My name’s TobyI’m a drama student at the momentstudying musical theatre – so training in singing, acting, and dancingand alongside that I’m working in a gym as wellWith ICS I’m studying personal trainingSo it’s the Level 2 and 3 course in fitnessSo I searched on the internet – found ICS and was like yeahthese people seem goodI spoke with Anne Marie and she talked me through everything over the phonewe had long chatsI was there – I think it was a Saturday evening or somethingand we were texting on the system you guys haveand it was crazybecause I was asking all these questions on a Saturday nightand I was getting instant answersknowing exactly what was going to come out of itand what I was going to do with itIt’s the first all-online course for personal training out thereso for me, that’s initially what grabbed my attentionand it’s just so helpful because it fits in with my lifeI can get home after school at 7pmand just sit down and do an hour after I’ve eaten dinnerit’s great, it just fits into my life perfectlyI think that’s definitely the key for me learning on this courseeverything is on my own timeI can take the time to go over thingsall my assessments are whenever I want them to beso I don’t have to plan crazily, I can just say”I want to set a goal for reaching this assessment by this point”and that makes you more willing and wanting to do the courseYou have to be driven, you have to want to do it yourselfand if you do, it’s definitely a great way for you to be able to do it


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