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I’m Daniel and in this video I’m gonnagive you 12 of the best foods that
promote hair growth so let’s get rightinto the videoalright so what determines the
speed of your hair growthwell your agehealth genetics and diet now although
you cannot change certain factorslike your age and your genetics you can
change your diet so let’s look at thebest food that helps your hair to growfirst up is berries now berries are
loaded with antioxidants and vitaminsthat can promote a hair growth for
example strawberries are rich in vitaminC which aids collagen production and
iron absorption two factors that maypromote hair growthleafy greens like spinach now spinach is
probably one of the best vegetables thatyou can eat spinach is packed with
folate iron and vitamin A and C whichpromote your hair growthlentils now the massive iron rich
protein in lentils are great for cellgrowth and that includes your hair
folliclesnow the vitamin B in lentils help your
body to make new cells and it alsostrengthens your hair fatty fish like
salmon are a great source for omega-3fatty acids which improves hair growth
and density seeds like flax seeds justlike nuts seeds are rich in vitamin E
and other nutrients that can promotehair growthnow hair follicles are mostly made up
of protein and if you don’t get enoughyou might actually have hair loss
problems eggs are amazing because theyare a great source of protein and also
biotin which helps your hair to growfaster
sweet peppers for vitamin A and C helpsyour hair to stay healthy and help hair
growthousters now oil stirs are one of the
best sources of zinc and it helpedsupport hair growth and your hair’s
repair cyclenuts like almonds and walnuts nuts are
packed with nutrients like vitamin EB vitamins zinc and essential fatty acids
all of which promote hair growth whole graineat some more whole grains for
natural biotinavocados with a healthyfat and vitamin E that promotes hair
growthsweet potatoes now sweet potatoesare packed with vitamin A which
helps sebum production alright now ifyou need some extra supplements that
will help your hair to grow faster orjust helps you not to lose your hair
I’ve added some good products for youin the video description that actually
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