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BODY. I am your host Sunny. Thank you forthese questions. Today we’ll talk to you
about what is the best fitness training coursein the market. We have received numerous questions
via Emails, Instagram and Facebook and manyof you have commented on our previous videos
as well asking about the best fitness trainingcourse. No. 1 thing you ought to understand
is that mere boasting and deceiving wordsmean nothing. Because of the fact that there
is no such course in the market that willmake you a personal trainer. Job of a personal
trainer requires passion. Just as you do notlearn cricket from reading a book or spending
two years in an academy won’t make you acricketer. Tell me what school did Tendulkar
attended to become a cricketer? It’s a talent. Same goes for if you want to be a good fitness
trainer, it’s passion, and your passion forthe fitness industry that counts
the most. There are so many fitness trainingcourses there. There is NASM, NSCM, ACSM.
Then there is ACE, there is ISSA, there isCanfitpro, there is so many of them. But at
the end of the day in a nutshell all of themare mere garbage. Because of the fact that
these courses cannot make you a trainer. Yesthey have the authority to make you, give
you titles called certified fitness trainerbut at the end of the day it doesn’t really
matter. I’ll explain it to you from theperspective that we have our own gym. Based
on that I’ll tell you that if you want tobe a good trainer; if someone comes to us
for an interview with an ACE or ISSA certification,it is irrelevant because of the fact that
if you do not have the experience or passionfor the industry then you do not have basic
customer skills. Basic etiquettes of the customerservices that is how to run a gym, nobody
will hire you. You may deceive people by statingthat you own four or five degrees and I am
an expert in so and so and I have a master’sdegree but it does not matter. As long as
you don’t have communication skills, passionor you don’t want to help people; a good
personal trainer is the one who does not chargemoney and merely seek to help people and make
them a diet plan and a workout plan. Whenhe goes to the gym he spots people in need
irrelevant of age, sex, gender, religion orethnicity and help them. Bro you are doing
push ups the wrong way or girl you are doingpush ups the wrong way let me help you with
that as to how to properly execute them. That’show you become a good personal trainer. You
say that ISSA i. e. International Sports andScience Association provides a brilliant course.
Very good. I have those certifications too. I don’t go on the internet and brag about
it. We have a team of 8 to 9 people, we areall certified. Certification is nothing. You
have to get an insurance too so you may attaincertification and go online to impress people
that I am a certified trainer or a certifiedsports nutritionist. Does not really matter
because you have to be insured to get a job. India, Pakistan or Dubai may not have this
culture but in the western countries eitherbe Australia, New Zealand, England, UK, USA
or Canada no one will give you a job unlessand until you are insured. And if you have
by yourself done some trivial certificationslike these on your own no company will insure
you. So insurance is very important becausein western countries you are helping with
the workout and they get injured they maytake you to court that owed to your negligence
they are hurt. You may make whatever kindof video you wish on YouTube it doesn’t
matter. A person may be an expert or an amateurthere, nobody cares. But you know when you
are in a gym, somebody is liable for thatinjury so that’s why insurance is very important.
So if you really want to do a fitness courseirrespective of which you choose, for example
if you want to opt for ISSA or Canfitpro orACE, the first question you should ask them
is that will you receive insurance after thisor not. In USA, you know these courses are
very famous so you’ll easily get it butit depends and varies from country to country.
In Canada, they may get insurance but it’svery expensive. We have our own company here
it’s called Canfitpro I. e. , Canadian FitnessProfessionals. Most of our training courses
are there. And just to give you in a nutshell,those who brag online that they are certified
trainer, how long does it take to become atrainer. It’s a weekend course. Within two
days you can become a great trainer. Again,that will only give you a piece of paper.
And when you take that paper to a professionalgym, its owner will not even wipe his a**
with it. Shaun here, let me shoot the videothe recording is on. Look, are we right or
not? Say Yes and go, go! Let me shoot thevideo. So that’s all that matters. At the
end of the day if you are not passionate aboutit. If you don’t know the basics of customer
service you cannot be a personal trainer. If you want to become a good personal trainer,
bro search it on google and you will findevery topic. On YouTube, I do not say that
only watch my videos and don’t watch thevideos of other trainers, it does not matter.
Watch the videos of whoever you wish. If youwant to know good trainers, good coaches,
follow renowned body builders or coaches. I am not sure what courses have they passed.
Chris Aceto, is a godfather when it comesto body building. Search him, real technician.
He is one of the great men that I follow. What kind of a course has he done? It’s
all passion, the overtime experience thathe has accumulated he uses it on people from
there. Same again, if you want to do a coursedo any course. It doesn’t matter if it’s
short or lengthy as long as you read it andunderstand it well and then practically implement
it in real life and help people. Once youhave a full package, a combo where you will
have the experience and whatnot you can easilyget a job. Do not forget to subscribe us on
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inquiries and you are not satisfied aboutcertification then let me know I’ll open
my own university!!


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