish with a stretchsession, but to start with let’s warm up.
Let’s work hard and have some fun. ♪ ♪Just warming up then, nice and easy,
hand position one, relax your shoulders. ♪ ♪Let’s focus on turning those pedals
all the way round. Focus both on pushingon the way down, let’s pull it all the way
up as well, okay. Nice full circles. Doing circles with your feet. That’s
really good, guys. Add a little bit moreresistance if you want to. Focus on that
pace, keep it nice and easy. ♪ ♪Okay, a couple minutes to go before
the warm up’s over. Let’s keep those legsturning. Just increase the resistance bit
by bit, making things even morechallenging for you. Let’s get ready
to work today. ♪ ♪Couple of minutes. ♪ ♪Shoulders. Don’t hunch and let’s
keep them relaxed. Elbows in. Hands nice and light. Let’s not have white
knuckle rides, just keep it nice and easy. ♪ ♪Let’s add on a little bit more resistance.
Just starting to heat up,starting to warm up, getting those
muscles nice and warm. You’re doing a good job guys, here we go. ♪ ♪Keep that cadence nice and fluid all the
way round. It’s a nice start,you want to keep it going. ♪ ♪Slide your hands out to number two. Add
another little bit of resistance but keepthat cadence. Keep that cadence
nice and fast. ♪ ♪Important today to keep hydration. Keep
drinking all the way through. Thirty five minute journey, it’s going to
get hot later on. ♪ ♪We’re in hand position two, make sure you
don’t hunch up. Let’s relax it down. Elbows in. Focus on the bottom half down,
keep your abs strong. Nice and strong for your core. Twenty
seconds to go. ♪ ♪Okay guys, staying in hand position number
two, we’re going to go to some seatedflats. Here we go. Not yet, we’re just
going to keep working first of all. ♪ ♪Keep that cadence nice and calm. ♪ ♪Move to position number three. ♪ ♪First effort coming up. Remember, relax.
Smile. Let’s get those legs working. ♪ ♪We’re still warming up. Get ready. Here we
go. Wind it up in 30 seconds. ♪ ♪Five. Keep going. Three, two, one. Easy
spin. Hand position one,relax. Good. Little bit of recovery.
Grab a drink. ♪ ♪We’re going to do the same again. Thirty
seconds on, 30 seconds off. Stay in hand position number one. Here we
go. In ten seconds, ,move to position two. If you want to go to
position three, you can. Here we go. Two, one, and go. Don’t
overspin. Add a little bit moreresistance. Looking forward, shoulders
down. Good job, guys. Heating up. Fifteen seconds to go. ♪ ♪Ten seconds. ♪ ♪Three, two, one, easy. Soft pedal.
Hand position one. good job. ♪ ♪Time for one more. ♪ ♪Keep drinking, guys. ♪ ♪In five, bring it to two or to three. Up
to you. Thirty second effort. Two, one. Let’s go. Keep it under control. ♪ ♪Ten seconds. ♪ ♪Five, four, three, two, one. Easy. Good.
Hand position one. ♪ ♪Good start, everybody. Keep that body nice
and still in the saddle. Don’t roll with the hip. Focus all the way
round. Keep great form. ♪ ♪Okay, going to a standing climb. Add the
resistance. Add a little bit more. Hand position three. Two, one, up we go.
Find that beat. Add a little bit moreresistance if you can. Still warming it
up, it’s good. ♪ ♪Add a little bit more if
you can, guys. Elbows in. ♪ ♪Good, find that rhythm. ♪ ♪Keep going. ♪ ♪Nice standing climb. Get ready to sit down
in three, two, one,down. Good. Hand position two. Easy spin.
Little recovery. Good job. ♪ ♪Hand position two. We’re going to start a
climb, so visualize climbing up a hill. It’s just going to get a little bit
steeper. The resistance is going to go on. Add it on. Start to squeeze it on, move to
position two. Visualize a tough climb youdo out in the training rides. Keep the
form though, guys. Squeeze a little bitmore. Slow down the leg speed. Slow down
the cadence. Go a little bit more. You got it, you’ll do great. ♪ ♪Okay, find that rhythm. Feel that climb.
Get with that rhythm. It’s fast, but we’re climbing. Get ready
to go from two to three. Hand position two at the moment. ♪ ♪Find that rhythm
more, add a little bit more resistance. Hand position three, standing climb.
Up we go. ♪ ♪Good job. ♪ ♪Everyone’s on that beat, looking good.
Let’s stay with that, shall we?Hand position two, sit down. Don’t touch
the resistance . Add a little bit more, let’s make it
harder. Find that beat, guys. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven
eight, position three. Stand up. Good. Good, everyone. Land on
that beat. Climb on, well done. ♪ ♪Position two, down. Good, climbing strong.
