All right, here’s another
common one that I getfrom a lot of patients. So I’ve noticed I’m losing hair on keto. Is this normal, and
what can I do about it?- So I can be, and it’s very
important to say what we shouldreally turn this into because
what is much more true isI’m losing hair with rapid
weight loss because it probablyhas nothing to do with the diet itself. It’s the fact that the diet
is causing weight loss. And we do get this question a
lot, and here’s how I like toexplain it to my patients
in a way that they canreally understand. And that is when women have
babies, they don’t go homefrom the hospital with hair loss, right?But what they will find is
that when that baby is four,maybe six months old, all
of a sudden they’re startingto lose hair, and that’s
because giving birth is a bigshock to the system, right?I mean it’s obviously a
good one, we all love it,but it is a big shock to the system. Weight loss is the same way. It’s a big shock to the system. We love it, we wanna have
it, but again weight lossis likely to occur four to
six months after the beginningof a period of rapid weight loss,and that’s because the
hair grows in phases. So what I tell patients
here is be patient. Let the phase pass, and then
the hair will come back. If people are really
worried about it I’ll say,start taking some B-complex vitamins. I mean I don’t think
there’s gonna be any problemwith patients doing that. Whether or not that’s
gonna help, hmm, it might,but the bigger thing is
you just gotta give it timeand let that phase pass.


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