If this is your plan for getting in the best
shape of your life for this year then youand I have to talk a little bit. I think the
best time is right now. What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, AthleanX. com. Diet and exercise: the ultimate combo. The
Holy Grail when it comes to getting in shape?Not quite. Actually, it’s the two biggest words I frigging
hate that we’re not only going to have youget rid of, but redefine, and replace with
two things that really do matter. We don’t want to talk about diet and exercise
anymore. What we want to talk about is nutritionand training. This is not about a game of
semantics. It’s not. This is about the mindset that goes into using
these words. If you think about it, peoplethat talk about ‘diet and exercise’ are not
all that serious. They’re in it for the shortterm. They’re looking for those short term successes.
Can I follow a diet? Sure I can follow a diet. Maybe for three freaking weeks. I could tell you right now, most of the people
that are on here that are going to be followingdiet plans will be off of them by the 21st
of January. Statistics show that 95% of those will not
be following the same damn eating plan thatwe are now. Why? Because they’re too restrictive.
It’s made on false premise. It’s surroundedby things that you don’t normally do. You’re on this diet for the short term so
that you can see some short term success,but guess what? You can’t do that for a lifetime.
Nutrition is something different. Nutritionis how you fuel your body. Think about how you fuel your body. If you’re
working out, how are you fueling your muscles?You need to and you need to vary the way that
you think because you’re going to fuel yourmuscles, you’re going to fuel your body, you’re
going to provide your body with nutritionfrom now until the day you die. A diet? I hope not. I really hope not. I hope
you’re not following diets from now untilthe day you die because that day might come
a lot sooner than you hope. What you wantto do is start following a nutrition plan.
One that allows you to actually live on it. One that gives you the leeway to enjoy some
of the things that you like without ever feelingreally deprived. That doesn’t mean that you’ll
eat all kinds of junk food and shit like thatbecause we talked about that on our cheat
foods video. If you have goals in mind that might change
how that works, but at least you’re not goingto be thinking about diet. The other half
of the equation here is exercise. What isexercise?To me, exercise is purposeless. That means
I could be walking with my wife through theneighborhood and I want to see “Oh, look!
The Sullivans! They put their house on themarket”, or “Oh, the Johnsons! Look at how
beautiful they decorated their porch for Halloween!”That’s not exercise. It’s a great day out
with my wife in the park, but it has no plan,there’s no progressive plan behind it, I don’t
know when the next time I’m going to do it,I don’t know what the opportunity is for
me to advance that. What am I going to walk around the back and
see if they put a new pool in, too? That’snot exercise. I don’t care if you go to
a gym and swipe your card at the front desk. That doesn’t qualify as exercise either. Just because you can walk into a gym. I see
so many people idly walking by, do a littlebit of bis, a little bit of tris, a little
bit of abs and then walking out not knowingwhen they’re going back, not knowing when
they’re going to do the next day, not knowingwhen they’re supposed to progress that. If you don’t have that level of plan, or
sophistication in place you’re going aroundin circles, literally. In the gym and in the
type of results that you’re going to see. You’d better start training. Training has
a purpose behind it. Training is what I tryto instill in you here at Athlean-X. Training is taking a plan, taking you where
you are right now, giving you and opportunityto flourish with what you can do, but challenging
you so I can keep you progressing. Then whenI get you to progress you’ve got to lay that
challenge down a little bit further aheadof you so I can keep you progressing. Sometimes I have to pull back the reins, sometimes
I have to push on the gas. That’s what a trainingplan does. That’s what we do. That’s what
Athlean-X is all about. I provide you witha training plan. I provide you with a nutrition
plan, one that you actually live with. I’ll leave you with one last note. A lot of
people – the same people that will followthese diets – will do so at the exclusion
of anything because they figure “I’ve gotplenty of people and friends that have lost
great amounts of weight using this certaindiet plan. “They may even do that again at the exclusion
of any exercise at all. You know what happensthen? You create a really bad body. You create
that skinny-fat body. Maybe it’ll look okayin clothes, but as soon as you take it off
you’ve got that physique where your motherwanted a boy and your father wanted a girl
and they kind of both got what they wanted. You don’t want that. You see people that
look like this, you know and I know; theydiet themselves down to the point where they
look sick. They don’t even look good. Theydon’t look healthy. “But they’ve lost weight. “
So what? What is that about?If you want long term physique changes that
aren’t just here for aesthetic reasons, butfor function – because you can purposely
do whatever the hell you want to do. You’rea lot stronger, you’re a lot more balanced,
or you’re a lot more agile, your conditioningis better and everything works better. That’s when you need to start thinking and
changing the lingo. This is not semantics,guys. Get rid of those freaking words once
and for all. Change the way you’re sayingthese things so you can start believing the
real meaning behind what you should be doinghere. That is good nutrition and training. All right, guys. If you’re looking for a plan
that does it all, it’s available at AthleanX. com. I put all my hard work into it, and it’s there
and ready for you and this is the opportunity. Now is the best time in the world for you
to do it. I know a lot of people try to changehere at the beginning of a new year. Let’s
do this together. You can find it all at AthleanX. com. In the
meantime I’m ranting here the first time in2016. I have a feeling there will be more
to come. If you like it leave e a thumbs upbelow and let me know what type of videos
you want me to cover, or rant about, and I’llbe happy to do my best to get it off my chest
for your entertainment. All right, I’ll see you back here again soon.


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