Being overweight not only makes life
difficult but is also precursor for highBlood Pressure, Heart Disease, Stroke
Diabetes, Osteo Arthritis, Infertility andDepression. Lack of exercise improper
diet and sedentary lifestyle leads toobesity. Proper exercise, diet and yoga
revert back to the healthy weight. Cardiovascular and resistance training
helps burn fat and increase lean muscles. Diet plays a very important role in
weight managementYoga is a combination of poses, breathing
exercises and meditation. Yoga bringsbalance relaxation and self-awareness
which together helps in making the rightchoices. For a weight management plan to be effective it should factor in all ofthese. Additionally it should be tailored
to individuals lifestyle schedules, offerexpert supervision, defined target and
provide motivation to be on course. 9zestplan delivers exactly that with the
convenience of an app or web. Try foryourself. To be your best with 9zest


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