Think you can handle it ladies? Wow on
the first try! I guess that’s why theycall you the pros huh! All right we can
give it a try! Let’s do this! Oh no that’snot a face of confidence Lana! Okay her
hands made it to the ground at leastthat’s good
Amy! Watch out for those flying limbs oh manyou got a laugh right mission
accomplishedthis exercise requires quite a bit of
teamwork and a good amount of arm andcore strength of course hey where you
guys goingwe can totally do that let me just slide
under here mmm those arms are getting alittle tricky oh and steady wins the
race ladies what do you get when Timcaterpillars walk across a field it
sounds like a joke but I’m really askinghere you thinking what I’m thinking
oh yeah bugging worried that one massivehuman caterpillar unseen this proves
that no matter what team you’re onworking together always that’s the best
outcome okay one two three go first twolegs up when we have liftoff ladies and
gentlemen no that’s a prettyawesome-looking pure no boom baby don’t
worry we got this one in the bag once weget these first legs off the ground
we’ll be set why did it look so mucheasier when the pros did it ah come on
legs get up thereoh really close a for effort oh we got
this now for sure let’s see here I gotit hey come over here first hey welcome
to the protein Sophia here we go yesthat was a flawless flip great job guys
huh bye guysmaybe Sophia will be a good luck charm
let’s give it a go shall we wait whereexactly should our arms go okay now flip
her overwait what do we do once she flips we
didn’t think this the room why didn’t Iwear my helmet oh thank goodness Sophia
see it may not have been graceful butthey made it work okay this next pose is
definitely gonna be a tricky one thankyou ladies can manage that how am I
supposed to grab my leg I can barelymove my arms as it is can we just not
and say we didnope not doing it don’t think so all
right here goes nothing trying to reachfoot in sumo suits like these limbs
touching other limbs is nearlyimpossible
Oh help you upset Sofia you’re workingso hard
Oh sad sumo indeed all right ladieslet’s not get cocky here you still got a
lot of moves to go oh the extendedtriangle pose what are you trying to
kill these guys you guys think you couldhandle it huh
all right Jess you ready all right firsttry was a doozy but we can do it hey at
least the thing’s headed rightoh my supposed to get up here I’ll grab
your feet Sofia nope can’t pull anylonger
now what are we gonna do cause it justme or does it look like two giant
turtles that kind of stuff hundredpetals all right
let’s attempt the extended triangle posejust one more time
so far so good yes challenge computenice workthis next move also test your balance
with an extended leg and arm don’t getdiscouraged guys you can do it
I think first let’s balance on the onefoot then the rest should come easily
there it ismaybe you guys ought to hold on to each
other for this one I have a feeling thisis about as good as it’s gonna get Oh
coming down hey you may as well laughthrough the pain right okay guys one
less try me that’s good enoughwho knew that giving a high-five in a
sumo suit would be so difficult lookanother day another videogame hey Kevin
oh hey Vicky what’s up the floor is lavathe floor is what oh man
everything in my room is melting intolava I gotta get out of here ever wonder
what would happen if the floor actuallyturned into molten lava well put on your
protective gear cuz you’re about to findoutNo well that’s some serious lava
actually I better get out of heremm how heavy should I go 50 pounds must
lift wait why is this so hard okay let’sswitch to the light weights shall we
yeah this is more like itfive pounds is perfect all right here we
go when you’re lifting weights it’s allabout getting into the zone keep
breathing and stay focused Wow Kevinyou’re doing great
oh my arm it’s so weak what’s thatnecessary
pulip should be easy enough rightdude you couldn’t even do one pull-up I
may not be able to lift but I canstrengthen my core just fine
wow these are harder than I thought needa little help there bro come on just get
off herelet me show you how it’s really done man
I can’t believe Vicky is stronger thanmecome on muscles I know you’re in there
somewhereshe doesn’t think I’m strong enough fine
I’ll give her something to really gripeabout hey Vicky you think you’re so hotwell that was bold Oh get him he made me
do it uh sorryever engage in some friendly competition
with your friends well one thing’s forsure Vicki and Kevin take their games of
one-on-one very seriouslythink fast Vicki Kevin’s right up behind
you missed huh I hate this game let’ssee if Kevin is better at shooting hoops
than Vicki is whoa WowKevin you’re really good oh sorry Vicki
yes another one in know how to win thisgame Kevin yeah the floor is lava
wait no oh man I gotta find somewhere tohide wait he isn’t actually yippee
slam-dunking it well he almost slamdunked it my wrist aah
did you fall I guess you can’t playanymore can you
my bad a little help ah nothing like agood rom-com on a Friday night uh hello
I’m trying to watch a movie here if youdon’t mind
seriously is there nowhere else in thehouse you can do this stuff finally I
can get back to watching Jake Gyllenhaalyou know your butt is at eye level right
what’d I misswait what do you say good this is not a
movies were meant to be watched I knowhow to fix this sure this remote can
pies my movie but it can process Oh via- oh these weights are heavy man those
muscles are struggling I don’t know howmuch longer I can take this all right
well here play oh sweet relief I amdefinitely going to feel this tomorrow
needless to say I think I’m done workingout for the day


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