In module 1 we’ll show you how to decide which segment of the market you’re going to operate inThat’s really the starting pointWe’ll show you how to dissect your local competition to really get under the skin of what they’re all up to as well as leverageRelevant market trends that are going on around youand of courseDefine who your target customers are going to be. We will develop profiles for them, understand the demographics and psychographicsBehind each of those groups. All of this in module 1 is designed to familiarizeYou with the micro and macro context around your businesshoweveryou play it module 1 gives you a solid grasp of yourmarket and the context around you the importance of which is hard tooverestimate in our experience. In module 2 we then turn inwards to your own product, todefining what you are going to do in a way that is unique andDifferentiated. Why? We want your new business to stand out from the crowdWe will do that by helping you develop a brand proposition and a unique visual style then look at the different operational modelsAvailable to you as a gym or studio, dig into who you will need on your new ‘A-Team’So the resources the humanresources that you’ll need to think about, and of course the monthly overheads thatThose resources will equate to. We will then help you develop some new ideas around the interiors of this facilitySo you start to get a sense of what this thing will actually look like once it opens. In module 3We’ll help you through the creation of a robust financialModel we’ll do that using a series of key assumptions that you need to get right to informthe future projectionsBoth on the CAPEX and OPEX at the front end, pre opening, and then in your operationaloverheadsAnd your revenue projections. A templateassumptions sheet is also provided as a way to get you started and take away some ofThe extra legwork that frankly has already been doneSo there it is for you on a plate! In module 4, the final moduleWe will look at what needs to happen in the crucial 3-12 months before you open the doors for businessthat means having asystematic approach to the site selection processSo how you look at a site and assess it versus that other sites in an objective way. We’ll take you through thatLiterally hand-holding you with our own matrix. We will also look at recruitment and team-building. Who do you need there?when do you need to hire them and how much will they cost? Completing the all-important interior design and of course finding thenecessary equipment to deliver the experience and create the type ofFitness class or fitness environment that you’re looking for, as well as the pre-launch sales or marketingTasks that you’ll need to get done. In that final module will give you the site evaluation matrixExcel asWell as a template for a sales or marketing plan, and that’s it!That’s the content of the course if you are interested in this if you want to follow alongSubscribe to the YouTube channel, and of course check outwww. biofit. iofor more of what we’re up to. We’ll see you there. . .


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