Don’t touch that resistance. Don’t hunch up, guys. Relax. Look forward. ♪ ♪Hand position three, a little bit more,
and stand. ♪ ♪Elbows in. Shoulders down. Keep breathing. ♪ ♪Add a little bit more resistance, don’t
keep the pedals pumping. Position three, keep climbing. Fifteen
seconds, come on. ♪ ♪Five seconds, we’re going to sit down.
Take a little bit of resistance off. Three, two, one. Down. Good. Hand position
two. Keep climbing,just take a little bit off. Little
breather, going up again. Hand positionthree. A little bit more resistance.
Three, two, one, standing climb. Good. Good job. Forty five seconds to go.
Keep that body nice and still. Keep those hips pumping. ♪ ♪Concentrate. Thirty seconds to the top of
this climb. One more notch and you go it. Keep with the beat. ♪ ♪Warming it up. Twenty seconds left. Keep
that body still, good. Keep climbing. Fifteen seconds, we’re
going to sit down. No one touch theresistance. Get ready, here we go. Five
seconds. Hand position two. Sit down and climb, climb, keep climbing. ♪ ♪Hand position two. Here we go. We’re
getting steeper again. Into the mountains. A mountainous climb. So find that beat.
Get with everybody. Hand position two. We’re at rate seven, seven and a half, out
of ten. So the leg speed is slowed down. Visualize that mountain. ♪ ♪Just a little bit more resistance. Good.
Keep up with that beat. Don’t tighten up. Seated
climb, guys. Good. ♪ ♪Stay seated. Sit back in the saddle, keep
the upper body nice and still. Little bit more resistance. ♪ ♪It’s getting steeper, guys. Keep the body
still, let’s run. Let’s get those legsnice and strong. Find that beat,
keep with it. ♪ ♪Seated hand position two. Relaxing the
hand, relaxing the elbows,relaxing shoulders. One more notch. Seated
climb, come on. Build to six. Let’s get strong. ♪ ♪Good, get on that beat. Add a little bit
more. Good. ♪ ♪Nice, long, steady climb. Who’s got a
little bit more for me? Add it on. Good job, everyone. Starting to work a
little bit harder. Starting to warm up abit. Keep that body still. Focus on those
pedals, all the way round. Little bit more resistance, come on.
One more notch. ♪ ♪Good job. Come on, breathe. Relax. One
more notch. Position two. ♪ ♪Hand position three, here we go. Get ready
to stand up. Just a short climb,stretch out our . ♪ ♪One more notch. Keep climbing. Keep
climbing, get those legs burning. ♪ ♪It’s getting steeper. Add another one. Add
another one. All right,it’s getting really steep. [inaudible
00:17:51], add a little bit more. Hand position three. Keep your body still,
don’t rock, guys. One more notch. Hand position three, two, , one, up. Good.
Don’t overspin it. Keep with the beat. One, two, three, four. Good. ♪ ♪Two, one, down. Good. Hand position three.
Keep working. ♪ ♪Two, one, up we go. ♪ ♪Three, two, one. Down. Good. ♪ ♪Up again in three, two, one. Up.
Good. Keep your form. Keep your form and let it go. ♪ ♪Three, two, one, and down. Keep pedaling,
position two. Climbing hard,good. Working hard. Working hard.
To the top. ♪ ♪Easy spin, guys, easy spin. Good. Good,
recovery. Grab a drink. ♪ ♪Okay, this is going to be horrible. I’m
not going to lie, okay?It’s going to be nice and quick, let’s go,
position three. Everybody add theirresistance on. Anybody like drum and bass?
No, good, well done. Okay, just spin. Be prepared to go up very
quickly. So the resistance’s still on,we’re not easy now. We’re still climbing
inside of that mountain range. Hand position three. Little bit more
resistance, here we go. Two,one, up. Nice light feet. Dancing on the
pedals, guys. ♪ ♪Keep it in guys, keep the beat, don’t let
be left behind. Ready? Go. ♪ ♪Keep with that. One, two, three, four. ♪ ♪Touch more resistance if you can. Good. ♪ ♪Keep that body nice and still. Let the
legs do the work. Don’t lose that beat,otherwise you’ll be left behind.
Keep going. ♪ ♪In a minute we’re going to be doing jumps.
We’re going to stand up and sit down. ♪ ♪Keep going. We’re going to sit down in ten
seconds. No one’s going to touch theresistance. Ten seconds, keep working.
Keep the arms straight,relax your shoulders. Three, two, one,
down. Good. Keep with that beat. Up again in five, three, two, up. ♪ ♪Over the bars. Relax your shoulders.
Looking forward. ♪ ♪Hold on, ten seconds. Three, two, one. Sit
down. Spin. Good, recovery. Position two. Here we go again, position
three. Up in two, one,go. Two minutes to go, guys. Keep with
that. Who’s warming up now?Not yet? Let’s have one more notch here,
come on. Let’s work hard. Keep your form. Three, two, one, down.
Five seconds, up again. Two, one, up. Let’s go, guys, hold it
together. Breathe. Keep it fluid, keep it relaxed. ♪ ♪Five seconds, sitting down.
