Hello my yoga studio owner friends. I
created a vlog for you that is all aboutthe pricing strategy that
helped me grow and expand my smallone-room yoga studio to a thriving
community of 7 locations in HoustonTexas, a multi-million dollar brand with
a juice bar, and a beautiful retreat centerin Taos, New Mexico. This is where I share with you the basics of the pricingstrategy that became a foundation, the hub for personal growth, transformation,inspiration, wealth, health, abundance and connection within ourcommunity. The vlog is absolutely free.
Click on the link below or the link in my profile to get instant
access to the vlog right away. If you want to learn more, I created a
course called Rockstar Yoga/FitnessBusiness where I share all of the
knowledge, all of my experience I gainedover the last decade of starting, growing,
expanding and eventually selling myfitness brand. This is where I share with
you everything that I learned, everythingthat worked for me and my community,
everything about pricing, everythingabout KPIs ,
the ratios that I was looking at, themarketing strategy the leadership and
daily practices that I did as aleader to grow, expand, sustain, develop my thriving community. My intent, mydesire for this course is to support
you. It would be my privilege and myhonor to serve you and share with you
everything that I’ve learned over thelast 10 years. Now look, I know that
running a yoga studio, running a fitnessbrand is not an easy task. It requires a
lot of work. It requires a tremendousamount of work! And let me tell you that
workingharder is not the way. You have to work
smarter. I know that you already workyour butt off. I’ve been in your shoes.
I’ve been in the situationwhere I taught 30 classes a
week, I mopped the floors, I washed andfolded the towels, I cleaned
the toilets, I did the payroll, I did themarketing, I did the HR functions all on
my own. I was working around theclock working really hard. And working
hard, guys, is not the answer. You have towork in a really smart way. What I’m
inviting you to do is to allow me tocoach you, to support you, to show you
what worked for me. Successleaves clues. Let me share with you
everything that I learned over the last10 years and what helped me to make my
business a huge success. The earlybird $100 discount expires in 7
days there is a link below the link inmy profile that will take you to the
Rockstar Yoga/Fitness Business onlinecourse. You can read more about it there
and you can always reach out to medirectly through DM or a comment
below. Ask me any questions. I’m hereto serve you. Enjoy the pricing strategy
video. Reach out with any questions. I’ll see you soon. Thank you for watching


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