Hi, how’re you doing everybody?Jonathan here. In this video I’m going to answer a question
I see very often and that is what is the bestpersonal training certification that you can
get, specifically in this video in the US?I see a lot of videos on YouTube where somebody
makes an assertion based on research thatthey’ve done or they ask around but nobody
has actually earned these actual certifications. Given the fact that I earned these certifications
specifically to service you guys better asI started my business and had eight years
of training before I ever earned my firstcert and I’ll explain why I think I’m
in a position to give you your best adviceon how you want to educate yourself and promote
yourself and your career. But before I do that, if you have not yet
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get helps this channel. I’m going to give you a quick story about
me and I’m going to go through all thesecertifications. Quick story: I kind of fell into personal
training. I started off working in a gym called Powerhouse. I really thought I was just going to be racking
weights for the summer but the PT directorover there took a liking to me. I was a football player for a Division One
school so he liked my story about learningabout fitness, learning how to train myself
and wanting to help other people. I essentially went through a mentorship program
where I was just kind of like an apprenticeto the trainers. I was there for like twelve hours a day for
at least a month just learning how to train,how to talk to people. I didn’t get certified for a very, very
long time because I was at that gym for awhile. I even started my own boot camp, having not
gotten certified yet. Around the time I started the boot camp I
started to make these videos and I number1: wanted to educate myself as much as possible
and I wanted it to be as much of a resourceas possible to you guys. I’ve earned some of the most popular certifications
you could find out there. Down here is my ACE certification which a
lot of people ask about. Here you have the NSCA certification, the
National Strength and Conditioning Association. Here you have probably the most popular certification
right now which is the NASM certification. I’ve earned all three. I actually made a study course for the NASM
course. In terms of which certification is right for
you, the first thing I want to help you understandis that certifications are very, very similar. In terms of the testing for these certifications
I’m pretty sure that I could’ve studiedfor the NSCA certification and passed the
ACE pretty easily and maybe even passed theNASM pretty easily. It just depends on how well you study and
how well you retain information. In terms of the testing information, in terms
of what you learn from certification, it’spretty much the same because fitness is the
same no matter what. There’s always going to be risk factors,
you’re always going to have to have a baseline understanding of nutrition. You want to understand how certain exercises
work certain parts of the muscle. You’ll want to understand fitness testing. You want to learn how to keep clients safe. That’s essentially what all personal training
certifications do. There are a lot of other certifications that
I haven’t mentioned besides ACE, NSCA andNASM. Such as NESTA, ISSA, ACSN but when you look
at the requirements for gyms that are hiringyou’re not going to find any gym that wouldn’t
take any one of those three: ACE, NASM, andNSCA. So those are the three for the baseline. Now when it comes to ACE, that’s the first
certification that I earned, I actually purchasedthe ACE study material three or four years
before I ever took the exam. Even though I wasn’t officially certified
I had all of the knowledge and implementedall of the knowledge of the ACE program into
my training. I was just very scared to test and a lot of
people are scared to test and that’s whyI put together videos on my channel on what
you want to know for each certification. If you search “ACE Review” you’ll find
a video for an ACE review after I took it. NCSA review, NASM review I give information
and tips on how you’re going to want todo well on that exam. What do you want to take from that?Number 1. You can’t be afraid of testing because if
you study the material you’re going to beokay. The second thing that you want to take from
that is you want to consider your path. If you specifically want to start off your
career working in a gym, and that’s probablythe path of least resistance in a lot of ways
because you get a lot of people thrown yourway without having to do a lot of marketing
on your own. You’re going to want to work at a gym. It’s helpful for you to have this, having
have passed the test. I really didn’t need to get any other certs
when I started my business because a lot ofclients don’t even know what certs to ask
for. When you think about it, you don’t even
know what certs to get. So, clients don’t really know what certs
to ask for. It’s kind of an integrity thing as a trainer
for you to educate yourself. Now, being completely practical and transparent
if I were going to train on my own again andI wasn’t going to work at a gym I would
purchase the study material for a given certification,I would get one version back because fitness
doesn’t change much. They just have to put out more versions because
they can make more money that way. I would purchase the previous version of whatever
certification I chose and then I would readthrough that information and I would be as
educated. The only difference is that I will not be
given this piece of paper that they issueyou after you pass their thousand-dollar exam. You have to understand I’m kind of a cynic