Two, one, down. ♪ ♪Here we go, guys. Last two. Two, one, up
we go. Half a turn. We’re at rate sevenand a half, eight out of ten. You’re doing
really good. Elite athletes today. Tough team. Keep working. Five seconds.
Three, two, one, down. Good. Position two to three. One more,
everyone. Five seconds. Three, two, one, up. Good. Keeping the
beat to the finish. You’re nearly there. Hold on. There it is. That ten up, ten
down, that’s it. ♪ ♪Three, two, one, sit down. Recovery spin.
Good. ♪ ♪Recovery. Grab a drink, everyone. ♪ ♪Relax. Breathe. Good job. Let’s
concentrate, you’re nearly there. Journey’s nearly done. We’re going to go
60 seconds standing. Fast. Then a 30 second recovery, back down.
Okay, imagine. We’re not right now, okay? It’s going to
be quick. Still an incline,okay? We’re not having it flat today. Here
we go, ready? Hand position three. Little bit more resistance. Who’s got 60
seconds in him? Here we go,ready? Stand up. Come on, find that
rhythm. Got to be quick. Add theresistance, don’t overspin it. Look at my
feet. Keep with that. One, two, three, four, good. ♪ ♪Concentrate. ♪ ♪Half a turn more. Keep the legs
spinning though, guys. Come on, keep working hard. ♪ ♪Twenty seconds. ♪ ♪Standing effort, doing really well. Don’t
let the back drop, keep nice and straight. Keep going. ♪ ♪Five seconds, we’re going to sit down.
Position one. Fast spin,ready? Two, one, down. Easy. Take a little
bit off. Fast recovery,spin those legs. Get ready to go again,
that was really good. ♪ ♪Fifteen seconds. Start to creep your
resistance, yourresistance. Add it on bit by bit. Bit
more, hand position three. Ready, up we go. Fast beat. ♪ ♪Come on, guys. A little bit more. Work a
little bit harder. Keep that beat. Keep the body still. Elbows in. Together.
Let’s work together. ♪ ♪Half a notch more. ♪ ♪Thirty seconds to go. Breathe. Relax. Keep
the body nice and still. ♪ ♪Fifteen seconds. Come on, let’s go. ♪ ♪Eight seconds. Come on, keep climbing.
Keep working, pedaling fast. We’re going to sit down in three, two,
one. Resistance and easy spin,recover. Good. Fast legs. Breathe, take
a drink on board. Nice,deep breath. Thirty seconds recovery ,
then we go in again. One more. Ten seconds. Cover the resistance. Squeeze
it on. Bit by bit. Five seconds,be prepped. three, up
we go. Last standing minute,guys. Let’s give everything we can, eh? A
little bit more. Keep those legs turning. Keep it switched on the whole time. We’re
light, we’re dancing on the pedals. So keep it going. ♪ ♪Thirty seconds, come on. Keep that body
still. No rocking. ♪ ♪Elbows in. Hands nice and light. Light
grip. Twenty seconds. ♪ ♪In ten seconds, we’re going to sit down.
We’re not going to touch the resistance,but we’re going to pedal really fast at
thirty seconds in position one. Here we go, two, one, down. Good. Working
hard, let’s get faster than the beat. Pumping those legs, hand position one.
Good. Let’s get faster than the beat guys. Fifteen seconds. Keep pumping. Elbows in.
Looking where you’re going. Ten to go. Five, three, two, one.
Recovery. Good. Position two,easy spin. Good job. ♪ ♪Good job. Hand position one, everyone.
Have a drink. We’re just going to spin itout. For the next few minutes, let the
heart rates come down. ♪ ♪Okay guys, good job everyone. Hand
position number one. Easy spin. Let’s get our cadence back up. Hundred
RPM. Let’s flush out all the lactic acid. ♪ ♪Just wind it down, good. But keep that
cadence up, we’re just getting ourbreathing going. It’s really important
after a spin session, you spin it out. Otherwise you’re going to be full of
lactic and let’s get rid of it. ♪ ♪Good, keep that cadence nice and quick.
Let’s keep great form. Let’s keep smiling. At least look like
you’ve had a good time. ♪ ♪Good job everyone, keep spinning.
, we’re going to jumpoff, do some press ups, few burpees.
We’re going to jump off,do some stretching together. ♪ ♪Starting the position guys. Slowing down
the legs. We’re coming to a stop. We’re starting to slow it down, good.
Good. Then when you’re ready,hit the stop button. Exit the
vehicle very carefully. ♪ ♪Okay. When you’re ready then, put them in
a quad stretch. Let’s keep great posturethroughout the stretch session. ♪ ♪Okay, change sides. ♪ ♪Nice, long posture. Shoulders back.
Looking forward. ♪ ♪Okay, find a little bit of space. Come
down. Touch your toes. ♪ ♪Slowly come up. One foot forward, one foot
back. Stretch out through the lower leg. Keep your posture tall. ♪ ♪


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