Are you ready to do some exercise?Hello, my name is an Englishthis is English like a native and I am wearing myWorkout gear that’s because I’m ready to do some physical exerciseAnd I thought while exercising I could teach you some basicExercise vocabulary the kind of vocabulary that every native knows not just the specialistsSo are you ready to work of course? It’s very?Important to exercise your body as much as it’s important to exercise your mindWhich is why you are learning English, and maybe some other languages, but do you take your language learning?Seriously if the answer is yes, then there is an online language schoolWhich I think you should know about and that language school is called Lingo. De now lingoDe offer courses in English french, German and Spanish all taught by native speaking teachersWhy are they so great well they offer group lessons and private lessons they offer lessons?24 hours a day and as it’s all done onlineYou can do this anywhere in the world as long as you have a device and an internet connectionit’s simple the group lessons are held in a virtual classroom using Adobe Connect andPrivate lessons are held Via SkypeJust like my private lessonsBut the best part of it is once you’ve completed a sufficient number of courses you will receive a cef ourcertificate attesting to your level of comprehensionranging from A1 toC2 and these certificates can be used in your university applications or your visa applicationsSo they’re really helpful to have and of course I wanted to make sure that you get a brilliant offerso I’ve managed to negotiate a$50 discountAll you have to do is click on the link in the description box below and use the voucher code to get that special discountIf you do go ahead, then let me know you get on I’d love to hear about your journey otherwise. I think it’s time towork outExercise now first of all why do people exercise?well there are three phrases that I commonly hear from people who areExercising on a regular basis either they want to loseweightlose weightThis means they want to become slimmer and less heavy so they want to lose weightSecondly perhaps they want to tone upto tone up means toimprove your muscle definition, orTo tone up, or they might simply just want to get fitThis means they want to improve their level of fitnessNow every session of exercise which we tend to call a workoutshould begin with a warm-up a warm-up comes at the beginning of your exercise session to prepare your body forstrenuous physical exercise it normally includes lightExercise and some stretches to make sure your muscles are ready for actionAnd just pay attention to the pronunciation of that wordmusclesmusclesThese are musclesTalking about Muscles which muscles the most natives know about of course we have biceps tricepspectoral Muscles, which we tend to shorten to pecsWe have abdominal muscles which again we shortened to absWe have gluteus maximus which is often shortened to simply groups we have thighsHamstrings andcalfMuscles of course there are many more muscles in the body, but these are the common ones which most people know aboutLet’s now talk about the actual exercisesTypical strengthening exercises you’ll hear about are sit upssit upsSit ups help to improve your abdominal musclessmaller sit ups little pulsing sit-ups are called crunches if you turn yourself over to face the floor andPress the floor away from yourselfThis is called a press up typically in British English in American EnglishIt’s called a pushup, but we also use that here, tooso press up orPush up now if you hold yourself in the press up position sometimes on your elbowsThis is called a plank and this is meant to be held for at least thirty seconds if not moreYou’ll also hear about a pull-up where you reach to a bar above your head and pull yourself up to that barPull-UPs can be done with an overarm grip or an underarm grip and they’re really really easyEspecially when you do them in the same way that I do themsometimes you’ll see people lay back on the bench lifting heavy weights ifSomeone is lay on their back on a bench lifting a weight above them. This is called a bench pressSo you might be asked how much can you bench press?This meet how much weight can you lift up when you lay down on a bench?to build the strength in your legs, you could do a squat asquatYou could also do some lungesLunges and to work out those triceps you might do some tricep dipstriceP dipsSome people refer to getting toned as getting shreddedSo you shred your muscles until you become really really muscular looking and then when we’re talking about losing weightYou might hear people using the phrasesheddingTo shed weight to shed the pounds is to get rid of the pounds of weight upon your bodySo we shred her and we shared manyPeople in order to lose weight, we’ll do what we call Cardio. This is short for a cardiovascularExercise and it’s basically exercise that raises the heartrate that makes you sweat that gets you out of breathAnd it helps you to lose weight fast and people would usually do things like runningMaybe they run with high knees. Maybe they run kicking their bottoms you might do some popping or some skippingSome people do skipping with a ropeyou could also do jumping Jacks which were also referred to asStar jumps and one exercise which I absolutely hate is a burpee a burpeesWhere you jump up into the air? Go straight down into a squat and kick out?there are many activities which could cover yourcardiovascular exercise for example swimming orcycling if you set up a sequence of exercises perhapsSit-ups here for one minute then you move to a different location and doRunning on the spot for a minuteand then a different location in the room to do press ups for one minute and then a different location to do burpees forExample, and then you start the sequence again and do it a few times. This is called circuit trainingcircuit training now any cardiovascularType exercise that makes you breathe heavy because you need more breath this can be referred to as aerobicexerciseaerobicExercise and finally lots of people will use equipment and weights when they areExercising now the weights that you hold in your hands are called dumbbellsDumbbells if you use the long bar with the weights on the end that you can adjust and put different weights ontoThis is called a barbell a barbell or I’m not sure that many natives will know the term for that particular type of weightbut it’s called a barbell andAll good workouts should finish with a cool-down this will be a series of light exercises once againand maybe some stretches just to finish off yourexercise RoutineWell, I hope you found that helpful now a little tip for those of youWho are really serious about learning English one of the best things you can do is to repeat lessons?So many of you I speak to forgets basic words which I have covered in lessons that they’ve already watchedBut because they don’t repeat the lessons they easily forget the vocabulary so perhaps some point next weekYou can come and watch this video once againAnd then if you watch it three or four times over a period of a month, then you’re more likely to remember all the vocabularyincluded in this videoI’m about to go and hit the showers because after all that exercise. I am very sweaty andProbably a bit stinky as wellIf you’re not already a subscriber, then please do press that subscribe button and let me know in the comments box belowWhich exercise you prefer to do on a regular basis don’t forget that amazing lingo to offer which I managed to negotiate for youRemember the links down in the description box below and you must use the voucher code which is also detailed down belowall right time for me to hit that shower until next time take Care OAs I still have your attentionI just want to do a massive shout out to all of my patrons without your generous support this channel would not be possibleNow if you are watching and you’re not a subscriber then press this lovely little round buttonAnd why not check out some of these other awesome?Videos in the description Box below there are lots of links go and have a look have a nice day


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