Do you want to be able to pick out the hangmanand go, “Is that the fucking hangman walking up the stairs to my apartment?”I don’t know, he’s got a rope and a black hood over his headand a fucking mask on and—yeah, that’s the fucking hangman. Well, I’m going to go up and see what he wants. No, I’m not going in there. Right? And so it’s detect and avoid. Now I can’t avoid, I wake up, I come out and there’s a guyin my living room, tying a knot and he’s going, “Oh, fuck,” and he’s got a knot book openand I’m going, “What are you doing?” And now I’m going, “Dude, you don’t have to do this. “”Go hang somebody else, don’t hang me. “And I try to negotiate with him. All the while I’m thinking about, OK,if this doesn’t go so well,we have a maxim, memorize this, it’s a good one,it’s truthful 99 percent of the time,those who talk can usually be persuaded to walk. Those who talk can usually be persuaded to walk. If the guy’s going, “I’m going to fucking kill you, I’m going to hit you,”is he dangerous? Yes. Is he ready to fight? No. You’ll know when he’s ready to fight when you start to hear this sound on your head. Right? If you stab me again, I’m going to defend myself. That’s late, OK?


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