– Hey guys, so we’re backfor another weight loss
update video, woohoo!Are you so excited?So it’s been four months now. And I’m doing well. So we’re gonna talk about the positives,there are there’s a negative,but we’re gonna get to that later. So some of the positives,
I am down 70 pounds,which is unreal to me. I can see it, I can feel it,it’s just, I don’t know, it’s there. And it’s very much known,
loving my clothes lately,I’m in a shirt size 18. Dresses are 18 and then bottoms are aroundbetween a 22 and a 24. So I’m super excited about
that, I feel good in my skin. And I can just do so much more. We just traveled to California. And I’m just able to do
things and I love that. One of the most exciting
things that’s happenedis your girl is now in the 200 range. So I started my journey,
at over 300 pounds,way way over 300 pounds. And now I am in the 200. So that’s awesome, I was so
excited for that milestone. And now I can’t wait to
see where I go from here. So one of the things I
get asked all the time iswhat do you eat?What are your special recipes?Honestly, I don’t have special recipes. I cook pretty much the same way. Well, right now I’m not cooking at all,because we’re in the process of moving. But I eat pretty much the same way. And I say that and then I’m like,but I don’t really have a lot of carbs,I will have a little bit because
it’s not realistic to say,”Oh, I had weight loss surgery,”I’m never eating such and such again. “It’s just not realistic but
it’s definitely in moderation. I always eat my protein first. So whether it be fish, chicken
or meat beef of some kind,still not really having pork. I will try again because a
lot of people have said thatwhen they had the weight loss surgery,they weren’t able to have
pork in the beginning,but then they were able
to have it later on. As far as carbs go though, like
I still have not had bread,I do, I’m able to eat more
salad now, which is good. And I’ve still not had
any kind of Coke productslike and I say Coke products
like I call everything Coke. So I will never have that. Because that will stretch your stomach. And so I just drink water
and then I do have coffee. But like tonight, Ace and I
are on a little mini trip. And we went and got ice
cream and I got a kid’s cone. And I was satisfied. So there are ways to still treat yourselfand not feel left out because
that’s the hard part for me,Mentally is nobody says,
“Hey, you wanna hook up?”And let’s go look at each other. “Like that’s not a thing. It’s always do you wanna go have a drink?Do you wanna go get something to eat. So this is my way of like,I can have a little bit of something. Tonight for dinner, I had a lobster tail. And I was good with that. So it’s just all in what you want to do. And just remember moderation. That is my big thing is moderation. I unfortunately, I did
not do my measurements. I don’t know what I was thinking. But I can tell you, I feel different. I have non scale victories of sittingin booths with no problem. We did fly on a airplane
and I was so excited’cause I was thinking I wasn’t gonna haveto use the seat belt extender, but I did. So maybe by my next flight,
I won’t have to use it. But that’s okay, we’re moving
in the right direction. So I’m okay with that. The one thing that I’m having
a really hard time withis hair loss and I know
some people are like,”Girl, you need more protein. “I’ve talked with my doctor,the protein level’s not an issue. Sometimes if it’s just like,
if you’re gonna lose hair,you’re gonna lose hair. And it’s not just because
of the weight loss. Anytime you have a drastic life changelike with within your body,
like any kind of surgery,it can cause your body to go into shock. So I definitely am feeling
that, it stresses me out,which doesn’t help with the hair loss. But I’m gonna have to just suck it up,put my big girl panties
on not as big as before,but put them on and get through this. Because at the end of the day,
I just need to be healthier. So I cannot stress
myself out over my hair. Okay, this is just from
blow drying my hair guys. So I know, I know, in the
grand scheme of things,this is not a big deal but
oh my gosh, this is so tough. Like, it makes me not wanna do my hair. But then if I do it,it makes it look fuller and stuff. And I know everybody’s like,
“Oh, she has so much hair. “But I’m telling you,it’s so much less than what I had before. And it’s just my thing, like
everybody has their thing. You know, some girls are
known for their boobs. I’m not, I’m known for my hair. Oh, okay, I don’t wanna cry. I think I’m gonna try these
the gummy bear hair things. If any of you have ever used those,let me know what you think. I’ve tried biotin, I’ve tried everything. Yesterday, I kept my
hair up in a messy bun. I never even brushed it. So that way I didn’t have to stress aboutthe hair falling out yesterday. So that’s a little tip,if you’re going through thatand you don’t have
anything to do that day. Just don’t brush your hair,just put it up in a
messy bun and go with it. Own that messy bun that day, okay? I’m trying to talk
convince myself, it’s okay,so I’m gonna talk to you guys. But every time I run my
hand through my hair,it just more falls out. So
we’re gonna curl it and
make it look fuller. That’s what we’re gonna do. A little tip that I’ve learned is thatI’ve been buying clothes from
Lane Bryant on clearance. So like I went the other day,I’m getting shirts for $5,which if any of you are
Lane Bryant shoppers,you know that’s not
real like those prices. I also do dresses because
dresses can last a few sizes. So if you are in the
process of losing weight,you can do that. I personally, like that’s my
thing is I like to go shopping,so I am gonna treat myself
and take myself shopping,but I can do it on a budget. So always check the clearance area. Because you can get some
really good deals there. I think I got like, nine shirts
or something and spent $60. And they’ll last like,
it’s not like they’re,you know, on the verge of not fitting,they’re gonna last me a little while. Somebody mentioned to me the other dayabout how good my skin looked. And she’s like, “Oh, it’s
because of your weight loss. “Which in true in reality,what typically happens is
when people lose weight,a lot of times they’ll
start looking older. So I definitely have to
credit that to my skincarethat I’ve been using. I use it, and I use a productthat helps tighten my skin. If you are having those
issues, let me knowbecause that’s definitely
something that I’ve noticed. And somebody mentioned
it to me the other daythat they couldn’t
believe how much youngerI looked after weight loss
because so many people strugglewith looking older. I have not found Facebook
groups to be positive. Everybody is super negative in there. And people ask questions like,”Hey, when can we have pizza?”Well you’re having weight loss surgeryLike that shouldn’t be,I’m not saying don’t have the pizza,but that shouldn’t be somewhere you goto ask those kind of questions
so I just stay away from it. I just I have you guys. And I get so many questions and commentsabout my weight loss surgery. It’s been amazing for me,
my family is so supportive. They tell me all the time
how proud of me they are,and they can really see a difference. I just have more energy
and I’m ready to go. So I had my doctor’s
appointment this past monthand had my blood work done and
everything is looking great. My blood pressure was awesome. So I’m very, very happy with
the weight loss surgery. And I appreciate you guys supporting meand getting me through the hard days. I will see you guys next
month for our update. Thanks guys, bye. – You look beautiful.
– Thanks. And go shopping just buy yourself clothesthen you won’t focus on your hair. – Spin, there you go.


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