Going Bald? 10 Bad Habits That Destroy Your Hair
All right, gentlemen. In today’s video, we’re talking about
hair loss; the science what you want to lookat for and the factors that cause hair loss. Now, some of these factors they’re a little
bit out there a little bit strange, and that’swhat’s going to make this video fun. Are you ready, gents?Let’s get into it. So, the first factor I want to talk about
coming of the Annals of Dermatology, thisis a 2017 study and they talk about the link
of over exercising and hair loss. In the study, they showed guys that were burning
closer to 4,000 calories a week consistentlyfor three months, what they found is that
these guys were shedding more hair than normal. Now, the good news here is when these guys
stopped over exercising all of a sudden theirhair production went back up, they weren’t
shedding as much hair. Gentlemen, when you exercise you’re putting
stress on your body. Exercise, but don’t overdo it. Now, this next factor is closely related to
a myth, and that myth is that if you weara hat, if you wear a headwear that’s going
to lead to you losing your hair. That’s not true. There is no research that has proven that. However, they have shown that if you wear
dirty headwear, we’re talking headwear thatcan lead to scalp infections, then in that
case, yes, this can lead to hair loss. If you’re going to go to that trustee baseball
cap all the time, make sure to wash it makesure to clean it. Headwear is not going to cause you to lose
your hair unless you’re wearing it too long,it’s dirty, and it’s causing an infection. So, the next strange factor that’s going
to cause you to lose your hair, the wronghairstyle. So, this whole thing with the man bun and
cornrows and some of these other styles thatput a lot of stress on the hair, this can
lead to hair loss. And, what’s interesting is the research
that I read on this it was all geared actuallytalking about women that pull their hair back
in tight ponytails. So, I’m going to make I’m going to infer
that this can apply to men. And with some of these hairstyles, again,
that are pulling your hair back, you’vegot to be careful, if you overdo this, if
you stress the hair physically, yes, thiscan cause your hairline to recede. Now, when it comes to male pattern baldness,
two out of three of us are going to experienceit before the age of 35. And, as many of you guys know, losing your
hair is not an old man thing, it can happenin your 40’s, in your 30’s, in your 20’s,
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free, gents, go to Keeps. com/RMRS. Again, that’s Keeps. com/RMRS. Now, this next factor that causes hair loss
in men, you guys have heard this before, familyhistory and a lot of you guys are going to
say, oh, it comes from your mother’s side. So, what’s the simple answer here?Your grandfather on your mother side, he doesn’t
have his hair, on your dad side, he does havehis hair, does that mean you’re going to
lose your hair?No. There are actually 287 different genomes that
have to be mapped and have to come out ofseparate weight. Now, what they found in a 2005 study coming
out of the University of Bonn is that it’sactually a specific androgen receptor gene
that depending on how that plays out, howit shapes, how it looks, that actually is
going to determine whether or not you go bald. Basically, what they did figure out is if
your androgen gene receptor is boosted, you’regoing to grow more hair on other parts of
your body and you’re going to lose it onyour head. Now, let’s talk about stress and hair loss. This is something many of you guys have heard,
but what you haven’t heard is there areactually three types of stress which can lead
to hair loss. Now, the first one is telogen effluvium and
this is actually where the stress puts yourhair in a resting state for longer than it
should be. This can lead to massive hair loss, basically
where your hair just rest and then it startsto fall out because it’s not basically growing
and not doing what it needs to do. Next up, we’ve got trichotillomania, and
this is where stress leads you to pullingon your hair and you literally pull out. Now, on average a guy will lose fifty to a
hundred and fifty hairs a day, but when you’repulling on it, you’re going to lose a lot
more and overtime, this habit can lead tohair loss. Next up, we’ve got alopecia areata, and
this is where in high levels of stress yourbody actually start to attack your hair. I’m not sure how this happens, but it’s
a real thing. The point here, gents, stress really can lead
you to losing your hair, so decompress, gofor a walk, exercise. I’ve got entire videos which I will link
to down in the description that talk abouthow to destress how to unplug, so that you
can not only feel better, but keep your hair.
Now, let’s talk about anabolic steroids. And, I know there’s a wide variety out there,
but I am going to talk about steroids in generalare going to lead to an increase in production
of DHT. DHT causes baldness. So, if you’re going to be using steroids,
understand that if you’re not using themunder the prescription of a doctor that there
are side effects. One of the side effects is you can lose your
hair very quickly. Next up, let’s talk about smoking. This is based off a 2003 study that clearly
showed that whenever you smoke this affectsthe microvascular of the dermal hair. So, what they found is that the smoke particles
directly damage the DNA of the hair. They also found that smoking caused an imbalance
with how our scalp reacted to your hair andthis imbalance could actually lead to shedding. And, gents, if that’s not bad enough, apparently
it would also lead to fibrosis, so basicallyas the hair is shedded out you would have
scarring over where basically the follicleleft which would then prevent other hair from
coming out. So now, let’s talk about your diet. A lack of iron can lead to hair loss and this
has been clearly shown in both men and women. So, where are you going to get iron, guys?You want to add to your diet red meat, you
want to add lentils, maybe liver, kidneys,spinach, raw peaches, prunes, prune juice,
raw or dried apricots, broccoli tops, potatoskins, almonds. Get iron into your diet otherwise you could
start to lose your hair. Now, what about foods that can prevent hair
loss?There are a few people that are going to say
yes that the eating of eggs and specificallyit’s going to be the protein and it’s
going to be the biotin, two nutrients whichpromote hair growth. I’ve also read some reports talking about
higher intakes of Vitamin C. So, you’llfind that in oranges, lemons, you’re going
to find this in berries, but basically it’sgoing to protect your hair from free radicals. Now, this next one is a factor that many of
you guys have suspected, but you may be didn’tknow specifically why, and that is UV radiation,
so over exposure to the sun. Why is this going to damage you hair?Well, it can specifically actually damage
the hair itself, it can lead to it being morebrittle, it can actually the UV rays can go
in there and damage the hair follicles. But, let’s talk specifically about exposing
the scalp to the sun. Let’s say you’ve got a thinning hairline
up here on top, you’re thinning on the back,all of a sudden you’re out in the sun fifteen,
twenty five minutes. The problem here is you’re basically producing
more of super oxide. This can prematurely age it and all of a sudden
you’re going into the shedding phase earlierthan you should have. Basically, you’re going to lose that time
and you’re going to shed more hair. Now, this next factor is going to surprise
some of you guys because you wear it as abadge of honor that you’re not getting much
sleep. Well, guess what?If you’ve got a bad sleep pattern and not
sleeping six or less hours per night. Yes, guys, you need a lot more sleep. Me, personally, eight to nine. If you’re not getting sleep, yes, you are
losing your hair because you’re causingmore stress on your body, you’re not giving
it time to recover. Take care of your body, get more sleep. And I know many of you guys like, Antonio,
how can I get more sleep?I’ve got a million things to do. In this video right here, I talk about how
to wake up early so you can get things done,but also how to set up systems so you go to
bed at decent hour, you get plenty of uninterruptedsleep so that you can hit the day running. Are you ready?Go check out that video. It’s a good video. End of Audio


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