when it comes to education and the way thatthey charge money for just a piece of paper
that doesn’t necessarily determine whetheror not you are a good trainer or not. Some people test really well and won’t implement
anything they learned in the book. Some people test really poorly but know the
book like the back of their hand. What I’m saying is if you want to work at
a gym you have got to get this piece of paper. If you want to go solo and you are short on
money, I would say purchase the text bookfrom one version back. I actually think the previous version of the
NASM is clearer than the current version. Version 5 I believe it is right now. I’m going to pause the video and grab the
book. Here for instance is the current edition for
the NASM personal training exam. This is the fifth edition. I created my NASM study guide using the fourth
edition. A lot of people pass the fifth edition NASM
study guide using the fourth edition materialbecause material doesn’t change much. I actually found the previous version to this
one, the third edition, a little bit of aneasier read. That’s what I used to pass my fourth edition
NASM exam. Like I might have said earlier in the video
I had the ACE study material for the longest. This is the ACE booklet that I used to study
for the ACE exam back in 2013. I had this for years, read it front and back,
knew everything in it but was afraid to test. This is the current version of the ACE manual
and honestly this makes me want to jump offof a bridge. My biggest issue with ACE is that they load
up so much useless information and they repeatthemselves so often. I honestly think that the book could be this
big if they were a little bit more concisewith how they explain their information. If it were me and I had to give you guys advice
on it, I personally wouldn‘t recommend theACE because to me it’s a very complicated
read and a lot of the fitness testing andscreening things that they you would probably
never do. This is the NSCA study guide and I believe
this is still the same edition that they use. I don’t think they’ve updated it yet. To be honest with you the NSCA exam was the
hardest exam that I took. I honestly thought that they gave me the wrong
exam and I was taking the CSCS exam insteadof the personal training exam. It was the hardest one to study for but the
NSCA certification will give you I believethe broadest amount of information as it relates
to how to train. But if I were to recommend a certification
for you guys to start off with, especiallyif you’re just looking to train the layperson,
not exactly high intensity athletes I am actuallya fan of NASM. I feel that their screening is going to be
most relatable to the average person thatyou’ll see walking down the street if they
were looking to get fitter. I believe that even though the newest edition
isn’t as clear as the previous editions,it is the easiest to understand. There’s a lot to absorb in the NSCA booklet
but at least it’s not repetitive and it’sexplained clearly. It’s just a lot. With ACE, I’m sorry ACE you’ve got to
figure out a way to give that informationa little bit better. Now you might not agree all you ACE certified
trainers. I did it too so that’s my two sense. If I were going to have somebody new start
I think the NASM is the best way to go ifyou’re looking for something that’s going
to train the layperson. I think the NSCA is going to have more information. I think you’d be better prepared to train
a larger demographic of people than just thelayperson if you have the NSCA cert but it
is harder. Like I said, if I were doing this and I didn’t
have any plans on working at a brand-new gym,this is the current version of the NASM I
would go on Amazon and buy this version andstudy it front to back because the information
is the same but the order is different. You’ll save a lot of money and I definitely
know you could pass exam of the fifth currentversion with the previous version because
that’s what I did with almost all of mycertifications to save for the NSCA. I would go NASM if I were you. I know you only need one of these. There’s no reason for me to have three of
these as a professional trainer, but as amentor to you guys I had to get multiple certifications
so I could explain things like this to you. I hope you found this video helpful. You might have some opinions that you want
to throw back my way, put them in the commentsection below and I would be happy to answer
them. As always, I said that I saw a lot of my success
because I had mentors. If you’re looking for a mentor I definitely
recommend that you check out my Dumbbellsto Dollars courses. I can serve as an online mentor for you as
it shows how I essentially not only how learnedhow to train but how to build a business. I evolved from doing one on ones to boot camp
group training because I didn’t want towork the long hours and I wanted to train
multiple people at the same time. It gave me my best opportunity to see success
as I learned all about business marketingand it’s all in that course. If you’re looking for extra mentorship I
definitely recommend that you check it out. That’s about it. I hope you found this video helpful. Remember if you have any questions or comments,
make sure to comment below. Your comments will fuel the videos that I
put up for this channel. If you have an opinion I would be happy to
read it. Stay tuned as I will be making more videos
as long as you remember to eat healthy, hydrate,drive safe, stress levels low, get rest, don’t
slap anybody, love your clients and they willlove you back. I will see y’all tomorrow or the next day
and you have a good one.


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