This is Julio Anta from Anta’s Fitness
& Self Defense Miami, Florida bringing yousome classes on children’s functional training
on behalf of Expert Village. Okay, one ofthe greatest functional training devices is
obstacle courses that they use in the militarypolice. All types of functional training to
get you in great shape. You can do tons ofthem. This is just one that we do here at
our school. Okay John Paul. Ready, go! Goall the way to the top, run it, run it, run
it, good job, good job, sideward, let’sgo, sideward, sideward, that’s it, that’s
it, jump, come on, looking good, looking good,slow, slow, slow for balance, balance, balance,
jump over it and 5 squats, that’s it, 2more, 1 more, put it down. Good job!


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